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Good Morning, Everyone       👰🏻  BRIDE…AND PREJUDICE? 👰🏻

🎶Down the aisle I’ll walk with you…Just to hear the words I do. All of my life I want to be good and sweet till eternity…I do thee WED this day! with this ring we go our way….For better or worse I take thee WED by your hand I will be led…🎶

✂️📍 I recently heard a story that was MAINLY sad but true,
Of how EASILY thoughts kept INWARD sometimes will just ensue…
A fire broke out in a house, ’twas empty for a while,
But next door stood the home of what was called “Its Done With Style”
The seamstress there was talented and dresses filled the rooms
And bridal parties HUDDLEd there to look and then to swoon.
The woman TETHERed to the net, was able to produce
The latest bridal fashions for prospective bride’s peruse.
But the aftermath of fire causes DAMAGE oft we find…
These dresses in production reeked of smoke filled air behind
The bride and all party now are worried beyond doubt
Together with the seamstress as to will the smell come out…
And despite the grief it’s costing they’re all praying to the Lord
‘Cause time is of the essence…and there’ll be no HEMMED AND HAWED 📍✂️

Today’s words were handled EASILY, maybe just getting a little tied up at TETHER. I think it’s because there was this threat of threat in my head…But having quickly SEWN up the solution, I’ll just go on and explain. We find ourselves in a DRESSMAKERS shop, where an obviously harried SEAMSTRESS is working on a Gown. There’s a BRIDE standing by a dress rack, asking whether or not her dress will be ready. We read that the wedding is in one week! One week! But, where is her dress?  The one splayed across the sewing machine is purple! And the one hanging foreFRONT, that the Bride may be POINTING to is pink. Am I being SEW old-FASHIONed in thinking that the dress would be white? Hmm. It SEAMS we may be way OVER OUR HEADS here! I mean I’m not looking to NEEDLE the poor seamSTRESS, BUTTON a closer look…you can see that she’s way behind…and SEW on and SEW forth! She answers the worried Bride with a series of halting phrases…Could this be her PATTERN? Doesn’t she realize we reap what we SEW? Personally, Folks, I’m on PINS and NEEDLES here…Will this poor Bride end up getting STUCK? Will the seamstress make aMENDS? Is there even a SHRED of evidence in what this seamstress is saying? Do I SEAM BIASed? So many questions that need to be adDRESSED, right?…Hmm. Nothing? REELy? C’mon Folks! I’m using some of my best MATERIAL here! Oh well…I would like to end up SINGing hER praises…Anyway, our question asks…What did the seamstress do when asked if she’d be FINISHed? She…HEMMED AND HAWED! Well I’ll BEAD DARNed! Good one, David! You’ve got me in STITCHES hereOk, eye candy…We have the Brides T-Shirt that reads “BRIDE”…we have the name of the shop EMBOSSed on the door..”STITCH IN TIME“…we have a tiny bow in the Bride’s hair…All nice TOUCHES, but they’re just not CUTTING it…I think I’ll go with that first DRESS shown on the rack…Talk about a little TULLE much! It’s just SLEEVEing me laughing! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And since it’s a Sunday I’ll leave you with this…”Give us this day, our daily THREAD“…No? aHEM…Ok, I’ll just CHALK it up and say…SEW long! 📍✂️ 🙋🏻

25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/25/2018

  1. DAMAGE to the tent was EASILY and MAINLY limited by the TETHER which kept tension INWARD, a plan devised in the daily HUDDLE.
    Flew through the clue words and the solution today, unusual for a Sunday. But the cartoon gave me all the hints I needed to arrive at an answer, no HEMMING OR HAWING needed.
    Not familiar with your song today Angela, so if you get a chance, please educated me?
    I am grateful for the name of the shop—as hard as I stared and as limited as my enlarging would go, I could still not make it out. For me, it wasn’t the dresses or the bride which got my attention, it was the seamstress’ wild hairdo—so antithetical to my image of the seamstresses of yesteryear.
    Keep up the great work, our poet laureate of the Jumble Blog.
    Have a spring-like Sunday everyone..

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    • Good Morning, EARLy Bird! Very interesting sentence! As easy as these words were, getting them to blend into any form of rhyme or reason was a STRETCH! Kudos! The song is 🎶Down the Aisle🎶, by the irreplaceable Miss Patti Labelle, back when she headed the Bluebells. It’s a beautiful song. If you can, Google it, I know you’ll enjoy listening to it. It wasn’t you, the shop name wasn’t clear at all. But once I saw Stitch, I knew what the rest would be. That old adage, right? “A stitch in time saves nine”? We heard it being said a lot while growing up. Earl, I can sympathize with the poor seamstress! Key word…STRESS! I’ve been there! And when you have a mop of hair, trust me, it’s the first thing that goes into a state of total disarray! Thank you SEW much for the shout out…you’re a Sweetheart! ❤️ Here on Staten Island, we’re still only at 34°, but the sun is shining, and I’m optimistic! Have a great day, Earl. 👰🏻🙋🏻


      • A sinking ship appears on the alternate Jumble on uclickgames.com. I believe you are the one who usually points out how often that scenario occurs. Since this is an old puzzle, it is safe to assume the new guys carried on the tradition!

