Jumble Answers for 01/04/2018









Good Morning, Everyone!             💵   PAY- MEANT! 💴

🎶WORKIN‘ 9 to 5…What a way to make a livin, barely gettin by, it’s all takin
and no givin. They just use your mind, and they never give you credit
Its enough to drive you…crazy if you let it..🎶

💵💵 The palm tree in today’s cartoon sure makes a real nice touch
As I sit here and listen to the winds blowing so much…
There’s branches on the APRON of my driveway that I see
The winds are HOISTing them around..it’s only half past three..
I’m trying to DIVERT my thoughts away from this big storm…
It seems that severe weather has now become the norm.
Outside my ARCADE look alike, the wind is howling through
The snow has started falling…predictions all anew…
The temps so low, oh how I wish I could be somewhere tropic…
Instead I’m here, just dreaming..so I thought I’d “RAISE THE TOPIC“💵💵

None of today’s words are new, and I think we’ve seen Divert and Arcade fairly recently. Our cartoon is showing us an office setting, with a female employer and a male employee. By the look on her face, she appears to be slightly annoyed. If could be due to the fact that the employee was “pacing out in the hall”. He seems to have been pacing because he’s a little unsure of himself. Wanting to ask for a “pay increase“, our question tells us that he was afraid to “bring up the SUBJECT“. He was afraid to…“RAISE THE TOPIC”. Slam, Bam, Thank you M’aam, literally, if she gives it to him!  And we were given both our words: Subject=Topic, Increase=Raise. Bring Up = Raise. Very well done, Dave. Ok, eye candy. I like the palm tree. I myself have two in my home. Mine aren’t real, but when I’m sipping my piña coladas, you can sure fool me! ARECA, a balmy breeze! There’s her outfit…shoes included….Do you even need to ask? There’s a lap top. But look at her desk. It’s  a blue tinted glass table top. Her lap and knees are visible through it. That really made me PAY attention…Unique, and CLEARLY a good idea. Kudos, Jeff. So, There you have it Folks, Done.

Have a great day, Everyone…And always try to PAY IT FORWARD….💵 🙋🏻

30 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 01/04/2018

      • Hey Moose. I’m happy for you. We can’t even see here! It’s brutal! This is a bad one!
        FYI: I just told Caroline that I’m making…Wait for it…GRAVY! You have to give me this one…There’s a storm raging….I’m fragile! 😂😂😂 Stay safe. Don’t go doing anything crazy! 💨💨❄️❄️🙋🏻


    • 6:22? Early? Where’ve you been Hoosier? The post went up at 5!!! 😉
      40 DAYS 17 HOURS 2 MINUTES and 14 SECONDS till SPRING Training…AHHH
      Thanks, Harry. Stay warm…And there’s no problems big enough…😉 Ciao…🙋🏻


  1. The foreman used a powerful HOIST to lift the new machines into the ARCADE and to DIVERT carnival traffic from the site, he set up a booth giving a free APRON to anyone who asked.
    Easy solve all round today. Perhaps the lull before the STORM for us in the northeast? Great post Angela and it is early enough for me. Just getting the e- mail with no problems makes me happy! ☃ 💨 ❄️. Stay warm everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. I know what you mean. I didn’t get the Email this morning! How absurd is that? I wrote the damn thing! 😂 We’re getting clobbered with snow already. Since very early. And the winds are fierce. I worry about power failures. I’m surrounded by trees.
      Thanks for the shout out. I couldn’t get into it at all this morning. Some days are just like that.
      Great sentence, as always. Stay warm…and dry…🙋🏻


  2. Had a blind solve, but I struggled with apron and hoist!

    Mike, this format displays nicely on my iPhone. I vote for keeping this one! (There was a vote, right!?)

    On a personal note, got biopsy results yesterday – I am all clear! Greatly relieved.

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  3. Apron & Hoist took me the longest to solve. I figured that raise would be in the answer and so it was. We in the Bay Area were awakened at 2:30 a.m. To a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. No damage that I’m aware of but it does cause one’s heart to race a bit. Have a good Thursday.

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    • Hi Betty. I always feel the 5 letter words are the hardest. Our local news covered the earthquake immediately. I’d say race a bit is putting it mildly. My heart goes out to you.
      Be well, be safe. 🙏🏻🙋🏻


  4. Hi all – The words seemed easy, especially ARCADE from my well-SPENT youth, a quarter at a time. I needed the letters to get the last answer word after thinking QUESTION, IDEA or POINT.

