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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans. Jeff is eight days early with this Halloween themed cartoon, and I quite like it! For the past couple of years he’s been on a Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman kick so it was refreshing to see something out of the ordinary. October has really flown by and there’s only 36 days until Thanksgiving and 63 days until Christmas. They’ll be here before you know it!

Similar to yesterday, all of our clue words were familiar old friends and only one of the anagrams, FIWST, has been used before. I breezed right through the first three but had to take a few extra seconds on ENGULF. My first thoughts were FUNGEL or FLUNGE, but they didn’t look right. Mixing up the letters in the margin of my newspaper brought GULF into view and it was all over from there.

Today’s panel was a pretty sweet treat, and think of all of the empty calories we saved! Our two Jumble characters are trying to light some candles to illuminate their pumpkins, but only one of them has managed to get the job done. The woman on the left is having a hard time getting her stick lighter to work while the gentleman on the right has no problem producing a flame. Those child-proof locks on the stick lighters can be hard to manage if you have small or weak hands so it looks like this woman has met her match!

There weren’t a whole lot of extra details in today’s piece. I thoroughly enjoyed the spooky faces that were carved into the pumpkins, and Jeff even included one of the tops with a stem. Did you notice that one of the candles seemed larger than the other? It reminded me of an optical illusion like this.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. David’s layout kept the answer extremely well hidden and gave absolutely nothing away. The visual clues of a lighter and match brought FIRE to mind leaving SURE and WAY to be sussed out of the remaining letters. It wasn’t a quick solve by any means and I’d rate it as the most challenging finish we’ve had so far this week. Enjoy your hump day, folks, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/23/2019

  1. 🎶C’mon Baby, LIGHT my FIRE…Try to set the night on FIRE…🎶 “Light My Fire” – The Doors 1967 https://tinyurl.com/y27shcd6

    GOURD Morning, Mike and Everyone…No STRIKING out with these words today…and I can always FALL for a clever PUNkin cartoon! Once you CARVE out a niche for them, and get all PULPed up, they’re not HARVEST bad as you’d think…So suSPICE to say, this puzzle LIT up my morning…Have a great day, Everyone…SEED you around! 🎃🙋🏻

    🔥 Living in such a RURAL area, they became concerned after the SWIFT-moving fire began to ENGULF the EIGHTY acres surrounding them, and they hoped for a SURE-FIRE WAY to evacuate…🔥

    ☀️ The temperature reached EIGHTY, and it was barely noon,
    The forecasters predicting a SWIFT incline and soon…
    And urban neighborhoods much more than RURAL ones were beat,
    Under the sweltering sun they felt the brunt of summers’ heat…
    Hard to escape from the ENGULF…as it would reach its peak,
    They’re looking for a SURE-FIRE WAY, and that’s no tongue in cheek!☀️

  2. This Jumble also has the possible answer FIRE-WARY USE. Using matches is indeed a last resort since open flames in or near the house can be dangerous. They could use a flashlight instead. And if an R is changed to an A, you get FIRE AWAY, SUE!

  3. The RURAL letter carrier had to be SWIFT in delivering the mail to his remaining EIGHTY patrons because a rampaging fire was about to ENGULF the surrounding countryside.

  4. Good morning. Rural took as long to get as the other three words combined. But at least I was able to get it. The cartoon answer took quite some time to finally solve. A clever finish. Thanks Mike and Angela for a fine post. Until tomorrow stay well.

  5. I always just list the letters in the squares and then come up with words that fit. Today my “slow” word was ENGULF followed closely by EIGHTY. Then, two four letter words followed by one three letter word. I was relieved that the hyphenated part was not in quotes, otherwise……..yech!

  6. I had fungle instead of engulf,so was lacking the u for sure,in the puzzle solution,despite having the fire and way part.

  7. Hi all – Only RURAL took me a few tries, after seeing RULER and ALLURE. The answer dialog was a giveaway.

    Many of the comments are appropriate for us in the Bay Area today, since the Weather Channel is forecasting temps in the 80’s today, tomorrow and Friday, topping out around 87 tomorrow with fire concerns returning to the north state.

    I love everyone jumping in with ‘fire’ songs today. I’ll go with “Fire on the Mountain”, in either the Grateful Dead version, or the Marshall Tucker Band playing as Madison Bumgarner takes the mound for the Giants.


    Have a great day, everyone!

    “A SURE-FIRE WAY to ENGULF yourself in a SWIFT brawl with the EIGHTY RURAL locals at the roadhouse is to switch the jukebox from C&W to polka music!”

  8. Engulf gave me the most trouble, but I already had the first three & had also solved the cartoon answer so I knew which letters I needed!! My first instinct was the last jumbled word had to start with a F & end with an E, but that didn’t work so tried different starts till I got to E and the rest as they say is history!! Great job it really tested my mind & forced me to put my thinking cap on!!

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