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Happy Monday, Jumble players! It’s the start of a new week and today’s game featured two new clue words to get our brains in gear. ROVER and PADDED make their debut but they weren’t overly difficult to decipher. ROVER was instantly visible and the ED in PADDED quickly gave it away. UNPACK had me stumped the longest so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. We last saw it used on 7/31/15 which is one day short of exactly 3 years.

The setting for today’s cartoon is a studio where we see Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, hard at work. From a seated position we see Jeff using his iPad Pro and stylus to put some finishing details into his drawing. Gizmo and Fifi also make an appearance and they can be seen taking a nap under his desk. If you look closely you can see that Fifi has her left ear up as if she’s hearing something in the distance.

The logo on the t-shirt that Jeff is wearing will be instantly recognizable to seasoned players of the Jumble. Poi stands for Poi Dog Pondering and it’s one of the bands that Jeff is quite fond of. On the wall in the background you can see the album cover art of another band that Jeff enjoys which is Wilco. The image that we see is Chicago’s Marina City towers and it was captured by photographer Sam Jones.

The final solve was a bit challenging for a Monday. The lack of dialogue made us rely on the cartoon sentence and details within the drawing for potential clues. The letter layout brought DRAW instantly to mind allowing me to eliminate 4-letters. DESK was found next leaving an ER that fit neatly onto DRAW for the finish. The end result was an absolutely fantastic wordplay pun that got my week started off in the right direction. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/30/2018

  1. 🎶 CHICAGO, CHICAGO, that toddling town…CHICAGO, CHICAGO, I’ll show you around. I love it…Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in CHICAGO, CHICAGO…The town that Billy Sunday couldn’t shut down…On State Street, that great street I just want to say! they do things that they don’t do on Broadway…They have the time, the time of their life…I saw a man he danced with his wife in CHICAGO, CHICAGO…my home town…🎶 “Chicago” – Frank Sinatra 1957

    ✒️ While Graphic Arts is quite intense, and concentration key,
    We wonder why Jeff has his tongue exposed for us to see…
    He’s shown us this before in print, it’s something you remember,
    Is it done SWIFT and does he even know when he extends ‘er?
    But anyway, we see him sketch the area where he works
    It seems quite bare, devoid of any frills or any perks…
    Does he UNPACK materials each day and bring them over?
    Are Fifi and Gizmo knocked out from playing Red, Red, ROVER?
    They look so sweet and comfortable on PADDED cushions lay
    Are they with him come thick and thin, and every single day?
    It is a nice depiction of the man and what he saw…
    He sat, he sketched…And end result? Jeff Knurek, the DESK DRAWER! 🖋

    With nothing SKETCHY about today’s words, once having seen the “S” and the “K”, the solution was an easy READ, especially by LOOKING at our cartoon. And my eyes were immediately DRAWN into it. Always a pleasure to see Jeff WORK himself into the panel, he wasn’t the OBJECT of my attention today. Instead, my interest was especially piqued by the POSTER hanging in the background. And that’s what prompted my song choice for today. It may seem a little off the WALL, but let me try to explain…In the heart of CHICAGO, a pair of honeycombed towers reflects in the water of the Chicago River below. Every Chicagoan recognizes the identical towers, but they often know them by different names. There’s the original, official title, “Marina City,” and then there’s the colloquial “Corn Cob Towers.” But for about 17 years now, another name is used when the pair of buildings comes up in conversation: “The WILCO TOWERS.” And that’s because the now ionic shot, photographed by Sam Jones, became the cover of WILCO’S fourth album, 🎶YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT🎶. Surrounded by controversy, the photo (like the album), with its angle creating the look of the towers leaning, captured the unbalanced place WILCO and the world around them were in at the time. It was 2001. So I’m making that POSTER of the ALBUM COVER my eye candy today…That being on RECORD, now I’ll back up…Today David’s given us a fabulous pun. We’re told that Jeff, in a effort to sketch his WORK AREA, included a …DESK DRAWER! He’s the DRAWER, DRAWING his DESK! So very simple, and yet so clever! You go, David! Once again, you’ve reached TOWERING heights!

    Ok, in an effort to wrap this all up…This is just my take on things. My thoughts may have come ACROSS a little SKETCHY, my LAYOUT a little OFF LINE, but I enjoyed Jeff’s efforts to HIGHlight his favorite Rock Band. The TONGUE PROTRUSION? I’ve read up on it, and I could give it some LIP service…but I really don’t have the CONCENTRATION for it…AND I like the DESK with its PENS and PAPERS lying atop it. And as Jeff sits wearing his POi Dog Pondering Band T-Shirt, another Band that COLORS his musical world, I’m impressed with the IMAGE he’s DRAWING on his APPLE iPad, with his APPLE PENCIL…So, of COREs I tip my hat to his GRAPHIC ability. And yet I also tip it to his messages of loyalty, albeit hidden as they may be. But LOOKING at this cartoon, I have to PAWS and ask…”Who has it better than FIFI (left), and GIZMO (right)? These are no PETulant DOGS, that’s for sure! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And never stop DRAWING your own conclusions! ✒️🖋🙋🏻

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  2. The global ROVER was able to UNPACK in a SWIFT manner and never PADDED his expense account.
    Easy clue words and the cartoon gave me the solution with that drawer.
    Great posts Mike and Angela–no time right now to comment and do them justice. Perhaps later? I especially appreciate the background on details in the cartoon.
    And always dig Sinatra.

