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Good Morning, Everyone!   🦅 I’M SOAR I’VE HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE…🦅

🎶I want to FLY LIKE AN EAGLE…to the sea, FLY LIKE AN EAGLE,  let my spirit carry me….I want to FLY LIKE AN EAGLE ’till I’m free….Fly through the revolution🎶….”Fly Like An Eagle” – Steve Miller Band   1976  

🦅 Today we’re seeing Eagles and it looks like GOSSIP flies,
Although it’s said by parents maybe others too surmise…
They thought he’d never leave the nest…but Jr called their bluff,
For all we know he’s probably thinking…”Man, I’ve had ENOUGH“.
Do Eagles have a FIBULA?…I’m thinking as he climbs,
(Of course not but you know I need to VERIFY my rhymes)!
I’ll get back to the job at hand…the parents’ voices raised,
In STEREO as they look up and offer Jr praise…
They’re empty nesters now it seems, they’ll take time to relax,
Perhaps a cup of HERBAL tea, after they’ve watched him pack.
And as they see him fly away, hopefully strong and wise,
They voice that it’s about time Junior’s a SIGHT FOR “SOAR” EYES! 🦅

Before we take a bite out of today’s words, I have to share something with you. You know how sometimes you’ll hear something and it just starts GNAWing away at you? That old Déjà vu gets a hold on you? Well, as soon as I solved the puzzle this morning, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d heard this song before…it was just rufflin’ my FEATHERS. So…you know me…I searched. Any SOAR ENOUGH! There it was! February 26th, 2017. The puzzle that day dealt with Dr Smith’s new office, and our solution was…The new Ophthalmologist’s office was... A “SITE” FOR SORE EYES!  And you know how I get with these quirky little things…I was in Homophone Heaven! Aren’t words amazing? Two totally different scenarios, two totally different meanings, two totally different words…and  yet…🎶I’ve Heard That Song Before..🎶 (Harry James and Helen Forrest  circa 1943 )And I just thought you’d enjoy me TALON you about it…

Anyway, today’s words. Really nothing to write HOME about, all old favorites, with a few really going way back  I did think for a moment that FIBULA might be a newbie, but nope…I found it in play on 05/29/14, as I was BONEing up on the real old stuff. And I think it might stump a reader or two today, since it’s not a common word at all. GOSSIP too goes way back to 07/21/12, but since it appeared again just this past January 6th, it’s serving up as one of our newer entries today. VERIFY definitely CHECKS OUT as our oldest tho, with a showing on 03/04/2012, and there’s also a more recent appearance on 11/22/18. ENOUGH showed up in May 2016, and HERBAL June ’16, May ’17, and lastly on May ’18.  And that leaves STEREO. Funny thing…Despite it making it’s 8th appearance since 2014, and having been seen as recently as January 25th, making it our newest word in PLAY, I’ve heard LOUD and CLEAR from 2 of the Early Birds that it made them blink. And looking back over past comments, I see that it’s been a stumper every time it previously PLAYED. Plus, besides today, and one other time back in 2016, David’s anagrammed it beginning with a consonant, which I think made it easier to solve. This showing today,  with the double EE beginning? I do think it may ruffle a FEATHER or two…It’s a masterful jumble. Phew! That SOARly was a long time spent on our words this morning, wasnt’t it? I usually FLY through the words and concentrate more on the cartoon…And with that being said...AERIE go…

Today’s cartoon brings us outdoors, high up in a tree, to the location of an EAGLE family. We see Mom and Dad, the Founding FEATHERS, discussing their son, and his newly-learnt TAILent, CLIMBing high into the sky. Finally taking WING, they’re overjoyed at the fact that he’s gotten it through his head that SOARly  EAGLEitarianism is a good thing, and that his childish FLIGHTS of fancy have wisely come to an end. He’s finally SPREADing his WINGS and becoming independent And I’m thinking that most likely the Mr and Mrs will be taking to TWITTER soon to make the announcement…”Thank God, we’re finally free as BIRDS…Let us PREY“! So, as they LOOK at him reaching all new HEIGHTS, they realize that it’s a …SIGHT FOR “SOAR” EYES! Good one, David..You always RISE above!

