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Good Morning, Everyone!          💯 WHAT’S RIGHT IS RIGHT…! 💯

🎶…And now take off 100 and add on 24, then divide by 2 and add in 7 more. And if you’re struggling now, it’s not hard to tell…You don’t know, (o oh)…your MATH skills are terrible…🎶

💯 💯Algebra’s ok I guess, if your head is into Math
And then there’s those of us who never cared to walk that path
I EQUATE those days long gone by as HAIRY that’s for sure
Instructors Bully PULPIT ways of teaching left me bored.
But this young girl in our cartoon has aced the test at hand
A perfect score and her parents consider it quite grand.
The child has a right to GLOAT, I’m sure it wasn’t easy
Just seeing the equations here have made me feel quite queasy.
So looking at this frame today, the details such a sight
I have to give Kudos to Jeff, ’cause boy he did ALL RIGHT! 💯 💯

Today’s words posed no PROBLEM, we’ve SOLVED them before. My PLAN was to just get RIGHT to the cartoon. Today Jeff’s giving us ACUTE DIAGRAM to work with. Parents and their daughter, discussing the RESULTs of an ALGEBRA test. Our Dad, is working with a tablet. Mom is doing a Jumble puzzle, in a PAPER that features a Family Circus cartoon. In it, Jeffy’s asking his Dad, if something “spells a bad word”. I’m not sure what it SIGNIFIES, but it does ADD to the cartoon. The Mom’s puzzle features a guitar player, and I can DECIPHER one PART of it, GROUP. The rest is sort of out of RANGE. The daughter, has an EXPRESSION on her face that I’d call ABSOLUTEly ecstatic at a MINIMUM. And why not? She’s scored an A PLUS on her exam. A 100! Our QUESTION asks, how she did on the test, and she did ALL RIGHT! Get Dave’s ANGLE here? Yep, it’s ACUTE pun! Ok, eye candy. Today, we have a lot to ROOT out. Jeff was really (co) EFFICIENT with this one. There’s the Mother’s butterfly brooch. There’s a Jumble cup with a steaming brew. There’s the ALGEBRA worksheet, with the most amazing MATHEMATICAL details. And then there’s the girls TAN T-shirt. There are SYMBOLs on the front and SIDE of the shirt that must SYMBOLIZE something WORTH noting. But I just can’t FIGURE it out. It’s very GRAPHic, but I must be a SQUARE, because it’s just ODD to me. I’m hoping I can COUNT on one of you to INTERCEPT, and be the X-pert here. Am I going off on a TANGENT again? Sorry for that little SIN of mine…There’s just so much to ROOT through…OK, so what would be my RATIONAL choice for eye candy today? I’m going with the Worksheet. How Jeff managed to DISTRIBUTE so many NUMBERs on that tiny sheet, makes all the DIFFERENCE. He is truly the master of his DOMAIN! So, There you have it Folks, Done!!
Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…You have to be ODD, to be NUMBER ONE…But, I could never understand Y! 💯🙋🏻

21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/15/2017

    • Jumble words were easy,though I tried to make pulpit into tulip.Being a retired math/stat professor,I can appreciate a student getting all the problems correct.

      • Hi Chuck. It was a fun, easy solve today. Glad to see you here again. Be well, Sir and enjoy your day. 💯🙋🏻

      • My high school algebra teacher said that he would get papers with the answer “Cannot be solved”, and if we wanted to do that, we should actually phrase it “Cannot be solved BY ME”!

    • Good Morning, Moose. Yes, it was. It may COUNT as one of the best! Have a great day, Big Guy! 💯🙋🏻

      • 🎶The lovin’ girls and gamblin’🎶….Your first LIGHTFOOT song?
        It’s so cold here, you can’t imagine…and it’s snowing AGAIN…and it’s NOT winter yet..🙄🙋🏻

  1. Good morning. The early bird did a heck of a job. No problem with the entire puzzle. For the word that was the hardest,I’d say pulpit would be the one that added seconds to get. The answer came quick but left me wanting something other than that. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul and Thank you. Glad you had an easy time of it. But we always want more, huh? 😉 Have a great day, my Brooklyn Friend! 💯🙋🏻

  2. The pastor did not like to GLOAT from the PULPIT, but he had to EQUATE the miracle of his escape from a HAIRY scam artist to several Biblical escapes.
    Words and solution we’re not a problem–blind solve as Mike would say. Angela you know of my antipathy to most things “math” but I do admire your verbal skills with many math terms–well done and stay warm all you who live in cold climes.☃ ❄️

    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you very much. And you know I share your antipathy! But the words come easy; it would be applying them that would cause the angst! I like your use of pulpit; you’ve SUMmed it up perfectly! Wishing you warmth and sunshine, Kind Sir. 💯🙋🏻

  3. Hi, all! No problem with the words or cartoon solve.

    Steve, before I began, I quickly pronounced all the jumbled words to see if a sentence popped into my head using the words still jumbled, a treat that you are very good at. For the last word, I said EQUATE. I was surprised when I completed my solve, to discover that the last word really was EQUATE. (more on IOW)

    Happy Friday, all!

  4. Hi all – Actually HAIRY took me some extra time, and I had to RIGHT ALL the letters to get the answer.

    Not to get too HYPERBOLIC in the details, but I think her 100% is even more impressive because it looks like there’s a calculus integral on her Algebra II exam. And isn’t that Jeff playing guitar?

    Lelia, answered on IOW.

    My paper had a hockey cartoon today (“Rhymes With Orange”), but this one’s even better – a shrimp named after Pink Floyd (“Sherman’s Lagoon”):


    • LOL….Dare I say it’s not a familiar word???? 😂😂😂 (You did open that door. Grasshopper)!!!! The details on the worksheet were amazing. So tiny. And soooo many of them. Which is why I had to High FIVE him in my poem!
      Death by drum solo….Not the first time! 😂
      You could be right, it may be Jeff…The HAIR???😂
      Ciao, Grasshopper! 💇🏻

      • You may absolutely dare say it! That’s what I thought too – it took awhile because it was unfamiliar (like being lost in thought). 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • ROTFL…Got to go with that first thought!!!! 😂😂. What is this word?
          You want to talk hair? Did you see the Billy clip? Literally….ROTFL…Just Sayin’!!!
          😂🙋🏻 No mas here, ok? Ciao!

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