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Good Wednesday morning, Jumble friends! We’re at the halfway point of the week where we typically see an increase in the difficulty of the clue words and surprise answer. Today’s game gave us four repeat clue words with only one that caused me to pause. Even though I guessed that it ended in Y, RATIFY still wasn’t visible until after a couple of self Jumbles in the margin of my newspaper making it my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day.

The setting for Jumble artist Jeff Knurek’s cartoon is easily recognizable as the finish line of a race. The main character is wearing bib number 1 and he looks like he hasn’t even broken a sweat! With only a few steps to go before he breaks the finish line tape, his nearest competitor is shown far in the distance where he’s just coming up to the bend before the final stretch.

Reading the dialogue and sentence informs us that this is a marathon race. A marathon is a long-distance race that is 26.219 miles and is an event instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides. He was said to have run this approximate length from the Battle of Marathon to Athens where he reported victory over the Persians. His story ends abruptly as he reportedly collapsed and died shortly after arriving. Let’s hope the athlete we see in today’s cartoon has a different fate!

The letter layout of the final solution was 13-letters in length. Although it was masterfully crafted to keep its’ solution well hidden, the sentence and cartoon allowed the answer to flow naturally making for an instant solve. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/25/2018

  1. And I wonder, I wa wa wa wa wonder…Why…A why why why why why
    She RAN awayway…And I wonder where she will stay…My little RUNAWAY…A RUN RUN RUN RUN…RUNAWAY…🎶 “Runaway” – Del Shannon 1961

    🏃🏻Those runners with bodies so WILLOW and lithe
    Adopting good HABITs to keep up the fight…
    They train and they struggle to keep themselves fit,
    Determined and stalwart…those with the true grit.
    Each day as they PLANT their feet to the floor,
    Their credo’s the same…”Run farther and more” …
    An unwritten promise, they RATIFY this,
    To practice the run to them is the bliss.
    They’ll sweat and they’ll blister, all polish and spit
    To hear “Hey you just RAN AWAY WITH IT”🏃🏻

    Todays words? All Sweet Repeats, a RUNAWAY! Our cartoon solution? A giveAWAY! Jeff brings us to a TRACK, where MARATHONER #1, is seen just about to BREAK THE TAPE! A male and female spectator at left, are marveling at his PROwess, while the animated gray-shaded crowd at the right is seen smiling and cheering him on. Behind them, silhouetted in black are a lot more ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS. WEIGH off in the distance, we see the only other RUNNER, with a look of total bewilderment on his face…Talk about a DISTANT SECOND! With our question stating that it WASN’T even CLOSE, it asks what the WINNER did..He RAN AWAY WITH IT! Good one, David! Nice FINISH!

    OK, eye candy…Our RUNNER, wearing a pair of gray-tinted shades, isn’t even winded…He’s definitely IN HALE shape! That poor guy bringing up the rear? He definitely has a bad case of the RUNS…HONORABLE MENTIONS perhaps…But what superSPEEDS today? The woman closest to the front of the crowd? For some reason, she’s not watching our RUNNER..inSTEAD, mouth agape, she’s looking upward, with a very surprised look on her face…Odd, I wonder what she’s thinking…Maybe something’s suddenly JOGGED her memory? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..And remember. In life, There’s a TIME and a PACE for everything! 🏃🏻🙋🏻

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    • Not sure why your post did not appear when I posted a few minutes ago, but I am still on line–
      Great Song—love Del Shannon and yes you were right about yesterday’s song–I have heard it but until I sang it out loud, did not recognise it.
      Today’s poem is a gem and a fitting tribute to those who run that arduous race.
      Your post? Humm, I’ll ignore the oblique reference to “jock straps” and focus on the “eye candy” you mentioned. I too noticed that first spectator –apparently a female—and her strange look. Your take—distraction–may be more accurate than mine. Who knows? Only the SHADOW in the background???

