Jumble Answers for 01/14/2018










Good Morning, Everyone!             🌭 Where’s the BEEF? 🌭

🎶You know life is too SHORT Lord to have sorrow, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You may be here today and I’m GONE, and I’m GONE ..And you may be GONE tomorrow…TELL it like it is…I’m nothing to PLAY with, go and find yourself a toy
But I… TELL it like it is…My TIME is too EXPENSIVE and I’m not your little boy…🎶

🏀🌭 I have to be quite honest, the first thing caught my eye?
The sign to DENOTE pricing…sure seems a little high…
The cartoon’s nice, it’s SCENIC, some players and some fans,
The food vendor, a SHREWD man he, and there’s his hired hand.
Somewhere must be a MASCOT, to represent this team
We see its not professional, young kids or so it seems…
The jerseys have ICONIC names, as Jeff is want to do
The Jumblers and The Scramblers are what come into view.
EXPANDing the pic further, is something out of reach?
No, not to fret, I got it now…it’s a CONCESSION SPEECH! 🌭🏀

Today I’m thinking SHREWD may be the Shrew word, with ICONIC a close second. All old favorites, but anagrammed anew. Ok, DRIBBLING over to our cartoon. We’re at what looks like a middle school Basketball game, after the final BUZZER. Looking for something to eat, a few people are gathered at the Concession Stand. First thought? Talk about HOGGING the Ball? We have a vendor here HOGGING them all! Check out those prices! HIGH, RIGHT? I mean, this is a neighborhood game…something seems a little FOUL. Anyway, we’ll let it PASS for now. So, having RUN out of Hot Dogs, the vendor figures he may have to DEFEND himself. Sure, the people are disapPOINTed, but there’s no BASKET cases here. No one’s RUNNING AWAY, or making a BRACKET…but he’s still looking to explain. Hmm. Ok, so leaving out the Hot Dogs, we have a 3-POINTER left…Burgers, Popcorn, and Nachos. One kid is TOTALly ok with it. The others, though, look like they’re COURT off GUARD…Our question asks..What did the vendor have to make, in light of there being no more BEEF? Well, he GOT BACK to CENTER stage, PIVOTed into POSITION, leaned FORWARD, BLOCKing his employees view, took THREE SECONDs to RULE out any INTERFERENCE, and said….”Ok, I’ve RUN out of Hot Dogs, even the little PICKs and ROLLs. You can see what else there is to eat, it’s POSTed UP on the wall. There’s no WING and a PRAYER, or SHOT in hell for me getting any more. I can’t TRAVEL to PICK any up, even if I made a FAST BREAK, and worked OVERTIME. They made a big SPLASH, they were the KEY selection, and I’ve PAINTed myself into a CORNER. MAN, if I could STRETCH FOUR more out for you, I would, but I’ve TURNED OVER every BOX OUT back, went UP and DOWN every aisle, and there’s none in my POSSESSION. So, all I can do is hope there’s no OFFENSE…and that’s it”. PHEW! That was some speech, huh? He really conceded that he blew it, didn’t he? The vendor…made a CONCESSION SPEECH! SLAM DUNK, Guys! DROP a DIME and FLOATER right out of here…Great, great pun! A DOUBLE BONUS! Ok, finally…eye candy. I’ve already mentioned the names on the jerseys, and the price BOARD. What’s LEFT? There’s the sign with the name..FULL COURT CAFE. No, REJECTED. I guess I’ll do a BYE candy again today...BYE BYEHot Dogs…I look FORWARD to seeing you next time…So, There you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! It’s been a LONG post! Definitely TIME to FADEAWAY…! 🏀🙋🏻


25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/14/2018

    • Good Morning, Big Guy. LOL..(Fixed)!
      Yea, I was on a ROLL! A little too much of one!
      You got two good ones in there…Thank you, Caro. I hope you have a good day, too. 🌭🙋🏻


  1. It was SHREWD of the VENDOR at the football stadium to EXPAND his inventory and include an ICONIC MASCOT and denote it a member of the SCIENCE department.
    Hate it when the first word won’t come but then I realised it was one of those words I despise and whenever I hear it, cringe—way too overused and used incorrectly. But that’s just a rant from a lingual purist, right?
    The other words were a breeze but the solution took me longer than usual. Had to take a break, write the letters out three or four different ways before CONCESSION became apparent. Clever cartoon and clever solution. Angela, I also looked at the prices and thought—WOW, where in the world are we? NYC? But then I thought I noticed a small NBA somewhere on the menu, right? That might explain such exorbitant prices for a hot dog/hamburger? I’ll leave any attempt at puns to the bunmaster—ooops pun master and stare amazed and relish her sparkling array.
    Have a wonderful Sunday everyone—an appropriate weather comment–SUN, Yeah.