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      • I’ve gone through your post Mike, and Angela’s as well. I am in awe. The details in the cartoon which I am becoming more and more aware of by your guidance, have much more meaning Monday through Sunday( alliteration just for Angela). I know you have mentioned the bands before, but I have forgotten. And Angela, your background on the Chicago Towers was greatly appreciated. I’ll have to do more research and look at this photograph, which I don’t believe I have ever seen.
        It’s difficult to pick out specific puns Angela, you have outdone your self today and most were appreciated and not groan-inducing. I’m sure the dogs would applaud you if they could put their paws together.
        Thanks both of you for helping my day become brighter by bringing bonus benefits and blending bon mots with bright and brilliant belle lettres.

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      • Hey Earl. How’re you doing? Alliterative “B”‘s! I don’t think I’ve ever partaken. But I like it..a lot! And you’re very adept at it! 👏🏻👏🏻 You mention the Towers. The background story on the album Wilco tried to release is what led me there…It’s very interesting, you may enjoy it…I find it funny that you mention “not groan-inducing” regarding my puns. I personally never groaned at a pun. When I was a kid, and first introduced to Ogden Nash, I came to embrace puns…So it confuses me. And early this morning, one of my long distance Jumble lovers claimed today’s puzzle to be “a real groaner”. And I once again asked if he considered that good or bad. He said “good, of course”. And yet you now, make me think bad! 😳 I don’t think it’ll ever make sense to me! I just know that they come easily, and I love them! As for those dogs? A dog’s applause? I like that too! Thanks so much for the Shout Outs, Earl, you always make me smile! And I especially like your use of ROVER in your brilliant sentence today…I wasn’t sure how to utilize it, and just played it safe, rhyming it with over…And I got over! 😂 Hope you’re having a good night! Ciao, Bello! ✒️🐶🙋🏻


  3. Morning, all –
    Once again, I had to guess a word in the answer – desk – to solve PADDED and UNPACK (hardest). After that, I was able to find drawer and the great answer.

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  4. I have 2 Email addresses. The Jumble Answer is sent to one of them and I would like to have it sent to the other one as well. I have tried the web page that has the Follow feature and entered the other address but that did not work. Would someone please help me.


  5. In Latin,”veni,vidi,vici”, I came,I saw,I conquered. My accordion adventure is over,and I’m back home with the newspaper in hand.Padded was my word choice as toughest,and the solution of the puzzle gave me pause for a second look.There will be a link to the accordion performances forthcoming,and I’ll pass that on when it’s available.

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  6. Though I did pause at all those “D’s” initially, I was able to figure out all the words and the answer without difficulty. I love the way that you know when words were last used, Mike. Have a good Monday everyone.

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    • Good Monday morning to you, Betty! I search all of the old posts to find when a word was last used and to see how it was jumbled. Sometimes it turns up something interesting to talk about but often times it’s just for my amusement. To be honest, I classify a word as “new” when it hasn’t been used in a Jumble puzzle that I’ve written about over the last 5 years. Have a wonderful start to your week. 🙂🙂🙂


  7. Hi all – No problem with the words today. One of my tricks is to look for UN, and if it’s there, try to unscramble the remaining letters. Then I thought the answer might be SELF JUMBLE which fit, or, if he was working in a classic style, PADDED CEL, which didn’t. With the letters written, DESK was obvious and from there I pulled out the DRAWER.

    I also found it amusing that in a picture with three live beings, the one you would least expect is the one with his tongue hanging out.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Off topic baseball note: One year ago today the late legendary and beloved Bay Area announcer Bill King was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame for his work with the Oakland A’s. (He also absolutely belongs in the basketball and football Halls for his work with the Warriors and Raiders, but that’s another story.)
    To honor that tonight, the A’s radio broadcast will be commercial-free, with the time filled with interviews, visits and replays of famous clips, including former catcher and announcer Ray Fosse and the Raiders’ John Madden (who was reported on the air by Bill as having been told by a referee to “get his big butt off the field!” 😂.) The broadcast is available around 7 PM PDT on radio.com on station “95.7 The Game.”

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  8. Hi, Mike et al! Fun Monday Jumble puzzle with the wonderful pun answer “DESK DRAWER” and the darling detail of Jeff’s tongue helping with his concentration.

    Mike, this is for you to tell to your family at dinner: Jerry & I will attend a 90th birthday party for his cousin, and I remembered that he & she used to send each other funny cards when they were young so I bought a very beautiful card for her, as usual, and one with Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy from the Peanuts comic. On the front of the card, smiling Snoopy sweetly asks, “How old did you say you are?” On the inside, he says, “Yikes! That must be a jillion in dog years!”

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    • Thanks for the story, Lelia. It put a smile on my face and no doubt will do the same for the rest of my family. How much fun it must have been to open the mailbox and see a beautiful card waiting for you amongst all the other mail pieces.

      When I was young, I often sat with my mother at the kitchen table while she wrote out bills. My job was to lick the envelope, write the return address, and put on a stamp. She saw me put on a stamp upside down and said doing that meant you were sending love and to not do it again because they were already taking enough of our money! I wonder if Jerry’s cousin put the stamp upside down on her envelopes?.?.?.

      Have a wonderful afternoon, and I hope you’re ready for your birthday tomorrow!


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