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Good Morning, Everyone!         🚙 THOROUGHLY UNDERSTOOD 🚙

🎶 She WORKS hard for the MONEY, so hard for it, Honey…She WORKS hard for the MONEY…So you better treat her right…🎶 “She Works Hard For The Money” –  Donna Summer 1983 

🚙 A GRAPH or two was all it took to get her in the door,
And then she pulled out all the stops with details and much more…
Convincing DEPUTY members assigned to work it out,
The WHARF, the bridge…It’s all considered in this brand new route.
Her company’s named BABOON, a boon it proved to be,
The money spent she let them know…invested quite wisely…
And bottom line she covered all the how, the what, the where
And now they had it all planned out..the brand new “THOROUGH-FARE”! 🚙

After having two new words y’day, SALSA and MINING, two on Wednesday, and another two Tuesday, I didn’t think there could be another today…But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! We may just have hit PAY dirt again, with BABOON! Six already for this one week! And if today? 7? It’s a LANDslide! Can this be a record? The Word Absurd? David? Jeff? Anybody? WHEEL, just the same…I do think that BABOON may be the word to DRIVE us all a little BANANAS today. Ok, our CARtoon. This morning, Jeff’s placed us at a boardroom meeting, perhaps in Shelbyville, Indiana. We see a woman, a representative of BA-BOON DESIGN standing before an easel, explaining how the money generated from the new TOLL BOOTHS will cover the costs DRIVEN up by the city of Shelbyville’s new planning. She’s a very meticulous person, and has THOROUGHLY worked out all the details. And even though no one likes paying TOLLS, it’s only FARE that a portion of the costs be passed on to the public. The two DEPUTY city planners, are very impressed, and appreciate how it’s all MAPPED out. So when our question asks what her explanation was…It was a “THOROUGH-FARE“! BEEP BEEP! We have our solution! Good one, David! You’ve DRIVEN it home!

Ok, eye candy…The MAP on the table is CONGESTED with detail. Truly the Minute Absolute Jeff is known for. I’m able to make out some of it, and I’ll expLANE as much as I can…I see STREET TYPE, INTERSTATE, U S HIGHWAY, NEW HIGHWAY, CORRIDOR LOCATIONS, AND PRIMARY CORRIDORS. There’s more, but I’ve decided that my eyes are more important than the eye candy…The buck STOPS here! A BUCK? For the FARE?..No? Really? Well I tried! …So, There you have it Folks Done! Have a great day, Everyone! …It’s been SWELL..You know..”For Whom the Swell TOLLS…” 🚙 🙋🏻


22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/06/2018

  1. The DEPUTY commissioner wanted to GRAPH all activity at the WHARF but his efforts were thwarted by a mischievous BABOON and his troop.
    No problem with the clue words, a slight pause with BABOON but those pesky quotation marks worried me for a trice. Studying the cartoon and using my intuition brought a groan and “thorough-fare.”
    Great song Angela and your poem was laureate quality this Thursday.
    I will not even attempt to see the details on the table–too much squinting involved.
    Have a comfy day wherever you are–here it’s drier and cooler.

    • Good Morning, Earl! A mischievous Baboon! Is there any other kind? 😂 Thanks for the morning giggle! You guys are better than these Multi Vitamins I take but constantly suspect! Kudos! 👏🏻👏🏻! I figure BABOON for the tic today. We shall see! Thank you for the Shout Out and Poem Nom. Our song! Donna Summer’s story has come to Broadway, and my friend surprised me with tickets. (He’s been trying really hard to make up for denying me that Roast Beef the other day)! 😉 TBT, I wasn’t feeling it this morning, I’m totally beat..Yet once I got started, the rhyme just did itself! As for the answer? Earl, today I groaned too! And you know it takes a whole lot to get one out of me! 😂 I think it’s totally brilliant! Although, so far, 5 of my early morning Jumble men have cried UNCLE to me! I told them to go back to the DRAWING BOARD! 😉 Loving your use of “trice”….you constantly restore my faith in the love of language! And as for the MAP on the table? I had to TABLE it after a while myself…Eye candy, indeed! I wish you a good day, Sir…The rains are here, and I’m praying it’ll result in a reprieve from this heat…Enjoy, Earl! 🚙🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Great choice for the opening with the song. It had me grinning from ear to ear thinking that,didn’t Linda Lovelace work hard for her money too. This being a family blog,I’ll leave it at that. Angela and Earl always provide the morning one two punch to get us started. Thank you for that. Agree that Baboon was the slight hitch for hardest word today. Seeing the cartoon answer in quotation marks had me bailing out right away. I didn’t even hesitate in giving up. No remorse on this end. I know my limitations. Looking forward to tomorrow,and as always stay well.