    Angela, I like the little cash bundle emoji. Why are the money songs so cynical?
    🎵”The best things in life are free,
    But you can leave them for the birds and bees, now give me money”🎵
    🎵”Money, it’s a hit. Don’t give me that do-goody-good BS.”🎵

    I see that in my browser tab header, the little snowman has been replaced by the colorful letters ‘ja’. Everytime I see it, I think, “Oh, Ja! Dis ist ein friendly website!”
    🎵”Oh ja, das ist die Liech-ten-stei-ner Pol-ka mein Schatz!”🎵
    Oops! where did that come from? First “Komm gib mir deine hand” now this — I think it’s a side effect from using too much German Maggi sauce.
    And I am finding the new format very easy to read.

    Note: Although yesterday’s Jumble was correct in my paper, they reprinted it in today’s with a note that says “Due to a production error, Wednesday‘s Jumble puzzle was incomplete in some editions. Below is the corrected version.” So it seems to have been a widespread problem.

    Good wishes to all in the path of the storm. Our small earthquake was nothing compared to that.

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    • Grasshopper…You’re a trip! I don’t think it’s cynicism. I think it’s reality. 🎶If you got the money, Honey, I got the time…🎶 Boom! ‘Nuff said!!! 😉
      Don’t you have the money emoji?
      Yes, the ja came y’day. Altho after today…some of us may need that little Snowman back, right? Still snowing like the Dickens here! 💨💨❄️💨


    • Glad you like it, Jb. Mike worked hard on it. He worries about making everyone happy! And thanks for your good wishes to us here.. We could use them! Take care. 🙋🏻


  5. Hi, all! Both of the “A” words, APRON & ARCADE, slowed me down. For “apron” I had “proan” spelled wrong and “onpar” a well-known golf term. LOL

    Mike, I wonder how much you could bench press after lugging tons of wood chips in the summer and shoveling tons of snow in the winter. Best wishes to your over-worked back today. Stay well.

    Betty, when we lived in Yuma, we frequently had little tremors that rattled our dishes in the cupboard but never anything as strong as what you experienced last night! I’m glad you sustained no damage!


  6. Good afternoon. Good news bad news. This morning I went out side to get my paper and couldn’t find it with all the snow. Figured the weather was to much for the girl. Just cleared the front of the house plus the stoop and underneath a snow drift to my front door was the paper. The bad news is since I thought she skipped it today I looked at everything. Oh well,there is always tomorrow.

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      • No and it’s to much trouble to try and get it. I’m happy I’m computer free. Couldn’t care one way or the other if I miss it once in awhile. I have a chrome which I rarely use. Don’t use Facebook or Snapchat or whatever else is available. Prefer it that way. Was surprised I even did this. Jumble is fun to do and the people that go on it are nice. It’s fun to see if we have the same difficulty.

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    • Brooklyn, you slay me! Was it in a plastic bag at least? ROTFL….I’m glad it wasn’t something dire. You had me worried there for a minute! It wasn’t the greatest puzzle anyway. And yep, there’s always tomorrow! How’s the snow by you? We’re getting creamed! ❄️❄️💨💨🙋🏻


      • Yes it was in a plastic bag. The girl does a good job. She comes around 5-6 am, the latest. My car is on the right side going down the block so it’s burried. I have patches down to the cement and snow at least three feet high in the back yard. Too much snow in the front so I cleared just one flag width. Thank God we went yesterday to A/C.

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      • I was just teasing you about the bag. The Daily News people are all good, IMO. Very reliable. I had great guys in Brooklyn, and here on SI, they’ve all been very good too. I usually have a paper by 4:30. The snow’s just about stopping here. I hope it’s for good. I have some big drifts too. The winds are still very strong. Sorry about your car…that’s one thing good about here, Paul, we have no alternate side., and big driveways and garages. But I’m sure the mayors going to cut you guys some slack. He has to. Don’t do too much, be careful. We have a guy that comes. Our snow blower, but he does the work. I think we have like what 4 hours after the snow stops? Something like that. I just hope it’s over. Now we wait for this brutal cold that’s on tap. And oh yea, you way lucked out with AC! Stay warm and be careful out there…❄️❄️💨💨🙋🏻


  7. Thank you Leila. Last night’s tremor really was a small one. Now the quake of 1989 was another story. My heart goes out to all the people dealing with these horrible snow & ice conditions. There seems to be no end in sight.


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