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THERE WAS – – – 


Good Morning, Everyone!                    ☕️ déjà BREW....☕️

🎶 I’m feeling mighty lonesome…Haven’t slept a wink, I walk the floor and watch the door…And in between I drink…BLACK COFFEE…Love’s a hand me down BREW…I’ll never know a Sunday…In this here weekday room…🎶

☕️ So coffee shops are back to back, and something’s in the air…
You have to wonder why Shop Two would choose to open there.
We know about location, the key to doing well…
But LOGIC tells us coffee is something that always sells.
These women stand and JABBER  about how they’re not amused…
That competition came so close…their ego’s sure are bruised.
Retaliation’s on their minds, as thoughts in their minds TWINE, 
But is it right to REDUCE Mr. Bean to coffee grinds?
I hope they can make peace with this…it’s not worth what’s ensuing…
Perhaps sit down and have a cup before there’s TROUBLE BREWING? ☕️

Early Saturday morning and a cup of COFFEE. Who amongst us can’t relate?
Even when forced to switch to DECAF, we still drink our COFFEE before starting out on that daily GRIND. It just PERKS one up…As did today’s words…SWEET Repeats, with JABBER, perhaps being the hardest to SWALLOW. Not seen since late 2015, it opens with the word BRA, yet that’s not really giving us much support now, is it? But going with the B and the B...it was easier to see, and Voila! MADE and FORMED! So, despite our words being STRONG anagrams all…DECANT stand in our WHEY…Ok, let’s KETTLE down, and get our solution! Today Jeff’s SPILLED the BEANS as to what goes on when COFFEE people get HEATED and dePRESSed! They threaten to TAMPER with another’s mans business! Finding ourselves out on a city street, we see two women, LATTE and AU LAITne, COOLing their heels outside their COFFEE SHOP, “CAFFEINATION.” A rival business, “MR BEAN“, has just opened up right next door to them, and they’re not taking it LIGHTly!  Determined to hit the GROUND running, in an all out battle, they intend to ruin this guy. AU LAITne even threatens to use Social Media to “post” that MR BEAN uses inSIPid BEANS, and serves BITTER COFFEE! Obviously not willing to URN the other cheek, they seem determined to fight this to the BITTER end…Let’s face it , Folks…These are not FRAPPE women! And I must say, that this whole thing just seems to leave a bad TASTE in my mouth!….So when our question asks what there was when another Shop opened….There was…TROUBLE BREWING! Now that’s SOYtenly a good one, David! AU LAIT! AU LAIT!

Ok, eye candy…Through CAFFEINATION’s window, we see a barista, filling a standard large sized take-away disposable cup of COFFEE from an URN. A sole female patron is seen sitting by the window, enjoying a BREW. Next door, at MR BEAN, we see a rather hipster-looking dude, sporting a man bun, a banded beard, and a T-Shirt emblazoned with whom I believe to be TEDDY from the British TV sitcom, MR BEAN, starring Rowan Atkinson. It seems to allude to a connection, but I’m not sure, since the show has never BEAN my cup of tea. I also found a Mr. bean (small b) COFFEE SHOP located in Colorado, but the place is touted as having comfy chairs, and from the looks of the straight-back chair and the man seated drinking inside, it just doesn’t BLEND. Getting back to the barista, he really has a big grin on his MUG…And his COFFEE SET UP is an elaborate MIXTURE of Bunsen burners reminiscent of a laboratory! Also, I should note that he’s using what appear to be CERAMIC Eco-friendly CUPS , the kind we would use at home. And since he’s holding one aloft, with his mouth agape, he may be either BLOWING on it, (since Jeff has shown a good amount of STEAMy vapors emanating from it), in an attempt to COOL it for himself…or he’s in the PROCESS of calling out someone’s name for a COUNTER PICK UP….Again, it’s all leaving me out in the COLD. So if anyone out there can put BREW and BREW together, and make sense of it all? Please do, since there’s just so much I can MILK from it…And as a reSILT, I think I’ll just skip the candy altogether, instead of POURING over this any longer, in an attempt to ESPRESSO myself. So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I leave you with something SUMATRA might have said…🎶Do BEAN do be do…🎶 ☕️🙋🏻