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      • Hi, Clay. Yes, I’ve become quite fond of that little ship. But I thought it was the brainchild of Jeff, our current illustrator. I can’t view it, since I have all Apple products, which you’ll remember don’t support the games, but I’m going to get hold of someone’s laptop and take a look. I didn’t think the puzzles featured were that old. I’d be very interested to see. Thank you so much for telling me, that was very kind of you. And very observant, may I add! I don’t know why, but little sinking ship has somehow stolen my heart! Have a good day, Clay…⛵️🙋🏻


      • Hi Clay. I seriously didn’t think I’d have so much trouble tracking down a laptop. I was finally able to have a look at your puzzle. And there it was…that endearing little sinking sailboat…Obviously not Jeff’s original creation, since the illustration is definitely one of Henri Arnold’s. It brought back memories…And noply caused me to blink, by the way! Thanks again for the heads up. Have a good night, Sir. ⛵️🙋🏻


  2. I usually have trouble with the Sunday puzzle but not today’s.Inward gave me pause as I was trying to get ward__ something,but then the overall solution was obvious.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck. Yes, today we were given a gift! It happens on a Sunday every once in a while, and today we got lucky! Hope you have a great day! 👰🏻🙋🏻


      • LOL..Well I’ll be YARNed! An old NY phrase! Good one, Big Guy. I haven’t heard that in a while. If I wasn’t in such a RUCHE this morning, 😉 I may have GATHERed my thoughts better and come up with that! Wishing you a Blessed Palm Sunday, Caro. 🙏🏻🙋🏻


  3. Hi, all! My first glance at the cartoon made me think that it would be about a girl telling a friend to visit her hairdresser.

    It was an instant solve for me after reading the cartoon words, having been a seamstress for many years.

    No problems with 5 of the words but used the answer letters to solve MAINLY.

    At our age, Jerry & I don’t like the clothes in the stores, so when the elastic wears out in an oldie-but-goodie pair of shorts or pants, we take the garment to a place like A Stitch in Time for new elastic. I don’t choose to pick out all those old stitches myself anymore!

    Enjoy your day!!


    • Hi Lelia. I have a feeling every city in America may have a shop called a Stitch In a Time…It’s just one of those catch-all kind of names…And I think we’ll all have this one SEWN up today…
      Easy, breezy, and cute to boot! Have a good one! 👰🏻🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. The tornado Mainly traveled Inward towards the island and Easily caused Damage while the people did Huddle together by a Tether in the basement shelter for protection. Nice work and great puns Angela. You are the Queen of them. Today’s words for me was easy except for tether. I couldnt get that word. The cartoon answer was a blind solve. Probably because that was an old expression. I knew the three letters I needed to make that happen which helped to to finally get the word. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Brooklyn…Soon you’ll be branching out into the short stories! Excellent work today! I like how you FASHIONed SEW many words into such a great PIECE! And I’m with you there, Bud..I figured if any word would be the one to TIE us UP today, it’d be TETHER! Thank you SEW very much for your kind words! You’re a piece of THREAD as the Italians would say! 😂
      And I figured you’d be late. That Gospel SEAMS to get longer and longer every year, am I right? I went last night, because I knew I’d be out late, and it’d be SPOOLish to think I wouldn’t be UNRAVELed this morning! I’m glad you had an easy time with it…Blessed Palm Sunday, Paul, to you and yours…🙏🏻🙋🏻


    • Hello Paul. Impressive sentence. I like the mental image you portrayed. Agree that that old expression probably means nothing to millennials who never seem to hem or haw, just text and scroll. 📱🤔

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      • Thank You Earl. I saw yours after posting mine and liked yours as well. You are so right about the kids of today not knowing a lot of expressions that are no longer used. One comes to mind being what we called a hydrant way back,calling it a Johnny pump.


  5. Hi all – Felt like a DULHEAD trying to get TETHER. Went through THEATER and RATHER, got to TEETHR (a baby?) which gave me the word. Next hardest was MAINLY after trying MANLY or NAMELY.

    Since she’s furiously stitching fabric together, I thought the shop owner was experiencing SEAM-STRESS. When they give out, the BRIDALVEIL FALLS.

    I’m glad to see the BOBBIN is on the correct end of the sewing machine this time. Yes that’s right, around here we always forgive, but we NEVER forget! 🙄

    Angela, “SEAM BIASed” is among your best material. Excellent!

    Ok, I have two wedding songs, and since Angela has seen FIT to smoke out the dress shop, an ode to brave Harry Lewis the tailor by “My Son, the Folk Singer”, Allan Sherman:

    🎵“You ask her if she loves you she answers, “I do”
    Your heart starts glowing inside
    And then you will know she is just for you
    While each step draws you closer to the aisle”🎵 – The Platters

    🎵“And with a smile, we walk down the aisle
    Me in my wedding dress; a vision of happiness
    And just to think, all it took was a casual look”🎵 – The Six Teens

    🎵“Although the fire was raging
    Harry stood by his machine
    And when the firemen broke in
    They discovered him between
    A pile of roasted Dacron
    And some french fried gabardine
    His cloth goes shining on”🎵

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    • 😂 G, You have me laughing…First, because I did the STRESSed out seamstress, (re-read), secondly, because the ode about the fire is true, it happened to my friends last month…and they’re still feverishly dealing with it, and three, I double CHECKED the bobbin while searching for eye candy! I also remember Jeff telling us that day that we were all a little bent out of SHAPE over something so trivial! ROTFL….🎶Oh Mr Lewis perished, in the service of the Lord, he was trampling through the warehouse where the drapes of Roth are stored….🎶 Sherman shoulda been born in Brooklyn! 😂 The Platters were gems, and the Six Teens caught us on that album cover a few weeks ago! There’s a plethora of wealth here! Thanks for the SEAM BIASed, I made myself laugh at 4:30 this morning,..and it wasn’t easy…😉😉 My head was still vibrating!!! And TETHER or not you felt like a DULHEAD…you did manage to SEW this all up…👏🏻 Talk to you later, Bud! 👰🏻🙋🏻


      • LOL – Wasn’t Jeff like “Don’t you people have lives?” And I’m thinking, “You read our posts, and you have to ask? 😂😂

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