Jumble Answers for 03/03/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!    ⚾️ So..What’d ya FIGURE…? ⚾️

🎶Take me out to the BALL GAME. Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don’t care if I never get back. Let me root, root, root for the home team, If they don’t win it’s a shame. For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out…At the old BALL GAME..🎶

⚾️ So Jumble Stadium’s up for grabs, the team part of the deal
We’re shown a tycoon owner, papers ready for the sale.
I’d hate to think there’s room for FRAUD, but doesn’t it seem strange
That standing in a stadium’s the place for this exchange?
We see a lottery winner, a new found millionaire
About to spend a lot of dough on something he holds dear
His jersey is emblazoned with a J upon his chest
He looks so young and AGILE but is he up to the test?
I think that any one of us would be PIGLETs in mud
To have a chance like this guy, would you do it if you could?
Spend so much money just like that, no agent by your side
Could he be getting BUNKERed, cause excitement he can’t hide?
Does it all seem legit to you, going on in the stands?
And what comes next? A pen whips out and then they’re shaking hands?
I wish I saw an agent, because this guys vim and vigor
Is not enough negotiating such a BALLPARK FIGURE! ⚾️

Today’s words, all returning favorites, shouldn’t cause anyone to BALK. They were all pretty easy to FIELD. So let’s move on to FIRST BASE and tackle this puzzle.(Yes, yes, I know…”tackle”, wrong sport, but it just fit so well). Today Jeff brings us out to Jumble Stadium, home of the Baseball Jumblers. We read that the team along with its HOME stadium is up for sale. The present owner, Mr. I.M. Rich, is seen negotiating with a potential young buyer, I.M. NowToo, who has just won a huge lottery prize. Mr Rich is quoting a selling price “about” $800 million. Young NowToo is like…”Ok”. Ok? Just like that? Who do you think you are? Derek Jeter? Where’s your agent? Where’s your financial advisor? Where’s your negotiating skills? (Where’s your BARBER)? It just seems a little OUT OF LEFT FIELD. But, hey, it’s not up to me to unSCRAMBLE this puzzle…Oh wait…it is. Oh, ok. So, our question asks that since the sale price was “about” $800 million, and we are talking about a TEAM and a STADIUM here…the price was a ...BALLPARK FIGURE! Well…Drop the ball and…No, Don’t drop the ball and bring me HOME! This one’s OUT OF THE PARK! Good PLAY, David! Ok, eye candy. We have Mr. Rich’s Baseball Diamond bolo tie and belt buckle. We have young I.M’s Fitbit…obviously keeping him so AGILE. There’s the team name, Jumblers written atop the DUGOUT. There’s the SCORE BOARD…And there’s the handlebar mustache and the soul patch. Ah, all neither HAIR nor there. But, the big WINNER today, Folks, has to be the billboard in the OUTFIELD CORNER. It reads “Jeff Knurek…10 Years, 4180 Cartoons” and features a picture of Jeff. Wow…Congrats, Jeff! That’s some RUN! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And get ready…It’s almost here…”PLAY BALL“! Music to my ears…⚾️🙋🏻





23 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/03/2018

    • LOL…Good Morning, Caro…Why, you interested? Let’s not go there, ok, Big Guy…season hasn’t even started…Glad you’re DUGOUT…😂 Hope you have a great day, too, Caro! ⚾️🙋🏻


  1. When the PIGLET fell into a BUNKER, it took an AGILE farmer to rescue her and prove FRAUD against the animal rescue people.
    Clue words were easy, solution took me forever– had to leave it and come back twice!
    Thanks for all the details Angela, I would never have seen them and that would be sad because of JEFF’s outstanding longevity and creativity in the last 10 years. Superb work.
    I’ll just congratulate you Angela on your daily postings–always original and appropriate. Off to solve all kinds of tech problems—😝 🤔 📱 🖥 ⏳

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    • Good morning, Earl, you’re quite welcome. And..Thank you for the kind shout out! Love your sentence, and the use of Bunker, It gave me a slight pause before I CAUGHT an idea for it. Good luck with your tech issues…Hope you don’t get SHUT OUT! ⚾️🙋🏻


  2. Piglet was a little problematic.Moving on to the puzzle solution,bargain price came to mind,but absent an N or a G,that wouldn’t work.But when “ballpark” popped into mind,the solution was a snap.Enjoy the weekend.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck! I probably should have proposed that Piglet possibly could provide a pittance of a problem…I forgot! But Chuck? Thinking bargain price? Uh, any chance I can get the name of YOUR financial advisor? 😂 Always a pleasure, Sir! And a good weekend to you too! ⚾️🙋🏻


  3. No blind solve, but at least I GOT the solve today! CWs were easy, again.

    Can’t wait for opening day in Seattle. I’ll be there with both of my sons for an extended weekend of fun.

