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Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s cartoon reminded me of a family friend that once owned a hot dog cart out here on the seacoast. His name was Frank and he called his business Frank’s Franks. The name might have been blasé, but boy did he ever make a mean dog! He offered his grilled delights on the customers choice of either a steamed or plain roll. I always chose the former and garnished it with slivered onion, a dash or two of celery salt, and copious amounts of mustard AND ketchup. Before you turn up your nose in disgust, The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says it’s perfectly ok to use ketchup up until you turn 18!

The funny thing was that the entire beach crowd knew it was lunch time when they saw his red umbrella go up in the parking lot. If you waited too long, or took too long rinsing the sand off yourself in the ocean like I often did, then chances are you’d have to wait a good long while in line. And nobody wanted to be caught barefoot on the pavement! With all this hot dog talk I’ve done nothing but make myself hungry. Let’s take a look at today’s words and gobble down what David graciously served up:

After finishing the puzzle in the wee hours of the morning, I went back to look at today’s words and was surprised to find that GOTCHA was brand new. I was able to see it right away along with all of the others. Now you might find yourself frustrated by the fact that it was difficult to solve, and indeed it was. But before you brush it off as “slang” or “colloquial jargon,” let it be known that it is actually a bona fide word. David might have been a bit mischievous in using it, but I’m sure he wasn’t trying to deceive us in any way. If you still don’t believe me, here’s the entry from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

The gentleman in the cartoon might look like our illustrious wordsmith, but I don’t think it’s actually David that we’re seeing. The vendor didn’t have any trouble remembering this particular order because the dialogue states that he literally wanted one of everything! By doing some quick math we know that his order will be $6. I hope he pitched an extra buck or two for a tip!

The layout for the final solve was an anagram consisting of 7-letters. There was absolutely no way to disguise the punny payoff and we found it almost perfectly spelled out for us! A simple flip of the second A and L brought “LA” into view and it was all downhill from there. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!



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  1. Good Morning Everyone! Here’s to a CARTE Blanche CHIPper kind of day! RELISH it! 🌭

    🌭 ‘Twas only seven weeks ago, a Food Cart was our theme,
    The LOOPY movie “Chef” that day had set for us the scene…
    Today though it’s a Hot Dog cart, my interest won’t ABATE,
    We NY’ers love Frankfurters…an appetite they sate…
    There’s nothing COARSE about them, as we can see right here,
    A couple’s stopping by who looks just like David and Claire…
    The vendor says…”I GOTCHA…and tomorrow you’ll see me
    Across the park selling my wares…these “water dogs dirty”…
    He likes the area I guess, so why should he depart?
    As long as customers come ‘round and enjoy A LA “CART”🌭

    Just to KETCH UP…Since we just had a Food Cart puzzle in December, https://tinyurl.com/rerwrmp, could we say that the Guys are on a ROLL with these? And is there a good chance that they’ll MUSTARD up another one soon? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…Let’s be FRANK, things could always be WURST… But I do find something a little hard to SWALLOW…Since only one squeeze dispenser MEATS the eye in our cartoon, and it’s colored red..is Mustard getting DOGGED here? One can’t help but wonder…Anyway, that rapSCALLION Jeff seems to have piled on the onions, although our heroine doesn’t look to RELISH them, PLAIN and simple. SODA bottom line? We definitely have another WEINER of a puzzle today, and my CONDIMENTS to David and Jeff…They’re both Top DOGS in my book! 🌭🙋🏻‍♀️

    🗣Sitting in the new upscale restaurant, with the strictly A LA CARTE menu, a slightly drunk, LOOPY-behaving diner broke out into a COARSE rendition of “I GOTCHA, Babe”…and was told by the waiter that if he wouldn’t ABATE, at least get the lyrics right…🗣

  2. Good morning. We had another easy breezy jumble today. The words and the cartoon answer were all first looks. I was happy to see such a short word in quotations. It made the answer simple even for me. Loved your post Angela. You are a connoisseur of the puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

  3. Good morning Mike. I read your post from yesterday and believe it or not I’ve only made one $5 bet only because it was a comp from the casino. My son showed me how to place the bet. Like you I lost. One of my friends from bocce and trips to A/C said they had a booklet almost on different bets you could make on the super bowl. One was on the under/over on the length of time for the National Anthem. Take care.