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      • LOL…I don’t know what happened either, but …We’re definitely on TRACK now! Love your take on the BIGGER PICTURE…Here’s a little hint..The sex of our spectator in question? The eyelashes! Jeff gives his female caricatures eyelashes…As for the Jock Strap…It just SEAMed to drop in my LAP..I couldn’t resist! But I did COVER it over well, wouldn’t you say? 😂 I never mentioned the word! 😂 Thanks for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom..And I’m glad you recognized Del Shannon! As for y’day’s ditty? Earl..I’m still humming it…God help me! Have a good one, Sir! Don’t RUN yourself ragged in this humidity! 🏃🏻😂


      • THE SHADOW KNOWS!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men”? Love it! 🙋🏻


  2. It became a HABIT of the colonial settlers to RATIFY treaties under WILLOW trees and PLANT their first crops nearby.
    No difficulty with any of the clue words today. But I agree with you Mike that RATIFY took a tic longer than the others. The large number of circled letters forced me to write down all of them and then after I isolated RAN, the solution became quite obvious.
    Today I decided to enlarge the cartoon on a website and see if I could find some details that I often overlook.
    Here is what I noticed: In the row of spectators nearest the finish line, one person seems to be disappointed with the winner–the expression on his/her face seems one of shock. Two or three people down from that one, there is a fellow holding up one finger—going along with the number on the runners jersey.
    Thanks for the information about the marathon. I cannot imagine anyone running that far for fun, but apparently many do.
    Angela, I am posting before I see yours, so I hope I get a chance to come back later.
    Wonderful Wednesday wishes with winsome whimsical wonders wherever we wander.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I’m not sure what kind of CLOCK you’re going by…but my TIME reads 9:24, while yours is 9:29! I do believe I hit that tape before you did! 😂 Love your sentence, and the alliterative ENTRY today is Wonderful! Have a good one, Sir, MEET you later! 🏃🏻🙋🏻


  3. Ratify was problematic, but given the w’s and the letters, away and with jumped out as did the final solution. Finally after transitioning from my 4 yr old grand kids, to my other 2 little 3 and 5 yr old gr kids, we’re off to the Accordion Festival in Lisle. No rest for this retired prof.

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  4. Good morning. Nice post and interesting information Mike. Good song choice Angela and poem. Earl, solid gold as always. Finally feeling better taking Claritin-D. However I have to pick up antibiotics that the doctor prescribed. Said I should have been there last Wednesday when it started and I’d be a lot better off. Had very little trouble with the words with Ratify being the hardest of them all. Having a clear head today I stayed with the cartoon and after twenty minutes once I used Ran for the first word the rest followed suit. I wanted the solution to be
    “wire to wire”. Since I couldn’t change the outcome I figured I better look for the right answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…Glad you’re feeling a little better. Think about what I said about changing clothes when you come in from the Bocce court..The park’s rampant with pollen, and it gets all over you, even though you may not realize it…and try leaving your shoes at the door, too. Trust me, you don’t need to be dragging it all through the house…I took my Dr’s advice when he told me about doing this, and it definitely helped..”Wire to wire”? Does this look like a horse race? 😂 Thanks for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom, Bud…You always have a TOP SPOT in my book…Feel better. Stay well. 🏃🏻🙋🏻


  5. No blind solve, but answer was quick to come with the letters. Agree that ratify was the most difficult word and required some mental gymnastics.

    Starting to get that old, familiar feeling regarding baseball. Surely the malaise will lift and the A’s will come off of their torrid pace.

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    • Hi John – Still wishing you good luck, but the A’s have been unbelievable. The announcers said yesterday it’s like an NBA game, just show up around the 8th inning for the excitement! I can’t see the Mariners/Giants today because it’s one of the dreaded and ridiculous “Facebook only” games, or as Bruce Jenkins describes it, “The business model that says ‘Deny your product to interested customers’. “

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  6. Easy time of it today. Good week so far but there may just be a stickler around the corner. Thanks for all the information about marathons, Mike. I learned something new. I’m still thinking about all the references yesterday to “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland. A few years back when I visited Disneyland with my grandson, the “Small World” ride was closed for improvements. It seems like it isn’t such a small world after all. They were enlarging the boats people ride in because folks are much larger and heavier than they were when the park opened in the 1950’s. Have a good Wednesdy everyone.