15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/23/2018

  1. The barista tried to REDUCE the JABBER about the TWINE on the burlap bean bags but there was no LOGIC in “Caffe-in-ation.”
    No problems in unscrambling the clue words but it did take me a few minutes to come up with today’s clever solution. BREWING did not come immediately, i got stuck with wanting one word to end in “ion.” All in a day’s work.
    Angela, I wrote my sentence before reading your post. We both have an affinity for coffee and I admit I cannot function in the morning without my daily cups of java. So I’ll just say that I admire your song choice, your poem and your post—-you certainly have given us a full jolt of caffeine and prepped us for the weekend. Thanks.
    Have a great weekend everyone.

    • Good Morning, Fellow Coffee Aficionado! Are you on that second cup yet? We’ve URNed it, right? 😉 BEAN chuckling over your sentence…As always, entertaining. I really thought seeing that B and W was a give away, but I see we all have different TASTES! And I also worried that my BRA reference might cause a BREW-HA-HA, but I see it’s being taken LIGHTly, as intended…. Thanks so much for your Shout Outs, and the Poem Nom, I had a lot of PUN with this one! Chilly and rainy downstate today…This hot cup-o-Joe goes perfectly…Wishing you a great day, Earl…Go FROTH, and BREW good, Sir! 😂☕️🙋🏻

  2. A quick blind solve for ” trouble brewing”,with only reduce causing a second thought.A rare weekend at home so an early paper delivery,and early puzzle look,with an Heritage Days Parade on the horizon.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. I felt the same way. Easy, breezy, cute and clever. Happy to hear you’re getting some down time for yourself…From what you tell us, you usually cover a lot of GROUND…Enjoy your parade, and have a great day, Sir! ☕️🙋🏻

  3. Good morning specially to the early bird. Nice work Angela. I started to do jumble and when I got to Jabber it clicked that this was the puzzle I had last week instead of the right one. Been there and done that so I’ll look forward to tomorrow. Until then take care.

    • Back at ya, Brooklyn! So, unBEANownst to you, you started doing it? Without proCAFFEINating? 😂 I wanted to give you the heads up, but I figured I’d let it go, and have you BREWED over it like the rest of us! 😂 Glad you stopped by anyway…You know the old saying, “A day without you is like a day without sunshine”…And there isn’t any out here today! Thanks for the Shout Out, and be careful on the Court today! Probably be a lot of MUD! Have a good one, Paul! ☕️🙋🏻

      • Thank you Angela for your kind words. I’m reading mutts and blonde and thinking I’ve read them recently and then I look and the last word on jumble and realize it was last Saturday that I wondered where you guys got your answers. All this before I even finished my first of two cups of coffee. Bocce is out today. I’ll leave it up for someone else to get it ready to play. There is basically two of us that will water the court and groom it. If we are not there early they just open the boxes and play. I get the feeling half the time I’m playing with children. You have to keep the names who played or didn’t,who won or lost. When there is 15-20 people there it gets hectic keeping track who is in the 2nd or 3rd game. Nobody wants to play on the other courts because of the holes from the rain drops due to the leaky roofs.Update, my oldest son got the capacitor in the mail for the A/C outdoor unit for the entire house. It happened to be a replacement for the original and cost him $25:00. Ten minutes later,it was working fine. That saved him between 300-400 dollars. I was like a school kid waiting for the part to come so I could see if that was all there was to fixing it. One of my friends repaired the engine on his car from watching it on his phone. Different world we live in today. You can find out just about anything.

