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Good Morning, Everyone!           🌽 EAR we go again! 🌽

🎶 EAR I go again, I hear those trumpets blow again, all aglow again…
Taking a chance on love. EAR I slide again, about to take that ride again,
Starry eyed again… Taking a chance on love..🎶

🌽🌽 You know I’m very VOCAL, I talk a mean blue streak
So you know I’m going to ask…Dave, two days in one week?
And last week we did two days too, I FONDLY can recall
What is it with this Farm Fetish, Dave would you tell us all?
I’m not known as a HAGGLEr, not one to make a scene,
But all these RURAL puzzles? Just what could all this mean?
Whatever is the reason, today we’re doing Corn
I’m looking at two Corn Farmers, this cold and early morn.
I’ll give you a quick lesson, from bottom to the top
There’s roots and stalks and ears and husks, all parts of this corn crop
Then silk and leaves and at the crown, tassels…Oh, what a thrill…
Now we all know this Corny stuff…now you have AN EARFUL! 🌽🌽

Ok, I’m CORNvinced somethings going on…But whatever it is, I’ve a COB to do here, so…Today’s words, nothing new, but Haggle may have you haggling…On to our cartoon. As I said above, I’m a little aMAIZEd that we’re still on the Farm. Ok, it’s not animals today, but MEALIE, Guys? It’s getting a little EARie, no? Whatever. Jeff’s giving us two Farmers, in a CORNFIELD, haggling over some Corn. Actually, it looks like they’re dueling, doesn’t it? On LARD? Maybe we have the retired KERNEL PONE, and his nemesis, LieutenDENT NUBBIN. (Humor me, Folks, I’m up to my EARS with this CORN). So they’ve carried their old desire to CREAM one another back to the Farm. Personally, I think they’re both FLAKES, really, but what do I SOW? You know I’m from Brooklyn, and this is all CROP to me. But I might as well make it a little intEAResting, no? Oh, No? Alright, SHUCKS, I’ll just CAN it. Anyway, one Farmer takes ofFENCE, and he gives the other…”AN EARFUL”!  Boom! Pass the butter, they’ve SLIPped us a SWEET One! Good COB, Guys! Ok, the eye candy. Really not much to STALK about. I don’t think OIL PICK anything today. MAIZEy another time…

So, There you have it Folks, Done!!
Have a great day, Everyone! And EARS looking at you, Kid! 🌽🙋🏻


28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/06/2018

  1. Snap….We in Indiana are considered to be in the CORN belt. In California one can find Carmel by the sea, with a long L, I live in Carmel by the CORN with a short L. Hoosier Humor, say that 3 times out loud! Another 5 star Angela.

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      • ❤️Moose, it’s sooo cold. We’re at 6°, with the wind chill at 2 below. Sprayed WD-40 in all the keyholes…I could hardly get the key to turn this morning…Be careful if you go out…💨❄️🙋🏻


  2. In RURAL areas most are not overly VOCAL unless they FONDLY HAGGLE over the prices and value of their crops.
    No difficulty with the clue words or the solution—blind solve this morning. Perhaps this cold weather kicks my mental faculties into a higher gear?
    Little to say about your post Angela—spot on as usual. I recall mentioning the absence of “silk” in your litany of corn flakes—which I would rather have than the snow flakes I see out my window.

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    • LOL…I wondered if you’d remember! I did. And I thought of you while I wrote this morning, and smiled! That’s why I tried listing them all this time. Hope I sucSEEDed….Thanks for the shout out. As always, I love your sentence, and your mental faculties do fine, no matter what the temperature. Just be careful not to step on those CORN FLAKES…You’ll end up a CEREAL killer… Enjoy the day. Stay warm…🌽🙋🏻


  3. Good morning and the puns keep coming. Earl,your the cream in the corn and Angela is the mistress to the kernel. Sorry,just slipped out. Today’s puzzle was a charm with “rural” being the last word to get. The cartoon answer was swirling around in my brain until I thought of “ear” which put everything together. I tried to grow corn in the backyard when I was s kid but only got the high stalks with no corn. Found out later that you have to have at least two rows for cross -pollination otherwise you never get corn. Until tomorrow stay well. Oh,got in through the back door today for the blog.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. LOL…You keep me laughing! Be assured, I have no problem being tied to the KERNEL, he’s very SWEET! And I’m glad you stuck with the puzzle and didn’t just SHUCK it off! As for that agricuitural endeavor? Too CORNfusing for me! Unfortunately, anything past tomatoes and basil, I’ve got a Green DUMB! I’ll let Earl FIELD the CORN…
      And Paul, I’m always ROOTing for you! Have a great day, Brooklyn! 🌽🙋🏻


  4. Hi, all! No trouble with the first 3 words or the cartoon answer but had to back into HAGGLE.

    Enjoyed our Christmas company but worked too hard cleaning up so had to stay in
    bed for 2 days to get rid of the tired feeling and get my strength back.

    More sympathy to you east coasters. Phoenix today, 75 degrees with nothing below 66 all week. We have 2 spare bedrooms, ready for guests.

    Steve, IOW.


  5. Hi all – Easy solve today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ear of corn brandished in anger, but these two look like they’re going to start FENCING any minute.
    Of course we have seen dangerous fruit, but we’ve been well trained to handle that by Monty Python’s “Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit”:
    (Passion fruit, oranges, apples, grapefruit (whole *and* segments), pomegranates, greengages, grapes, lemons, plums, mangoes in syrup, and cherries, red *and* black. Now on to the banana!)

    Um.. where was I again? Oh, I remember, I wasn’t anywhere, except to wish you well and to note that the Weather Channel says that warmer weather is on the way, relatively speaking of course.

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  6. Pardon me Angela, but a flight to Chattanooga? The only way to go is the Choo Choo on track 29. Leave the phone off, and you can finish a magazine by the time you get to Baltimore. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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    • LOL…You’re excused, BOY!
      🎶Dinner in the diner, nothing could be finer…
      Then to have your ham and eggs in Carolina)🎶 ✈️ 🚂🙋🏻


      • How can it be dinner in the dinner. I thought it would be dinner in the Dinah. Oh wait,she’s at the shore. Now I’m all confused.

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      • Hey Paul. LOL.😂 Good one! You mean you’re all CORNfused though, right? Isn’t that a great song? It’s been in my head all day! Finished up the Holiday celebrating, it’s been a longggggg two weeks.All the decorations come down trow. How you doing with this cold? It’s unreal…..💨💨💨 Get out those Powerball Tickets!!! Good luck! 🙋🏻


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