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  4. Good morning. This week has been very problematic for me. My heads way up there in the clouds as opposed to below. I had difficulty every day unlike the fabulous queen of puns. Had very little trouble with the words but going back and forth to the cartoon didn’t help me one bit. Why is it when you look at the answer, you’re shaking your head in disbelief? Should have had it! Was not that hard. Finished beating myself up. Great post Angela. Perfect choice for the song. Guess you were happy with the Yankees walk-off home run to win the game even though it was an exhibition game. Real nice job as usual. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Brooklyn! There you are! It’s about time..I was very worried about you! I wasn’t letting today go by. I was intending to track you down…Paul, so what if you had some problems with the words? It’s all a game. Beat yourself up? No way…This should be fun, nothing else…
      Thanks so much for your kind words, you’re a regular Sweetheart..❤️ As for the game? Nice…But I’m also concerned about the Mets injuries already…Jeez, we haven’t even started yet! And this thing with Syndergaard’s attitude, way too early to get this heated up…Plus I’m heartbroken 💔 over Rusty. A lot of mixed emotions…Glad you’re here. I’m going to be waiting for you in the morning…Talk to you later, Bud! ⚾️🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Got the words, had to write out the letters and then saw the answer.

    $800 million for the team and the park? Isn’t that what the Yankees pay for one player? (*Slight* exaggeration).

    I like the Snidely Whiplash mustache on the seller. If Jeff was older I’d think he was paying tribute to Rollie Fingers. (My friend wanted the A’s to trade for the Cubs’ pitcher Billy so that we’d have a team with Fingers and Hands. To which my wife added “and Armas!” (Tony in right field) ).

    What I really wish Jeff would draw though, is the back of his own baseball card. Now that, I’d love to see!
    Happy weekend, everyone.

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    • Grasshopper: My email is so screwed up…All the comments came in at once, and with two emails for each one…I’m almost on the DL! I didn’t realize yours CAME IN FIRST.!!
      Imagine what a FIELD day the press would have had with that ROSTER! 😂 The possibilities are endless! I’d have loved to have done the PR for that! 😉 So, Jeff has a Baseball card? Do you know something I don’t? Is it a TOPPS??? And let’s face it…With the prices we’ve seen lately, anything’s possible…(It was an older Stadium, though)! 😉 See ya on deck, Bud! 🙋🏻


  6. Hi, all! Well, I learned again today to pay close attention to every word in the dialog and cartoon sentence because even the simplest word can give the answer. Today they gave us that helpful word twice and I noticed it but didn’t put it to work in my mind for the solution. After swirling 14 scrabble tiles a few times, I had the answer, but only then did I shake my head and say, “Of course! The cost was “about,” which made it a BALLPARK FIGURE.” Shouda paid attention to the word “about.”

    No news is good news. We are both well & sassy. Hope y’all are, too!

    Thanks, Steve, for the ice hockey game time today.

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    • Hi Lelia – A little more info; weather could be a problem:
      “Big wind: Not great timing with challenging weather hitting the Eastern seaboard this weekend when the Maple Leafs and Capitals are scheduled to meet outside on the campus of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. While the area is sustaining 70 mph gusts, the winds are expected to die down to around 16 mph for the puck drop on Saturday night.”


  7. Angela, Yes indeed I was STYmied by Piglet and there’s no excuse. Did you know that National Pig Day is March 1? My sister collects pigs so I send her a card with a pig on it every year. This year I also sent her a little figure of a three-legged pig which is supposed to bring good luck. Who knew?? 🐷

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    • ROTFL…Yes you were! I have the National Day Calendar. So I look every morning to see if it’s anything exciting. And I was mentioning it for a while if you remember. But then I sent Paul the link one day, and he started doing it, and I’d never “steal his thunder” as we say in Brooklyn. I saw it the other day, but since I’m not a pig aficionado, well…LOL..
      The 3-legged pig thing I knew about. A South American custom I think. They call them chanchito, if I’m spelling it right. I think it’s adorable that you and your sister share that tradition! How wonderful! I envy you having a sister…I grew up with a zillion girl cousins, most of is all close in age, but no sister of my own. You’re blessed…And now with the 3-legged pig in the mix? You’ll both have SOW much more! Have a great day, Betty. You made me smile…🐷🐷🙋🏻


      • Angela, never knew you sent me a link. I just repeat it to you guys when I hear it on TV. With all your knowledge, you probably could give us the drink for the day. I wonder if there’s an app for that.

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      • Hey Brooklyn! There’s probably an app that’ll actually mix the drink for you! LOL..And there is a Drink of the Day, and a calendar for it also! Here, I’m resending the link to you. I wondered why some days you said something and some you didn’t. Like me with the pigs, I figured you were just choosy! LOL..I don’t have the Drink one bookmarked, but I’ll get it for you if you’d like..

        How’d you do out there with the storm? My cousins out there are all away on vacation…They dodged the bullet…Lots of power failures out here, and trees down all over. The flooding goes without saying. My family out on Long Island got hit too…You know I definitely missed you these past few days, Bud, …and I was serious about tracking you down! 😉 Thanks for the shout out…Save the calendar to your “Favorites” and enjoy! 🍸🍷🙋🏻


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