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    • Good…Wait For It…Afternoon, Earl! Almost made it under the wire. So close..but no cigar!
      I do agree. Iconic like so many other of our words, has been beaten like a dead horse. And if I’m not mistaken, the last time Dave graced us with its presence, you said the same! Your rant is justified, although I personally don’t share your sentiment as to its use. Being a big sports fan, I see it a lot, and now I just shake it off. There’s so much more buried in the Sports Pages to give me angst! Although, I will admit, when I used it this morning I knew I was overPLAYing my hand…but I had to fit it in there somehow! The solution. I’m wondering if anyone noticed that the letters spelled out CHOICE. It was a rational option for the 6 letter second word…I’m curious to see if anyone else shares my thoughts. Earl, I don’t see any NBA wording. And in actuality, Jeff really couldn’t with the team’s featuring children, and going by the names of the Jumblers and Scramblers. Maybe I should rephrase. Jeff really wouldn’t push the envelope like that…Uh, Let me rephrase…Jeff can do anything he pleases…I just don’t see it! 😂 So as for the pricing, I’m SMH, because it sure does seems steep for a neighborhood school game. But who knows. Maybe it’s done for team fund raising, and I may have been a little too hard on the guy…
      And in conclusion…PHEW! Once again! …( I seem to be War and Peacing today, huh)?!!!…
      I laughed at the Bun Master! Why not? I’ve been called much worse! (Why just this morning, in fact…It hasn’t been the best start of a day …What is it lately with these Sunday’s? I seem to find myself embroiled in conflict every Sunday.)..But I accept the Title gratefully. And you’ll notice there aren’t any puns in this SPEECH, I left them all up there on the COURT! ( Hmm. Once again..Close but no cigar…)! Thank you Kind Sir. Today, I gave it one of my best SHOTS! Have a great day, Earl…🌭🙋🏻
      PS: You’ll note the time stamp…Just a little more conflict! 😂 It’s soooo not my day!


      • First of all, I was not criticizing you for using ICONIC in your post. I used it in my sentence for the same reason– it was one of the scrambled words. It’s just one of THOSE words that pushes my buttons.
        Next, If the six letter word in the solution was CHOICE what would the ten letter word be? I’ll have to find the scrap of paper I used to write all those letters down—but to answer your question, no I did not see it, thanks for pointing it out.
        Now let me ask you if you saw my pun or play on words with “relish” after I said I would not try to out pun you?
        I’ll also go back on line to see what I misread as NBA
        Back in your court ✨😏 🏸


      • Earl,. My “first” thought as I began reading this was “Uh oh”. It’s been my experience that when someone begins a conversation with “First of all”….RUN! It usually means that they’ve done research, prepared data, are out to destroy me! And you did come bearing data! I never meant to suggest that you were criticizing me. Not at all. If I came across that way, I apologize. This is what I dislike about “speaking in print” The lack of inflection is lethal. And too often can be taken so wrong. Be assured, that wasn’t my intent, and I’m sorry if I offended you. The mention of CHOICE was just me musing. I finish the puzzle so quickly, that I tend to “play” with the letters. It was just a thought. There would be nothing to do with the remaining 10 letters…I was just killing time, because as I was doing so, I was thinking of “killing” someone who was texting me, and doing the same thing as this! Misunderstanding me…Only he went way past the “First of all”…As I said, obviously just not my day today with “words and men”. I was just making an observation, Earl, nothing more. As for your RELISH? Sadly and apologetically, no, I didn’t pick up on it. And it’s a good one, too. And as for the ball being in my court…I think today, it’s best if I just forfeit the game…Hope we’re ok. Ciao…🙋🏻


  2. Hi, all! Busy week ahead for us. Monday blood draws for Jerry’s Wed. cystoscopy. This time surgeon will do a LOT of scraping to confirm no residual cancer.

    Christmas clean-up got me down to the lowest I have ever been, 100 pounds, so I am hoping to take good care of Jerry without losing any more weight. Steve told me to “Try not to overdo it” and “get some good rest” and I thought I did but evidently not.

    At first I was so horrified thinking about trying to come back from only 100 lbs,, I was ready to give up, but cheerful words from Steve, Mike, and all of you got me back on track. Thank you for helping me keep my chin up.


    • Hi, Steve! Now you know why I sounded so morose last week but was not ready to talk about it. I apologize.

      After Michelangelo’s David as part of our jigsaw puzzle Jumble, I wrote a short 4-line Gulp/Post rhyme to leave for you on IOW but couldn’t find IOW. You told me to go ahead and post Gulp Posts to give you a laugh. It entertained me to write it:

      David, put some clothes on, please, so we can go to town.
      You may wear a pair of jeans and I will wear a gown.
      ‘Twill be nice to dine tonight with such a handsome dude,
      But some would stare persistently if you were in the nude.

      Wow! Close game! Sharks/Coyotes 6/5. Congrats!

      I hope you and your wife have a happy week together as our weather stays nippy and your dips down into the 50’s.

