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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well..

    🎶 Alley Oop Oop…He’s the toughest man there is alive…Alley Oop…Wearin’ clothes from a wildcat’s hide…He’s the king of the jungle jive…Look at that CAVE MAN man go…🎶 “Alley Oop” -The Hollywood Argyles 1960 https://tinyurl.com/2p8h6btj

    🪨 So Rocky here meets Hunter, the talk is of the Spear,
    He did it all by sharpening..he’s making that point clear…
    No need for an ELIXIR, he got the HONOR from
    His perseverance and hard work…and so he tells his chum…
    He’ll sell them off for PROFIT, and now maybe he can don,
    A better looking piece of fur…back then was PLAID put on?
    The bottom line we see today…which cannot be denied….
    The business he’s “Spear-headed”? It’s for sure his POINT OF PRIDE! 🪨

    So…I’m happy this morning to POINT out that we once again have all new anagrams. That David definitely has a SHARP mind to keep coming up with these, don’t you think? But new or not, none of them CUT me down to size…And as for the solve?…I’m familiar with the idiom, so SPEAR me the details…THOR wasn’t any problem…

    Ok…I tried pinPOINTing the timeline here, but I came across so many conFLINTIng, I mean conflicting dates, that I just gave up. I’m going with somewhere in the STONE Age. Anyway…While some call it a spear, and some call it an arrow, https://tinyurl.com/2p9ch3ss today we find ROCKY making it a POINT to tell HUNTER about the PREcision he adheres to when making his spears…He’s definitely no MEANDERthal!…And while it might not be CUTTING EDGE technology, we can see that each finished product for him is a POINT OF PRIDE! . https://tinyurl.com/4f6srwbv Yep…this guy don’t CAVE!

    So…The bone in the hair and the flints on the ground? Right on POINT..And there’s a little volcanic ash being spewed in the background…But the Gem for me today? ROCKY’s dialogue…”I use only ‘locally’ sourced flint”…LOL! Uh…No kidding?! I mean it wasn’t like they had a SPEARS Roebuck catalog to order from!…And once again, Jeff’s whimsy proves to be anything but LOW BROW!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…And ROCK On! 🪨🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🔬For him, it was an HONOR and a POINT OF PRIDE that the ELIXIR his company produced in the PLAID packaging wasn’t just done for PROFIT…🔬

    🎖She donned the new PLAID uniform, felt HONOR all the while,
    And thought about the merit badge, she longed for since a child…
    So fascinated by Science, she worked on the ELIXIR,
    And couldn’t wait to get a start…and try out her new mixer
    She’d PROFIT from her studying…her attempts true and tried…
    And earning that one merit badge will be a POINT OF PRIDE! 🎖

  3. If you listen to Angela you will win the J.
    Elixir was an interesting word which I don’t remember seeing before.
    Get the point Jumblers!

  4. TGIF ! The weather here has calmed down a little , but I’m sure you can’t predict Ohio weather . Anyway the POINT I was trying to make was OF PRIDE ! One verse of one song came immediately , 🎵so let’s get to the point 🎵have to stop there ! Had to say it ! So ok , the words came easy again and the letters came out and after the word POINT stabbed me , the letters that were left were OF easy PRIDE ! The jumbles in the last few days have really been fun and entertaining ! So , let’s all have a great and wonderful weekend and make a ‘point’ to watch the flint stones !

  5. Joining others in agreement of an easy solve Friday….POINT was an obvious giveaway, although didn’t know whether OF or TO came afterwards. Therefore had to go face to face with the anagrams to finishing solving.

    Angela, what do you mean in your dialogue that you point out “we have all new anagrams today”….but then in the next paragraph you show PROFIT was last seen in December/2021, basically about a month ago?? Am just trying to understand.

    Let’s all have a great TGIF….will cover over some trellised ivies this afternoon in anticipation of another little cold front tonight….Y’all stay warm and cozy.

    • Hey Terry. So you had me re-reading my next paragraph…twice…You mean the next post…😉. Ok..None of today’s words themselves are new, but all the “anagrams” of them are. Yes, PROFIT was last used in the puzzle of 12/05, but not as FOTRIP…it was in play as FOTPIR. Just the one letter difference, but different all the same. Posting about the word usage is just a little feature we started offering back when…not all that important, I guess, 🤷🏻‍♀️but…we do it..And here’s to staying warm and cozy! Have a good one, Terry! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Just like Jim, the words were easy, but no blind solve. Once the word POINT stabbed me, the rest was easy. Loved the “locally sourced” dialogue. Long time since I’ve heard the Alley Oop song!
    Cold front headed to Texas tomorrow, but probably nothing compared to the northeast. Have a good weekend!

  7. Good morning. A solid five days of easy breezy words and cartoon answers. Still no blind solve but I obtained the answer in reverse. I first saw OF then PRIDE which left the remaining letters for POINT. Enjoyed the novelty song. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. I wasn’t sure of the spelling of elixir but after checking that,and having the letters,and recognizing of as the middle word,point and profit quickly followed for the complete solution,

  9. Well your work does not disappoint
    And I hereby you appoint
    The king of the spear
    All beasts far and near
    Just one look and they’ll all get the point!

  10. Proud of myself today. It’s one of my fastest solve. I saw the POINT and the rest followed. My only hesitation was PLAID as the first letter of an anagram is usually never the fist letter of the word.
    Beautiful cold sunny day… may go snowshoeing with my wife.
    Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

    • I also noticed that in unscrambling PLAID that the “P” remained as the first letter of the unscrambled word…on first glance, I thought the word was “PALLID”, but there was not enough L’s for that to work. Alan

  11. 👍🏻 With a craftsmanship second to none,
    We see Rocky here can’t be outdone…
    To a system adhere,
    And voilà! Perfect spear!
    Quite a business Rocky has begun! 👍🏻

    🪨 More efficient than mere clubs could be,
    This new weapon, albeit not free…
    Was now def in demand,
    For the hunting on land…
    Made with just flint and part of a tree!🪨

    🗡 Cave men coming from both far and near,
    Wanting to get their hands on this spear…
    Rocky won’t disappoint,
    For to get to the point…
    There’s no weapon out there to compare! 🗡

  12. Cute puzzle this morning. I too enjoyed the “I only use locally sourced flint” statement. “Spears Roebuck” Angela – really clever. Happy Friday to all! Stay warm.

    • LOL! 😂 Tks, Betty. I though it fit better than B.C. Penney! And a Happy Friday to you too! 🪨🙋🏻‍♀️

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