Jumble Answers for 01/05/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!        🐐 Here we GOAT again! 🐐

🎶How ya gonna keep ’em down on the FARM after they’ve seen Paree’?How ya gonna keep ’em away from Broadway?…Jazzin’ around and paintin’ the town? How ya gonna keep ’em away from harm, that’s a mystery. They’ll never want to see a rake or plow, and who the deuce can parleyvous a cow? How ya gonna keep ’em down on the FARM, after they’ve seen Paree’?🎶

🐐🐐 So we’re back at the FARM, and I can’t help but think
That a goat’s got Dave’s goat…Catch my drift? Wink, Wink…
Some obsession perhaps brings us here once again
Will we DECODE the mystery..Who, What, Where, When?
Nothing GLITZY to see, just an OUNCE of goat grain
Being spilt on the ground as the goat does exclaim..
That he’d rather some greens, maybe watching his weight,
So that it’ll be easier to fit through that gate?
I think what we see here is our Billy the Kid…
And he’s missing his Dad, who went off of the grid.
What a KNIFE to his heart the escape must have been!
So he’s raising his voice and he says with a grin…
That he got the call back, a career this goat’s got

So, how ARE we going to keep ’em down on the FARM? You know how it is. They start talking, and the next thing you know…they’re out that gate! Learning new words every day..Like ours today. Maybe Glitzy’s a new one, but the others we’ve been FED before. So, our cartoon. SOOEY! Oh, only pigs? What do I know, I’m from Brooklyn! BUTT, we’re back on the farm, and I have to say; for this city girl? This is a lot of BULL! Jeff’s showing us another FARMER in the QUELL, dealing with this animal insurgence! The goat’s giving him lip, and the chicken can’t hide her EGGScitement! The poor guy is practically knocked off his FEED! He thinks he’s on one of those hidden game shows, BUTT no; it’s just an eGOATistical animal saying, “MANURE standing in my WHEY…HOOF feels like eating this slop every day? I’m PASTURE simple WHEYS, and it’s time I’m HERD. So, ALPACA my bags, and I’m gone”! Well, maybe not in those EGGSact words, but you get my drift. Don’t worry, I GOAT this UDDER control, really. I just enjoy making up these BARN YARNS! Ok. So, the YOUNG GOAT…(Notice we’re reading it twice)? is saying,…”I KID YOU NOT”! Good one, Dave! Drop the FEED again, and pass the SALAD forks, we got a winner, winner, CHICKEN DINNER! Well, you know we’re not eating CROW. Or GOAT, for that matter! AnyWHEY, the eye candy. Not much to see….BUTT I think I’ll HORN in on the farmers SHOOS. He’s got little holes UDDER both of them. Great detail, Jeff! Kudos! Oh, you don’t see it? Tell you what. How about taking a look on-line? Yea, GOATEE it there, ok? So, There you gave it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! And don’t let anyone get your GOAT today. WOOL be better off giving them the CHICKEN anyway. HEN they could just CLUCK off…🐐 🙋🏻


24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/05/2018

  1. LOL…Good Morning, Big Guy! Good ones! And thank you so much! You’re KIDding me? You needed a little FARM AID? 😂 I was a little late getting out of the GATE this morning, but I finally made it THROUGH! Stay warm is becoming our battle cry, right? Double digits below zero? It’s enough to make a girl cry! Hope you have a great day. Take it easy with that snow removal, Don’t GOAT overdoing it! …🐐🙋🏻


      • So cold! I didn’t sleep in, I just went back after I read the Sports pages! Something new for me! But this weather is great for wrapping up under the blankets, right? Be careful out there! 🙋🏻


    • ROTFL! You do know where those 3 Dogs are meant to lie, right Hoosier? Somehow I just can’t see it!!! 😂 And just for the record…Ditto the CW’s were easy, or Ditto, Well done, Angela? Don’t do any FARM to ask…Stay warm, Harry. Enjoy seeing you here! 🐐🙋🏻


      • Harry, We’re on the same page! “Three dogs in bed with someone”. Means the same thing here in NY as it does everywhere else. But I meant it as a compliment! Think about it. This is a Family blog, you know I can’t spell it out! 😉 (That’s a winking emoji)! And I’d prefer the Brooklyn Bean Counter if I have a choice. I’m only transplanted out here. My ❤️ will always be there. So, we’re good right, Hoosier? 🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. The undercover agent after he decoded the message where the drop would be,used his knife to sample the ounce of narcotics hidden in the glitzy package. Thanks for the laugh Angela or where you flirting with the “wink wink”. You always come through. Until tomorrow stay well and warm.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Any day I can make you laugh is a good day for me! How’d you fare with the snow removal? I had a good laugh myself last night, because they spoke about the NYC rulings on the news. If the snow stops completely between 7AM, and 5PM, we’re required to have all our publicly used sidewalks cleaned within 4 hours. Between 5 and 8:59 PM, we get 14 hours. 9PM to 6:59 AM, we have to have it done by 11AM. Did you know all this? Do any of us??? 😂 So the reporter’s out on the streets of Brooklyn last night around 5:10, and he says something like, “Well the snow was clocked as completely stopped by 4:58, so you know what that means”! I died! I was telling one of my brothers who lives out on Long Island (who got hammered, by the way) and he was like…”That’s ridiculous! Are your streets all cleaned”? Of course not! Yet, they’re telling us to clean up our side walks! Only in NY, right Paul? We have to keep laughing! As for the winking…I’m always flirting. Gotta be honest and admit it. My Mother used to say I had a Character Flaw. My Dad told her she was wrong…that it’s a Character Draw!!! 😂 😂Either way, I’m guilty! What can I say? And your sentence? …Hmm. I’m going with you watch a lot of TV. No way you’d know about drugs and glitzy packaging… !!! 😂 Love it, and I think you’re going to tickle Earl. Stay warm, Brooklyn, and be careful out there with the shoveling. Be glad at least that you don’t have to move your car!
      Talk to you later! 😉🙋🏻


      • I did most of the shoveling yesterday. My son and daughterinlaw cleared my car last night so he could take mine to work in the morning only to have a neighbor parked in front of mine shovel some of his snow back on the cleared spot. Nothing like New York. I don’t think I ever heard of a neighbor on my block get a summons for not shoveling. At times they deserved it too.