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      • Hi, Angela! Thank you for your prayers that all will work out fine!! Jerry & I are ready for this to be over with!!
        After I posted, younger daughter called to say that she was coming over to take us to lunch & then show us her brand new house that she purchased yesterday. Fun!!


  3. Like Earl, I was frustrated when I couldn’t get the first word, iconic. That one seems to trip me up every time it appears. Fortunately I was able to get the other words without problem and figured out the answer so all in all it was a good solve today. Happy Sunday everyone.


    • Hey Betty I think there were also numerous feelings of frustration the last time Iconic appeared. It just looks so strange. Glad you stuck with it! Happy Sunday to you too! 🌭🏀🙋🏻


  4. Angela–I went back to the cartoon on line and YES you were right—no NBA anywhere. Why did I even doubt you? But I did notice something that I had not seen earlier—–the vendor or owner is standing on a platform—hint that “speech” was part of the solution? These guys are amazing in their attention to detail.

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    • Earl. I have comments coming in fast and furiously. And seemingly all at once. Mike and I receive two emails for every comment made here, so you can imagine how one is hit with a lot of mail. Just as I finished my reply to your last email, I now see this one. This day can’t end soon enough, trust me. My Father always said that 9 out of 10, if something starts off totally on the wrong foot, stands to reason you’re only going downhill from there…And so far today, Daddy preach! Your saying why did you doubt me is so not necessary. I didn’t take it that way. Again, inflection…How crazy is this, that we’re bandying back and forth over a foolish cartoon? I feel so…I don’t even know the right word. Again, if I upset you, it wasn’t intentional, and I trust you know that I’m okay with your thoughts also. As for the “soap box”, I wanted to make the connection this morning of both the vendor and I being on one…but as I said earlier, I was distracted to the point that I just wanted to get it over with, and I completely failed to mention it. Good eye on your end. And yes, Jeff’s details are amazing, but it’s still all a cartoon. Not worth all this angst, don’t you think? Be well. 🙋🏻


      • My “why did I doubt you”. Was meant as a compliment to you and a gentle chide to me that I am not always right. All this just just substantiates what you said about this form of communicating. And with that, I’ll sign off and concentrate on the NFL 🏈 🍎 😒

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      • And I took it as such. And I thank you for it. It was just humbling. And none of us are always right. ‘Nuff said. Putting it all to bed…We’re good, Earl. 😘
        GO STEELERS! 🏈🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – Whenever I see IC in a word I try it at the end. Worked twice today, and the last pair of glasses I got was from an online site called “Eyeconic.” Then the SH trick worked for SHREWD. MASCOT took me the longest. Had to write out the letters to get the great pun.

    I thought it was a pro basketball game, so I just noted that it was interesting that the prices seemed correct for these days. You know I always tease my wife for thinking that ice cream cones are 35¢ and the ‘80’s were ten years ago.

    Lelia, you did give me a good laugh. You sounded tired and I figured you were resting up. I think my wife hit 91 lb a couple of years ago, but she recovered.
    Most hockey coaches, and especially the Sharks’ Peter DeBoer love defense and low scores, so I’m sure they were horrified by last night’s game, but it sure was fun, unpredictable and exciting. They’re in Glendale Tuesday, maybe record it.


    • Hey Grasshopper. The IC trICk is a good one! 😂 Whatever works! Pro game? I guess you didn’t ZOOM in on the jerseys to see the Team names. And even though it seems like these players ARE getting younger and younger…FRANKly, I don’t think they’re DRAFTing them this young. At least not yet! Although you never know… 😂
      The pun was great, and today we had a lot of clues to go on. Great effort on the part of both the Jumble Guys! Talk to you later. 🌭🙋🏻


  6. Good afternoon. I had a devil of a time getting the words. They came in this order from 1-6. 2,3,5,4,6 and 1. After I finally got the 5th word mascot,I was shaking my head in disbelief as to why that was the hardest one for me. Between the words and the cartoon I had to go back and forth about four times. Had no clue on the cartoon. Knowing the answer and seeing the boss on a box,I’d say that was the hint. But not enough for this old boy. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Brooklyn, What’s the good word? Or words? Veni, Vidi, Vici!? Ok, maybe not so much the Vici, but what the hay! You gave it that old Brooklyn try, and there ‘ain’t nothing better than that! The words were a bit challenging today, don’t be so hard on yourself, no harm no FOUL! Key to the whole thing was..it was a CONCESSION stand…Great pun, really. And the “Friends, Romans, Sportsmen…” approach was a good clue too…Tell the truth. Once it’s over, you want to slap yourself on the forehead with a …”I coulda had a V8″, right? 😂
      Take care. Have a great day, Bud!


  7. Denote was the hardest for me followed by scenic. I backed into both. With the letters I had, I saw speech right away and concession soon followed.
    Lelia, wishing you and Jerry the best.


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