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    • That’s funny Betty! There must have been people saying the equivalent of “Does this boat make my butt look fat?” To which I always reply, “It ain’t the boat!”


    • And THANK YOU for the information you just passed along on the “It’s a Small World” ride, Betty! I haven’t been to Disney World in a very long time and don’t recall seeing that castle during my visit. I found in a Wikipedia entry for the ride that Walt Disney asked Rolly Crump (Disney Imagineer) to design a large 30-foot clock, a central feature of the exterior facade, with a smiling face that rocks back and forth to a ticking sound. Mystery solved!

      Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


  7. Hi all – Got the first three words, then I tried some Mike tricks for the last one. Put the ‘Y’ at the end, and spelled the word backwards, and though that wasn’t perfect, it did cause RATIFY to pop out. Then saw RAN WITH, and the answer.

    Mike, I found it funny that you referred to a length of 26.219 miles as ‘approximate.’ That sounds pretty precise to me!

    Angela, given your poem and the fact that you often assign names to the characters, I’m surprised you didn’t call this guy “Jock”.

    Have a great day, everyone. I’m off to run errands.

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    • I’m glad the tricks worked, Steve! Maybe I should have tried it instead of my mental gymnastics! 😂

      Pheidippides ran approximately 25 miles from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. In 1921, the race was standardized to 26.219 (26 miles 385 yards 0 feet 0 inches).


    • Hey G…Thanks for the Shout Out, but Jock’s not a real name…I was toying with calling him Miles, though! Have a good one, Bud! 🏃🏻🙋🏻


      • I beg to differ. One of my favorite high school teachers was a Scot named – and I assure you this is true – “Jock E. Dick”. (Not to be outdone, my brother had a teacher named “A. Forrest Ranger.”) He told me my sense of humor had a “Scottish ‘pawkiness’”, which I consider one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever gotten (after I looked it up.)


  8. Hi, Mike et al! Because of not knowing the cartoon answer before solving the words, I was really happy to finally solve RATIFY (after coming up with several bogus six-letter words) because those were the letters that gave me RAN with the rest following quickly, finishing a pleasant Jumble puzzle.

    Happy Wednesday! Jerry is taking me to Old Country Buffet for lunch in spite of how hot he will be out there. My brave man!!


  9. CAROLINE & BETTY, I wrote each of you a thank you note yesterday for your well wishes to Jerry & me on surviving the heat but both messages got erased, which I didn’t find out until after dinner. The notes were identical so I repeated my blog to both of you together, and it is still there at the very end of yesterday’s comments.

    MIKE, thank you for wishing you could send Jerry some snow. That made me smile. He used to work right out in the Arizona heat, but now he suffers when it gets this hot if he stays out very long.

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    • Hi Lelia,
      Like you,I couldn’t get the whole answer without solving RATIFY, which wasn’t easy. That helped me get the last answer word I needed – away.
      I did see your comment yesterday and was glad to hear you and Jerry were managing OK, with Jerry taking care of the birds of course.


    • You’re most welcome, Lelia! I truly hope there’s some relief in sight because those temperatures are intense. It’s so humid here that you just get soaked after being outside for only a few minutes. Stay cool! 😊


    • Hi Leila, I too saw your note yesterday so am glad that you survived the heat. Hope you and Jerry had a good lunch at your buffet. You folks in Arizona are hardy stock braving the heat. It’s 68 here in S.F. Today – warm for us – but then again half of California always seems to be on fire these days. There’s a real calamity in Yosemite Nat’l. Park. We could use some of that East Coast rain and snow – but then again not too much.


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