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Good Morning, Everyone! ⚒ STATUE…OF OTHER NATIONS

🎶Last night I dreamed about you…I dreamed that you were weeping, And your tears poured down like diamonds…For a love beyond all keeping…And you caught them one by one, in a million silk bandannas that I gave you long ago…MICHELANGELO…🎶 “Michelangelo” – Emmylou Harris 2000

⚒ When he was just a young boy, Michelangelo Simoni,
In Florence studying grammar, dubbed it all to be baloney…
The arts caught his attention…like a LASSO drew him in,
The esthetics so appealing…and his saga so begins…
He was granted a PERMIT and he apprenticed at thirteen,
And despite his tender age, his work was not considered green…
At seventeen a broken nose resulted from some FLURRY,
Whatever portraits we have seen show it looking quite blurry…
And the man who’s Father and UNCLE before him were in banking,
Created masterpieces that were above any ranking,
The painter and the poet, Renaissance Man evermore…
The “class” in classic he became…a Master of “SCULPT-TURE”

Just as Michelangelo was one of the Old Masters of Renaissance Art, our words today are Old Masters of David’s…(no pun intended)…While none of them posed any problem, we’re keeping with the theme of old, with both UNCLE and FLURRY giving us anagrams that have been seen before, 08/11/14 and 10/06/16 respectfully. And with PERMIT coming in as our oldest entry at 08/03/13, and LASSO as our most recent at 05/04/19, we’ve mastered another week of David’s artistry…And now on to Jeff’s…

The place, Florence, Italy. The year, 1501. We see MICHELANGELO, the Italian SCULPTOR, being asked by a consul of the Guild of Wool, an influential woolen cloth guild, to complete a statue whose work had begun almost 40 years earlier. The statue, of the prophet DAVID, was contracted in 1464 to a sculptor named Agostino. Getting as far as shaping the legs, feet and torso, he stopped working in 1466, for reasons unknown. Ten years later, another sculptor, Antonio Rossellino, was commissioned to continue the work, but after being terminated soon after, the statue remained unfinished for approximately another 26 years. And we see Michelangelo upon being asked if he could finish it, answering “SCULPT-SURE”. He definitely wasn’t going to take this marble statue for granite…And so on the 16th of August, 1501, he was officially contracted to complete the work of art. which he did in 1504. I guess that consul was right on the mark when he said…”I Might call ANGELO“!

Caramella per gli occhi? Two other gentlemen are seen in the panel besides our two main characters. A figure is seen looking down from one of the two draped windows above, and another member of the Wool Guild is seen looking upward at the unfinished statue. A hammer and chisel are seen lying atop a table at the statues’ side. And the consul speaking with Michelangelo is wearing a ring on each of his hands. But the eye candy is the piece of paper in the Masters hand. Jeff’s drawn the face of David alongside the image of the completed statue…And strategically placed Michelangelo’s fingers exactly where one would expect…Hmm. Maybe he was worried about the Drawn Patrol. So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And ROCK steady! ⚒🙋🏻





13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/11/2019

    • Good Morning, Clay. Where have you been? Glad to see you here this morning, I’ve missed you. And you’re very welcome…Hoping you have a picture-perfect day! …⚒🙋🏻

  1. Good morning. Shout out to Angela for her entire post. Loved it from beginning to end. First time hearing your song choice. My head was in a cloud this morning. I was able to get everything but it took me forever to achieve the goal. Permit took the longest for me to solve. As far as the cartoon answer,I got it even though it had those dreaded quotation marks. I get it but like most of them,it feels unfinished,unlike his master pieces. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • ….And a Good Morning to you too, Brooklyn! Thanks so very much for your Shout Out, and I’m happy to introduce you to Miss Emmylou. So it took you a little while to complete? Never to worry…Rome wasn’t built in a day…Nor David for that matter! 😉 I’m glad you stuck with it…it’s a great feeling with a job complete! And as for that “Quotation Trepidation”? Paul, you know you’re bigger than they are…little bitty things…and you’re getting so much better at them, there shouldn’t be any reason to be alARMed! Hope your head’s come down from the clouds..(although I personally spend a lot of time up there…and enjoy it)! 😉…And I’m hoping you have a wonderful day. Ciao, Bello! ⚒🙋🏻

  2. My UNCLE likes to relate the story to me about when he was young, his parents would PERMIT him to go outside during a snow FLURRY and attempt to LASSO the flakes.

    • LOL! 👏🏻👏🏻Now this is imaginative! And that Uncle sounds like quite the ambitious individual! A little misdirected to put it mildly,…but definitely ambitious just the same! You gave me a CHUCKle, Good Sir! I haven’t had a chance to HAMMER mine out yet, but I’m hoping to get to it soon. And I’m hoping you’re having a great start to your day…⚒🙋🏻

  3. Lasso gave me reason to pause but having gotten that solved,sculpt was a given for the 6 letter first word followed quickly by the entire sculpt- sure solution.We’re having a rare weekend at home with another golden anniversary blessing at our local church on Sunday.

    • Good Morning, Professor. Yes, i agree, it is pretty much a given, and an extremely clever solution…Enjoy your continued celebration…Wishing you and your wife all the best! 💑🙋🏻

  4. The words were versatile enough, that I was able to PAINT two totally different pictures..🖌🙋🏻

    🐎There was a FLURRY of excitement when my UNCLE, the old LASSO roping champion from the Rodeo came to town, and received a PERMIT from the Mayor to perform at the City Square…where a SCULPT-SURE of our ancestors stood…🐎

    🗣He acted like a Dutch UNCLE and offered her advice,
    He told her he’d LASSO her in should she walk on thin ice…
    He’d not PERMIT her to be swayed… to take things in a hurry..
    And get caught up in wrong-doing, with all its’ fuss and FLURRY…
    He wasn’t saying she should be submissive and demure…
    But shaped into a candidate? He’d make her his “SCULPT-SURE” 🗣

  5. First I was one of only four that had a problem with UNCLE, then I immediately saw SCULPTURES and couldn’t see a way out of it, so I surrendered and looked up the answer. I was a bit chagrinned. After all my defense can be: ten letter hyphenated word in quotes?

  6. Hi all – I saw UNCLE and PERMIT, but the other two took awhile. I thought for a minute that DAVID (appropriate for today) was getting his dog into the words – Was she FURRLY? Did she treat someone RRUFLY when they didn’t give her her frequent FLYURR miles? Putting FL at the front showed FLURRY though, also appropriate since Denver and the Twin Cities are getting their first snow of the season. Had to back into LASSO, but when I wrote the answer letters I saw SCULPT and the rest. I would have put a question mark between the answer words instead of a hyphen, but I’ve never seen that done in these puzzles.

    I’ll pass on creating a sentence today – Chuck’s is just too good to top!

    Have a great day and weekend everyone!

    Angela, I got your phrase without even needing Google “Tradurre”. Once “occhi” reminded me of “eye”, the rest was a piece of — candy? 😂
    And without the description of the drawing, I wouldn’t have been reminded of Talking Heads’ lyric in “Once In A Lifetime” – 🎵”Same as it ever was. Look where my hand was”🎵 😂

    • Hey Steve. Since I solve the puzzle first, when I guessed at the solution, I too automatically said it as a question. It just seemed to flow so much better, and I wonder if David even considered it as such.Either way, it’s brilliant…And yes, LOL! Candy! Hoping you have a good one, G. ⚒🙋🏻

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