Jumble Answers for 01/07/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!         👐🏻 “ON THE OTHER HAND….” 👐🏻

🎶Lie beside me on the sand, put some lotion in your hand, Come on and make me feel nice, N’ Kiss me once or twice. Say you love me again…And RUB it in, RUB it in…RUB it in, RUB it in. I feel the tingle begin, you’re gettin’ under my skin…RUB it in, RUB it in…🎶

👐🏻👐🏻Who doesn’t love the pampering that comes with gentle hands
Massages are amazing things that make one feel so grand.
Relaxing on a table, some lotion with a SPLASH
I usually can fall asleep as quickly as a dash.
I leave behind the HECTIC pace, just block it from my VISION,
As a masseuse ENGAGEs into it with such precision.
I feel my body drain of stress, no EFFORT does it take
Transported to UTOPIA…until time to awake…
I leave there swearing to reform, to stop the crazy rushes,
I try to make it last as long as those sweet FINISHING TOUCHES.👐🏻👐🏻

Sunday words. Great anagrams, nothing to RUB us the wrong way. Maybe Hectic caused you a slight tic. On to our cartoon. Today Jeff gives us a MASSAGE parlor. Thank God, it’s a table, and not a stable! I was so worried we’d be back on that Farm, and ROLFING could be worse! The Masseuse  is asking her client how she’s feeling, stating that they’re almost DONE. The client saying…..”I have to HAND it to you, you…OH YEA, RIGHT THERE...”! Well, not verbatim, but you get my drift. C’mon, it was HUMERUS! It’s obvious from the dialogue and the look on the clients face, that she came to the right place. Definitely a site for sore THIGHS. The puzzle reminded me of an experience I had with massage therapy a while ago. I was going every week, for this PAIN in my NECK. “KNOT a problem” they told me…”We’ll get rid of that for you…” But it was still there. And then it dawned on me, that I was leaving him at home…Turned out the guy was just a REIKI KNEADED to go for me TIBIA ok. He was just a real MASSAGEonist. Just a little past TENSE story. But, I diSTRESS. Anyway, the MASSAGE here today, is that with all the PRESSURE we have in our lives, it pays to get a MASSAGE once in awhile. Back, neck, etc. Just be sure to pick a reputable place. Especially for Toes. Yes, toes. Be careful there. My friends recommended a place called “Five Toes”, but I had a feeling something was A FOOT, so I didn’t go in. Beware of the Peer PRESSURE. Ok, the solution… Our question states that the MASSAGE will soon be OVER after some…FINISHING TOUCHES! Very cute , Guys! Actually, today it might even be called a HANDsome finish! So, eye candy. Again today, there’s KNOT much in the graphic. A little Cactus plant, and one of those Waterfall sound machines. But I’m choosing the women today. Both blonde, and the only one wearing clothes is in purple. KNEAD I say more?
So, There you have it Folks, Done!   Have a great day, Everyone…                                 And just a a final thought…A lot has been going on today with harassment in the workplace. Any man who TOUCHES a woman’s leg, is guilty of MASSAGE a KNEE, and any woman who does the same to a man, is KNOT playing fair either. I don’t know what we’ll KNEAD to do to work the KINKS out, but we definitely KNEAD some kind of rules…👐🏻🙋🏻


26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/07/2018

      • Hi Chuck: How’re you doing? See, here’s the RUB! How many times in your life do you figure you’ve seen the word Utopia in print? It’s very seldom used. You can’t let it get to you. And you were on the right track with Touch…and ING for that matter, so I’d say you done good! And it definitely was a bit of a challenge today. Hope to see you tomorrow. Be welll. 🙋🏻


    • Good Morning, Moose. Key word being FREEZE! It’s sooooo bad!
      These weren’t the easiest solves today, nothing to STRESS over.
      Good thing the Bills aren’t playing at home today, right? Wind chill supposed to clock in at -25 -30°..Insane!…At least it’s 35° degrees in Jacksonville! Imagine? Jacksonville Florida, at 35°! How crazy is all this? Please be careful if you go out there! 🙋🏻


  1. Morning, everyone –
    Hectic and utopia were a little harder for me but I remembered seeing utopia before. I first tried to find answer words ending in ion, and when that didn’t work, I looked for words ending in ing.
    Very cold here, too, but luckily we haven’t had much snow to shovel.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Not the easiest puzzle today. The anagrams were masterfully done IMO. The ion-ing is a good strategy, and it worked. I thought Touches immediately, and I knew there had to be a reason all three words, Done, Over and End were mentioned. Too much redundancy. Very good puzzle all around. Perfect fare for a Sunday!
      Good thing we’re forecasted 30°+ in a few days, or our snow would probably be here until next month. We may be getting more this week too. YIKES!
      Stay warm, and have a great day! 💨💨🙋🏻


  2. In a HECTIC EFFORT to reach UTOPIA, his VISION was focused and the SPLASH of a waterfall only served to ENGAGE his determination to a higher level.
    The only clue word to slow me down was hectic–could not get beyond the “ch” combination so common in English words, and then I wanted a double C and that did not work–finally got HECTIC. The solution took quite a while—-words with so many letters always give me problems. Guess I want everything to be simple and easy.
    Angela you can have as many massages as you like, whenever you please. I’ll gladly let you have my quota from now to eternity. “Nuff” said??
    Sunshine up here, even though it is below 0, it is beautiful and there is supposed to be a warming trend this week. Lovely.

