Jumble Answers for 02/18/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!       🚮  ANOTHER ONE FIGHTS THE DUST….🚮

🎶Take this JOB  and shove it…I ain’t WORKING here no more. My woman done left and took all the reasons I was WORKING for….You better not try to stand in my way, ’cause I’m walkin’ out the door…Take this JOB and shove it…I ain’t WORKING here no more….🎶

🚮🚮 Negotiations can be tough, demands need to be met
And to run SMOOTHly one must send the best that they can get
To sit down at the table, and fight for what they need
And if need be RUFFLE some feathers…all without the greed.
There has to be some WIGGLE room, one needs to possess tact
Whoever ENGINEers the talks must definitely know the facts.
Some talks go on for hours, and DROWSY one may get
Relentlessness is PEPPERed with a persistent mind set…
But trying to agree on things, determining the norms,
May sometimes call for nothing less than new SWEEPING REFORMS! 🚮🚮

Today’s anagrams simply SWEPT me off my feet! The words weren’t new to us, but that collection of consonants were enough to make ones eyes cross! Very well done! And what was up with WORDSY? Show of hands…Who was happy just to leave it as is??? Ok, our cartoon. Today Jeff’s taken us to a basement. We see five JANITORS, discussing their WORKING conditions. They’re not happy. SALARIES and BENEFITS are not enough. They need new MATERIALS...Like the old Janitor joke…”What does a Janitor say when he jumps out of his closet”? “SUPPLIES! SUPPLIES”!! Well, same thing here. They need Supplies…(and I need new Material, huh)?? Ahem…Anyway, they need MOPS, and BROOMS…to SWEEP. They need CHANGES! The dialogue, the question? They’re asking for…SWEEPING REFORMS!! Really good one, Dave! You’ve definitely CLEANED UP today! Ok, eye candy…Not much here, this puzzle wasn’t really MAID for eye candy. The bearded guys ear buds are cute..but they left me HANGING…I like the bonnet on the woman with the mop…but I want something WETTER…I’m going with the tiny little WATER FOUNTAIN on the wall in the background…Now that WHET my appetite! So, There you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Even though we’re all waiting for Baseball Season to start…CLEAN UP isn’t just batting Fourth…🚮🙋🏻



42 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/18/2018

  1. The slight RUFFLE in the otherwise SMOOTH ENGINE noise kept the DROWSY driver alert and last night’s garlic laced PEPPER steak caused him to WIGGLE in his seat from time to time.
    For a Sunday Jumble I was surprised at the ease at which I was able to unscramble the clue words and come up with the solution after writing out the circled letters.
    Angela, as always you provide us with clever word usage and provide insight into parts of the cartoon we may have overlooked. If I had to pick out one pun today, it would be your use of WHET. Well done.

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    • ROTFL…Good Morning, Earl! To use another Baseball metaphor, you’ve covered all the bases today with your sentence! Food, fun…and the aftermath to boot!!! I love it! Like you, I found today’s puzzle to be perfect! Great words, extremely clever solution…Just perfect!
      Thanks for the shout out…WHET is one of those words that just makes me smile…Glad it did the same for you! Have a great day, Sir! 🚮🙋🏻


  2. I agree,I thought wordsy was a word,but then saw drowsy as a solution.Sweeping was a given but thought the second word might be raises.Since that didn’t fit,reforms was soon to follow.I usually have more trouble w Sunday’s puzzle,but today’s words came to mind quickly,especially peppers w its 3 p’s.

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    • Good Morning, Chuck. Nice to see you here. Yes, WORDSY made me chuckle. More so, because my little nieces and nephews often get “frustrated” with me, because I’m always after them to learn phonics and words in general. I’m always making up games as we go along. One of them, the one that causes the most gray hairs, hit me with that one day. “Zia, you’re so WORDSY”! ROTFL…And we use it ever since…Today was a pretty easy puzzle for a Sunday. You’re the 5th person to tell me that so far this morning. I think it was a SWEEPING success! And agree with PEPPER also…P-P-P…Perfect anagram! Have a great day, Chuck! Ciao! 🚮🙋🏻


    • LOL…My God, do you ever rest? Good one, Big Guy! But, c’mon…the sun! I’m looking out the back doors, and waiting for it to melt on its own! You never cease to amaze me…
      Glad you’re enjoying it, but leave some for the sun…Have a great day, Caro! Ciao…🚮🙋🏻


      • Yes, I do know, but this early in the morning? Talk about an Early Bird! Exercise? You already gave up the Ice Cream! You’re going to wither away!! 😂😂….Take a break, and read about what the NY Daily News is calling the “BOONE SWOON”! LOL…Ah, 🎶Love is in the Air🎶….Ciao, Caro…⚾️🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Angela,you gave us an early bird special but I was unable to take advantage as I was in church. I reset my alarm last night from an early rise for Ash Wednesday and when it went off I fell back asleep. Something I rarely ever do. All I see is 20 to something and jump out of bed wash face brush hair get dressed and run out the door. I get inside church and its completely dark. Looked at my phone and realize it’s only 6:55. I just laughed can’t think of a better place to kill some time. You and Earl make Jumble very enjoyable. Look forward to see what you guys say and how the words are all used. Today’s puzzle was fairly easy. The only word that gave me a pause was the very first one. I went straight down the line with Smooth being the last. After writing down the letters Sweeping jumped out immediately. That’s because of the hint in the picture. The remaining letters gave us Reforms. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Paul! Yep, that’s me, the “Early Bird Special’ LOL…And you’re special too! You always have me smiling! Poor Baby, running around like a chicken without a head…(And yes, I do remember your story about the chickens)!!! But as you said, what better place…And today’s Gospel, about being out in the desert? .At least you weren’t wandering! 😉…So, I’m figuring you got your car back…Or did you literally “run” to Church???
      Thanks so much for the shout out, and I agree…Today’s puzzle was an easy one…no OVERTIME required! Have a great day, Brooklyn! Enjoy the sunshine! 🚮🙋🏻


      • Angela,that brand new car is my daughterinlaws. She got it back Friday. I walk to church come rain or shine,I need the exercise. I get a ride back from one of my friends from bocce. It was a fast walk not a run.