Ok. EYE candy…No pun intended…Beautiful clear blue SKY, as Jr. is shown with lines of motion as he circles amidst the clouds. Some blackened fir trees silhouetted across the background. Nothing really EYE opening though…and you know I have an EAGLE Eye…So I’ll just go out on a LIMB and say OWLS well that ends well…Yes, I realize there’s no OWL…but you know, I just figure BIRDS OF A FEATHER..blah, blah, CAW…So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And may we all…FLY LIKE AN EAGLE! 🦅🙋🏻


12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/14/2019

  1. Hi all, wherever you are – The UGH combo was ENOUGH to get the first word. Speaking of UGH though, my performance on the answer and the third word was LAFIBUL, FALIBUL and BALEFUL. Never did get FIBULA, and thought SORTIE was spelled SORTEE, so went with that. The only word I could dream up for the answer was SOAR, but still didn’t catch it.

    Angela, glad you recognized the phrase as being “from an old familiar score.” (Helen Forrest, eh? How appropriate to the cartoon!)

    Have a great day!

    “The gullible man thought he’d heard ENOUGH GOSSIP on the alternative medicine sites to VERIFY trying to heal his broken FIBULA with a recorded mantra on his STEREO headphones and an HERBAL remedy”.

    • Hey Steve…You mean “from an old familiar Jumble”! …The score was just the icing on the cake. I could listen to that song until the cows come home…Hmm..David? Are you listening? You know you love those farm scenes…😉 A ‘Welcome Back’ banner across the panel…and a bunch of cows returning to their Home Town…you know .MOOving back? Call me! 😂😂 Anyway, I must have listened to the song a gazillion times already today…Great piece of MOOsic! 😉 So the guy BONED up on alternative medicine, huh? 👏🏻👏🏻 Doesn’t he realize that these FLY by night websites usually leave you just as SOAR as when you started? Gullible is right…he definitely should set his SIGHTS a little HIGHER! …And it SOUNDS like STEREO got you again…(I have been RECORDING your comments)! 😂 Hope you’re having a great day, Steve…We SOARly deserve it! 🦅🙋🏻

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I don’t think I would have ever gotten FIBULA without the answer. Although I’ve struggled with some of the other words before, they were easier today. Got a big kick out of your sentence, Steve.
    Wishing all a very pleasant Sunday.

    • Hi Caroline…It looks like FIBULA is definitely the BONE of contention today..I had a feeling. But how good is the feeling when we conquer the words that bested us in the past? N’EST PAS? 😉 Have a wonderful day, Caroline! Be well…🦅🙋🏻

      • I’ll settle for just being able to remember whether I solved it in the past! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • LOL! If I get some extra time…I’ll let you know. But I do think Sortie was a past possibility! 😉🙋🏻

      • Angela, I only got them easily because I remembered them after a short time. It’s so much tougher for those people who are new to the Jumble.

        • …or who don’t remember that they got them previously! 😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • But getting them is what counts. Most times, the anagramming is so different that it’s like a new word just the same…but you’re right about this being a bit of a challenge today. The anagrams are masterful…David did a great job…🙋🏻

  3. Good evening. I kept going back thinking I’d finally get the two words that eluded me all day but alas,I gave up. Fibula and Herbal were my demise today. But the cartoon answer was a breeze. I just had to redo the third word. Clever answer as always. Good song choice Angela. You soared to the top of the charts. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brookkyn. There you are. I thought you went out on the lam, Good Evening. Don’t stress, Paul…you’re not alone. The numbers show that these 2 words caught the majority of people today. And yes, it was a clever one. Thanks for the Shout Out…but which song are we talking here? There’s 2…😉 Hope all is well, and here’s 🍷to a great night….Ice cream perhaps? 🍦🙋🏻

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