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      • Hey Paul. I hear you. Happened all the time in Brookkyn. I hear about it happening here all the time too. We don’t have it on our block, per se, we have the driveways, and there’s ample parking here. But they even write about it in the SI paper after every storm. The shoveling and the fighting over the parking spaces. Some people are just ignorant. I don’t think I know anyone either that’s ever received a summons, but I never take the chance. It’d be just my luck! Glad your cars dug out. I think you’re good until Monday with the alternate side, right? That’s a blessing. With this weather, you don’t need to be out there circling the block. Sometimes we’d be 3-4 blocks away…Had to call a cab to get home….Be well, Brooklyn! ❄️💨🙋🏻


  3. Good one Paul. Not sure I should post my sentence after you have created an intriguing image.
    But since I composed this, I may as well:
    Unable to DECODE which KNIFE to use at the GLITZY dinner party, the debutante gulped over an OUNCE of cognac to calm her nerves—-it DID NOT work!
    Easy solve all round today–but not a BLIND one, had to write out the letters.
    For an urban lady, you did well with all the rural puns, Angela. Warmed my soul, if not my head and hands. Wind chill up here is -20 to-30 degrees—all schools closed and the lake effect snow is dumping fluffy flakes on some—fortunately not me.

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    • Good Morning, Earl! You’re running late today, same as me. It’s the weather! So cold, it’s hard to get the motor running! Literally…we had trouble getting the cars running this morning! 😂 So I see you’ve already addressed Paul’s literary offering. He done good, right? ‘Gotta watch out for those Brooklyn Boys though, they’ll get ya every time!! (Ah, I remember it well)! 😂 Thank you for your kind words. Even though I’m a city girl, I’ve had a CHURN or two with those Farm hands. Suffice to say, I did very well in American History! …(You know, as compared to the Math)! 😉 Paul, There’s another Wink! And I’m happy to warm your soul. The 20-30° below wind chill? You’re on your own with that! I’m doing battle with -7 here, and it’s enough to drive me into the Barn! Your sentence is eloquent as always, and I think we could all use a shot of that cognac, coming in from this weather! Here’s to you, kind Sir! 🍷Hope you warm up! 🙋🏻


    • Love yours much better Earl. It’s nice to see two different views. I like the cognac to calm the nerves but I would never be there at that party. I’m just a country boy at heart. Too many phonies to deal with.

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  4. I enjoyed all the fun posts today. The CWs weren’t so easy for me. At first I forgot about the words that begin with kn and I also had to back into decode. 2 degrees here but little snow so far and light winds.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. Glad we gave you a few laughs today! So you got CUT by Knife, and had a bit of trouble DECIPHERing Decode? Could have been worse. You could have been caught with an Ounce of those Glitzy drugs of Pauls, and then what? You’d really be SNOWed under! (Yes, I’m groaning myself)! Glad you were spared the Snow and the Winds. Really a horrible combination. Stay warm, and I hope you enjoy your day! ❄️❄️💨🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! No trouble with any words today. With the letters neatly in a row, I quickly wrote 3-letter words, as Mike has taught us to do. After writing YOU, too, dot, NOT and KID, I had the answer.

    All of you freezing, snow shoveling people are in our prayers every day and will be for quite a while. Hope Mike survived his shoveling with minimum back pain.


  6. Hi all – Good words and a good pun, just tough enough.

    Actually, the farmer was a bit offended by the “kid’s” request for salad, because he had gone to all the trouble of preparing him OAT CUISINE. (That’s “kid”, because I can’t say PASHmmmffffff).

    Angela, 🎵”Sweet Lorraine, ah sweet Lorraine.
    Well you know that it’s a shame and a pity
    You were raised up in the city
    And you never learned nothing ’bout country ways,
    Ah ’bout country ways.”🎵

    As to yesterday’s cynical songs about money, I did think of a counterexample, not too surprisingly from Paul McCartney:
    🎵”Can’t buy me love, everybody tells me so
    Can’t buy me love, no no no, no
    Say you don’t need no diamond ring and I’ll be satisfied
    Tell me that you want the kind of thing that money just can’t buy
    I don’t care too much for money; money can’t buy me love”🎵

    I’m glad to hear that everyone seems to have come through the winds, snow, cold, flooding, earthquakes, fire and brimstone in relatively good shape and hope you all stay well.

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  7. LOL….That’s right you can’t say it! And I suggest you forget the word altogether! Where’s it gonna get us? 😂 And uh. Maybe read what I said about American History…? 🎶Now she’s the one who gives us all those magical things, and reads us stories out of the I Ching.. .Then she passes out a whole new basket of rings, that when you put on your hand, makes you one of the Country Band….🎶
    Yes, SIR, Paul…You’re so right about 🎶Can’t Buy Me🎶 We couldn’t see the forest for the trees! What were we thinking? 😂 Thanks for the well wishes.Its been quite a week huh?
    Talk to you later, Grasshopper. 🙋🏻


  8. Yea, I could see that! Good one! SIR RINGo! But it’s all a FISH tale, no, Joe? 😂
    🎶The cook in the lunchroom’s ready to sell…? 🎶 Are we readin’ the same SCHOOL book?
    Ciao! Talk to you later. 🙋🏻


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