    • Good morning Paul,

      My wager was $20 and I went with the 49ers. The front page of my newspaper stated that 60% of NH residents bet on KC to win so I played the odds and chose SF (+1.5 points). When I signed up they gave me $5 free-play so I did a side wager of $5 on the coin toss. The odds were surprisingly near 50/50 with a $5 wager earning 4.50 if you won. I must like to pick the losers because I botched both bets. And I wasn’t a sore loser either. Only a handful of choice words fell out of my mouth near the end of the game when I was magically maligned by Mahomes!

      Thanks for the insight into your trip. It’s always a pleasure hearing that life is treating you so well!🙂

  4. All kinds of SB bets,not necessarily related to the playing of the game.As far as today’s puzzle,I saw gotcha right away but wasn’t sure it was a word.Likewise with the 2 letter solution word,”la”.

  5. Gotcha!? Really? Please don’t use colloquial or slang type words. I guess betcha would also be okay as a jumble word entry. Dissappointed.

    • If it’s in the M&W dictionary then it’s fair game! Gotcha actually has several meanings, Jim. All of them can be derived from the phrase of which this is a phonetic spelling, namely “[I have] got you”. Literally, from the sense of got = “caught, obtained”, it means “I’ve caught you”. As in, you were falling, and I caught you, or you were running, and I grabbed you.

        • HA! GOTCHA!!!! 😂😂 LOL! From your lips to God’s ears! I wish it were so, Chuck…but you’d be surprised what goes over my head at times..! 😉 It’s just that it kind of stuck out like a sore thumb! And don’t get me wrong, Charles is a great name…I was just pulling your leg! Here’s hoping your day’s CHUCK full of happiness too! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

      • I’m also really a Charles,and my Dad was a Chuck,so the only one who really called me Charles,was my Mom,who also called me “Chassie”.

        • Yes, Professor I know your name’s Charles. There’s so many nicknames for it. I have friends who go by Charlie, Chuck, Chaz, Chip…and a partridge in a pair tree! But “Chassie’s” a new one on me. I’ve never heard that before…And I’m sure it was always special to you. The “Mom” names♥️ always are…🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi Everyone –
    For me, Coarse and Gotcha were real doozies, as you call them, Mike. Though the answer came easily, I had trouble backing into both clue words. Only after I saw Course and narrowed down the letters for the circles from CTA to AT was able to finally find Gotcha.

  7. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Some words can sound real slangy..but still you’ll hear them said,
    And GOTCHA is that sort of word…today it’s bringing dread…
    I think that David figured that it’s time to rock the boat,
    And he sure picked a good one here…it’s gotten people’s goat…
    But whether you agree or not, the dictionary states…
    It’s valid, so what can we do? Just let it all abate! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • What word…and what goat? EWE mean to tell me you put stock in the words of a barnyard animal? You’re KIDding me…that’s just BAAAAAd! 🐐😉🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Like others, “gotcha” got me. I thought it was a slang word. I had to back into it. Fortunately the cartoon answer was an easy solve . Hope all of you have a good Thursday.

  9. Hi all – I saw ABEAT which gave ABATE, and putting the Y at the end saved time not having to think about POOL or “El Polly Loco.” The answer was easy since it was a CART, which was good because I had to work backwards for the last two words. That was harder than usual, because the A and C could have gone in either one. Just like Caroline, I finally got COARSE just by jumbling, and then I spent about 15 minutes before giving up on the last word, only to find that it was GOTCHA which I had seen on my sixth jumble and didn’t think that that would be used. GOTCHA indeed!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Angela, speaking of movies and “I Gotcha Babe”, I’ve never seen “Groundhog Day” so it wasn’t until a cartoon referenced it a couple of days ago that I learned that every day starts with “I Got You Babe” for Bill Murray.

    • i only saw it myself a few years ago…but I remember that Phil felt that waking up every day to that song was a nightmare in itself! 😂 Poor Phil! And Lou was breaking my shoes all morning…He threw on Sinatra and was singing ..🎶 I Gotcha under my skin..🎶 all thru breakfast…Thin ice comes to.mind..😉🙋🏻‍♀️

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