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    • Not only did it trip up our CH trick, but also the TH trick, both at the beginning or end of the word, before I stumbled on IC at the end. Right, Earl, have that New York team show the Jersey Meadowlands boys how it’s done! (I haven’t looked yet, and I’m afraid to.)


      • Let’s not go crazy now, Steve. We NYer’s stick together. We’re all rooting for Buffalo, nothing to be shown! And with the Jags coming into this game favored by 8, I’d say as of the first half, the Bills are doing just fine. ..Don’t be afraid to look…😂🏈🙋🏻


      • Thanks Steve and Angela for all the support for the beleaguered Bills. Quite often we upstaters feel like orphans when it comes to sports. Just watched the Bills QB get hurt and the Jags intercept a Bills pass. I guess getting your heart broken is just part of watching a play-off game. 😢 😔

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      • Hey Earl. It stings! I was wayyyy Buffalo. And Moose is in your corner too. NY was in the house…Take it from a Mets fan…Wait’ll next year…Hope you enjoy the rest of the day…🏈🙋🏻


  3. Good Morning, Earl. I did suspect that Hectic would cause a tic. Mainly because of the way it was anagrammed. Never considered the “ch” angle, which is a very good point. A challenge is good though once in a while. Keeps you on your toes! I’m laughing at your offer of the massages! Would it be that easy, I’d gladly take them! I think it’s more of a woman’s thing. None of my male friends indulge, and they tell me that I’m wasting my money, because I’m just as wired when I come out, so who knows?! 😂😂 I’m curious as to where your boy is headed…the imagination runs wild! 😉 Good imagery! We’re enjoying the same beautiful sun here…from indoors! Never thought I’d be begging for 30°! Have a great day, Kind Sir! 🙋🏻


    • I’ll leave my imaginary seeker of Shangra-la’s destination a mystery. If it were me this cold January? Perhaps a quiet beach in the Caribbean or even more tempting, the Comoros.
      Forgot to hope that the one truly New York NFL team does well today. Giants and Jets fans, please, take my bab with good grace and root for Upstate NY!

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      • Ah, Enchanting AND mysterious! A lethal combination! Comoros, you may very well be the only one who’s been..Earl, read my posts to Moose. We got your back! Heavy on the Bills today! NY is NY! Good Luck to us all! Enjoy the game! 🏈 🙋🏻


  4. Good afternoon. Took me forever to get the words. The last two took over two hours to finally solve. As to the cartoon,I gave up. I was jumping back and forth between the last two words and the cartoon that when finally got them I just had enough. I had trouble with six letters let alone nine and seven. When I started to read Angela’s intro I thought it was maybe a porn magazine. Lol. You and Earl are interesting to say the least. Never cease to amaze me. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Paul, You know you kill me! ROTFL. And how, my Good Man would one know about said porn magazine to compare it to?? I think there’s a lot more to Paul than meets the eye! You, Bud are ❤️ one in a million! I’m still laughing! 🎶Rub It In🎶 Is a good ole country tune…That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! If you read thru the comments, you’ll see that those last 2 words slowed almost everyone down today. So, don’t READ too much into it! In fact, don’t READ at all…Just look at the pictures!!! Or is it the other way around???? 😂😂😂 I may milk this one for a while!!! You gave me my best laugh all week, Brooklyn! Have a great day, my Friend! 🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! First 4 clue words came immediately but not the last 2 words or the cartoon answer. I was scolded by my mother over & over for saying, “I’m done,” upon FINISHING eating a meal so I should have had “finishing” in a flash. Sorry, mom.

    I have still not recovered from Christmas & New Year’s company cleanup so will keep resting/sleeping until I have FINISHED getting back to having some energy.

    High temp expected today is a very dry 76 with a few sprinkles expected Tuesday here in Phoenix. Warm wishes to those of you on the east coast!!

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  6. Hi all – Nice to have a bit of a challenge today. ANGELA became ENGAGE, FORFET became EFFORT, and my hardest word “Is this U PATIO?” became UTOPIA. I knew the answer had to include ING, but it took a couple of minutes to see it.

    The hands were featured so prominently today that I realized who these people must be descended from — the old baseball hall of fame pitcher “Three-Finger Mordecai Brown.”
    Have a great day everyone. I hear there’s rain coming for us and a warmup for you.


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    • Grasshopper, you trying to throw us a Curveball with Three-Finger? 😂 I was always so impressed with his story, that when I was a kid, I tried taping 2 of my fingers down in an EFFORT to get a curve on my throw….Between that and being a leftie, suffice to say I never made pitcher! But there was a lot of SMH… 😂…even back then!
      Hope you get your rain…Talk to you later! ⚾️🙋🏻


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