    • Brooklyn, You’re killin’ me! ROTFL!…And don’t for a minute think that I don’t have a few REALLY good answers to your question! You don’t know who you’re playing with here! 😂😂I’m biting a hole in my tongue!!!!…But, c’mon…a little decorum! Paul, what am I going to do with you? Ok, no mas! No mas! So, BABOON…Yes, The…( No, seriously…I’m REALLY biting my tongue)!😷 I’ll just say…Thank you for the Shout Out…(Even that’s giving me pause)!😂..and you gotta stop with all this bailing, Bud…you have an image to uphold!!!! ….I can’t, I really can’t! Brooklyn…Another time, another place! 😉 Ciao, Bello! 😷🙋🏻

      • I did my job well I got your juices flowing almost to the breaking point. You deserve a medal for keeping a lid on some comebacks. I know it was tempting but a true lady keeps it under wraps. Well done.

        • LOL…A medal? You might have to buy me dinner after this! 😂😂 You got me hysterical here! Tempting ain’t the word! TBT, I’m writing it up just the same…Keeping it on tap for another time…Way too much good material to just let go to waste! 😉 You know I was just speaking with Mike. I should have asked him what he thought.,.Maybe he’d give me the green light to “unwrap” just a little..😂😂 Ok..Let me stop laughing! I’m trying to peel potatoes, and I can’t afford to lose a thumb! (Now ..What movie’s that from)??.You made my morning, Brooklyn…Here’s hoping the rest of the day goes just as well! 🍷🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Professor! Some serious scribbling going on there, right? Indiana’s in the house! I probably could have picked up on a little bit more, but the print was really small, and it started to DRIVE me crazy. 4 AM doesn’t lend itself to such minutiae as a rule..And It was just starting to take a TOLL on me! Seems like I hit the nail on the head with BABOON though, right? Looks like it’ll definitely be the BEAST of the day! Hoping you have a good one, Sir! 🚙🙋🏻

  3. I was glad to see some H’s because I paired them with the G and T, which gave me a good start on the answer.
    I’m back from a short trip, with no Jumble, computer or TV for three days. I still use maps, though they are getting harder to find and see. An ordinary map I bought was $7.95!

    • Good Morning, Caroline! I wondered where you were hiding! You were missed! It is a THOUGHT provoking answer today. And the views for the site are off the CHARTs so far for this early in the day, which means a lot of readers are looking in for help. A hard copy map user? Kudos! 👏🏻 One of my brothers still is also, but the others call him a dinosaur. And he echoes your sentiment…He can hardly read the fine print any more! So he may just FOLD and start using his GPS! Glad to have you back…And hope you’re having a great day! 🚙🙋🏻

        • Got nothing to do with age, Chuck…It just UNFOLDS that way for you…Just means you’re a little more GRAPHic than others…You get a different READ on things…No need to expLANE, Sir! We all TRAVEL ALTERNATE ROUTES in life! 🚙🙋🏻

  4. Great puzzle this morning. No problem with the clue words. The cartoon answer took me a bit longer to solve but I got it – good challenge. Happy Friday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Betty! I agree. Terrific pun…extremely clever. And the answer was well worth waiting for! Kudos for sticking it out! And a very Happy Friday to you too! 🚙🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – The second word would have been hard except that I saw it because of the Grateful Dead song “Wharf Rat.” Then BABOON took about three tries.
    A double double-letter trick triumph, separating the B’s and combining the O’s.
    I thought ROAD might be in the answer, but wrote the letters separating out the vowels and saw it.

    Nothing really comes to mind about the puzzle, so I’ll just wish you all a happy Friday and weekend. I hear cooler weather is on the way, so I hope that’s true for you.

    • BONOMOS! 😂 Get it now? Good Morning, G…Great puzzle…Greater pun! David truly outdid himself today! 👏🏻👏🏻 And I’m sure you’d have had it, Wharf Rat or not! ..Cooler weather hasn’t gotten down here yet…We’re still holding out hope! Have a good one, Bud! 🚙🙋🏻

      • I got it the first time you said it this morning 😂 I think if I tried eating any of that Turkish Taffy now, I might lose a tooth though!

        Yes, excellent puzzle today.
        🎵”I’ve got my foot on the accelerator
        I’ll see you right up at the night
        I’ve got my mind on being left alone
        Out on my own and all I wanna do is drive it
        (Drivin’) Drivin’
        I’m only drivin’ (I’m only drivin’)
        I’m only drivin’ (I’m only drivin’)
        I’m only drivin’ (I’m only drivin’)
        I’m drivin’, I know I got no place to go (I’m only drivin’)”🎵 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • 🎶Back on the streets when it feels so right..🎶..But you know I’m not talking the Taffy per se…..I was singing the song after looking at BABOON..! Song was STUCK in my head for hours!😂😂🙋🏻

  6. DONE! Got the words quickly with no significant pauses. Used my scrabble letters for an immediate solve of the cartoon answer.

    Even though I missed the fun challenge of struggling with a word or answer, I’m glad to be finished so that I can take a little nap before company arrives at 1 p.m.

    Steve, loved your song because I felt like that a lot during my early drivin’ years. Had to Google a couple of times to find “Drivin’” by Pearl Harbor/Explosions.

    Enjoy your day, all!!

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