      • Hi Paul. Yes, you mentioned that. I just wasn’t sure if she got it back yet, so that you’d get yours. Walking is great exercise! Kudos to you for walking to Church! Fast or slow. I don’t drive, so I’m used to hoofing it. Nice day for walking today, right? 46 here and sunny!
        Hope you’re enjoying your day! Ciao, Brooklyn! 🙋🏻


  4. Hi, all! Today’s puzzle has not given me one second of trouble because Jerry has not brought the paper in yet. We are both worn out from yesterday. After dinner, our older daughter came over again to play games & snack until bedtime.

    The “great news” our granddaughter wanted to share at our Top Shelf dinner was that she is moving to Chicago to sell life insurance. Her mother and one of her sisters burst into tears. I told her if David has another Giant Jumble Event in Chicago I will come stay with her.

    Paper is in now. I hope the janitors are successful in having their demands met.
    See you tomorrow.


    • Hi Lelia. Wishing her all the best, and I know you hate to see her go. Be well, and I hope you have a restful day. See you tomorrow…🙋🏻


      • Hi, Angela! Thanks for hoping I had a restful day. That is exactly what I needed, and contrary to normal Lelia behavior, I did it. Some days when Jerry tells me to take it easy, I feel at though I can’t, my work NEEDS to be done, and that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but today I did it and the world kept spinning. Fancy that!


    • Hi Lelia – Sounds familiar. When I graduated, I left for a job in Chicago and I’m sure my mother’s reaction was the same when we got out of sight.
      I’d advise her to read up on the climate, but *nothing* but experiencing them can prepare a Californian or Southwesterner for the hot humid summers and brutal winters. (Maybe she’ll be back before you expect.) I grew up in Rhode Island, and *I* wasn’t prepared for their winters.


      • Hi, Steve! Having walked a mile to school & a mile home from ages 5 to 13 in the summer humidity & winter cold of Arkansas, I agree with you that my poor little “desert rat” granddaughter is NOT prepared. Thank you for your concern/sympathy/true statements.

        Your Tom Rush-Child’s Song made me cry!

        I agree with your thoughts about the janitor who wanted a raise & benefits because one new mop & one new broom are not exactly outrageous requests. Those should be a given.

        What a day. Slept until noon, back to bed after noon breakfast & quick comment, napped until a late lunch, back to bed until 4:00 for a plate of pasta & sauce, and finally back here. Great to hear from you. See you tomorrow.


      • I’m not surprised about that song – that’s the same effect it has on me! I like the loving, forgiving line “You will all be welcome in my home” and especially the wistful “I love you, but that hasn’t helped at all.” Brings a wry smile and shake of the head every time. Masterful songwriting (by Canadian Murray McLauchlan – Tom Rush covered and popularized the song.)


  5. Hi all – Not much to add, except that when they elect a union representative, I hope they pick the woman who wants a raise and benefits and not the ones who will settle for a new broom and mop. Having once actually been a janitor, I can sympathize.

    🎵”All muted and misty, so DROWSY now,
    I’ll take what sleep I can…”🎵

    Have a great Sunday, and I hope our janitors get tomorrow off, or at least triple-time-and-a-half.


    • Hey Steve…🎶…But I don’t know where I stand.🎶 Like the janitors! Keep in mind though…
      🎶Can’t clean the room, if you ain’t got that broom..Doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah…🎶 😂😂 ….TRIPLE time and a half? What union did you belong to?
      Have a good one, Grasshopper! Talk to you later! 🚮🙋🏻


      • As in a Monty Python sketch, “I’m inclined to guess”.. could it be “Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”? Never been in a union but these folks need one. All my extra time was unpaid. Later 🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Yes! Great song, right? LOL…Same here, never had a union. But Triple time and a half? That’s a whole lot of change!… I think I’ll pull out the song..it’s in my head now! Talk to you later..🎶🙋🏻


      • Today instead of “Picked up a pencil and wrote ‘I love you’ in my finest hand” it would be what? “Picked up my iPad and texted ‘I ❤️ you’, in my finest font..” 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • This opens a whole category:
        “I see you sent my letters back, and my LP records and they’re all scratched.”
        “My baby just wrote me a letter.”
        “I’ll send you all my dreams, every day in a letter..”
        “And then while I’m away, I’ll write home every day.”

        All need updating! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Listening to Shaq and Barkley go back and forth at the half…this by itself is worth the price of admission…Shaq kills me. That ring he’s wearing could be declared a weapon of mass destruction..! The music, Steve? No, we can’t mess with the classics…you know that…🎶Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane🎶 …gonna be in my head for the rest of the night now! 😉 Let ’em make all new music..What do we care, right? 🏀🙋🏻


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