        • Hey Brooklyn…Kind words? Sure..but I call em as I see em! You are like a ray of Sunshine to me! So, even the comics were the same? That’s too funny…No pun intended! I guess they used the entire print plate in error…You mention first 2 cups of coffee…How many do you do? I’m really bad…You know I don’t sleep much, but just the same, my mornings? I do at least 4 cups. Sometimes I throw a decaf in there, just to shake things up…and keep my heart in my chest..but I’m a big coffee drinker. You mentioned last year about the leaky roofs, and how the city screwed up on the construction. That’s NYC for you. Pennywise and pound foolish, right? ..and “Tax em till they drop”! . It’s amazing how we get taken for a ride…As to the score keeping..is it all on you? If they’re dumping on you? Just get a little creature with the numbers.. Should clear the problem right up! 😂 And, that’s great about your son’s A/C…You done good, Brooklyn! You deserve to be proud! And I think your anticipation for it is adorable! It’s good to get excited about things in life, no matter how simple they may seem…All the little things…And oh yea, we’re living in some amazing times… Today you can Google just about anything. And it’s so funny that you’re saying it…My cousin and I were just talking about pies. And I was in the midst of a gooseberry discussion with her…She’s always googling something! And she’s just as wacky as me…well almost! So she sends me these recipes…I’m like..”I’m not baking the pies, you are”! Gimme a break…I’m making lasagna and eggplant parm…And she thinks I’m baking pies to boot! SMH! 😂 Takes all kinds! Hang in there, Bud, and have a good one! ☕️🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – REDUCE is the word that stopped me until I separated the vowels and consonants. The first thing I thought was “Brew-haha”, but it was clear that BREWING was in the answer.

    If that woman is trying to start a brouhaha by YELPIng about the new shop with a dishonest post, I hope they FILTER it out. What a DRIP!

    There was a good joke headline recently about a new Starbucks opening inside another Starbucks.

    Loved the “Caffeination” and Mr. Bean puns. Made me think of both our Orson Bean, and the UK’s Mr. Bean. Never saw the latter, but I’m a big Rowan Atkinson fan from “Blackadder.” (The Blackadder Christmas Special is an all time favorite.)

    Van Morrison said that Jackie Wilson said
    🎵”And you know I’m so wound-up
    Don’t need no coffee in my cup
    Let it all hang out, Let it all hang out.🎵

    The heat is on here, although not so bad for Betty and me right close to the water. Have a great day, everyone!

    • 🎶Ding a ling a ling🎶Van Morrison said…”I’m in Heaven when you Smile,,”!!’ Ok, so I gave Earl a SHOT of BREW-HA -HA at 7:30 this morning, (while you were still asleep)..,So…get out of my grave! 😂 But, I give it up to you for the YELP! It may have a few people STH, but it’s a good one! 👏🏻 I’ve seen Mr. Bean on PBS. It’s ok, I guess, if you like that kind of droll British humour…(Catch that)? But unfortunately, a lot of it makes me GRIND my teeth…As for Starbucks… Ubiquitous…over-hyped, over-priced, over-crowded and ubiquitous. I make a mean Iced Cappuccino right at my own coffee bar at home….And I never have to stand in line! 😂😂 Have a good one, Bud!
      PS: I thought for sure you’d do a Java joke…😉 🙋🏻

      • I *should* have done a Java joke 😂, but didn’t think of it. It wasn’t in my SCRIPT this morning as I was getting ready to go buy a battery for my wife’s car and come back and install it. All done now.

        As the early Beatles’ fans almost said, “PEET’S FOREVER, STARBUCKS NEVER!! 😂 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • 😂😂 Yea, Lou was Java-joking all morning 😤 …After a while, I SO wanted to re-write his SCRIPT!
          And that was probably the BEST thing those Beatles fans could have said, right? Later…🙋🏻

  5. DONE! I thought of BREWING as I began eating my breakfast. Quick solve of 3 words but REDUCE took the longest. Solved TROUBLE before my last bite.

    Steve, thanks for the many songs you mentioned yesterday & my wax cylinder.

    Clay, thanks for ODDEST using your double-letter rule.

    Angela, your blog was great, but I don’t like coffee, which made me feel like a freak in college.

    Enjoy your day, all!

    • Hi Lelia. Thank you. You have mentioned that you prefer tea. I’m sure you’re in good company though, because a lot of people dislike coffee. I think it’s just that the ones who do like it, like it with a vengence. There’s no gray area with coffee drinkers…It’s all black (no pun intended), and white…Wishing you a great day! ☕️🙋🏻

    • Don’t feel strange Lelia – no less an authority than Dutch emigrant Alfred Peet, founder of “Peet’s Coffee AND TEA” said that he, like most Europeans, actually preferred tea. He knew how to be adaptable though when he landed in Berkeley.

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