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Good Morning, Everyone!        🌾🌾 HAY! WIRE WE UP SO EARLY? 🌾🌾

🎶HAY there, you with the stars in your eyes…Love never made a fool of you, you used to be too wise. HAY there, you on that high-flyin’ cloud, though she won’t throw a crumb to you…You think some day she’ll come to you🎶

🌾🌾A BALER picks up plants and grass and gets it off the ground
And transforms into neat THICK bales that then are tightly WOUND.
It’s easier to handle, it’s easier to store
The backbreak work of rake and scythe will not be anymore.
The farmers greeted WARMLY this aid to their days work
A farmers life’s no easy one, and this was a great perk…
But looking at our farmers, their faces shocked and grave
We see there’s a malfunction, and the baler’s misBEHAVEd..
I’m not sure what will happen now, we’ve just seen this transpire..
But from the cartoon we can see that things just WENT HAYWIRE! 🌾🌾

  • So, FARMING. To a city girl? Not my best subject…but what the HAY, I’ll give it a shot…”HAY, HOE...Lets go“….Today’s words, easy, breezy, old favorites. (And one not so old. We had WOUND as recently as 11/3). Maybe you had to warm up to WARMLY. Anyway, PLOWed right through them…Plow, I like that word. And I like doing the Yoga PLOW pose...until it becomes a pain in the neck! Sorry, Folks, it just TURNED UP in my mind…Ok, Our cartoon. Today Jeff is giving us a farm scene with two farmers baling HAY, and binding it with WIRE. Um, need I go on? Seize the HAY, Folks! This one was a gift! TIED UP for us with a bow! Things “WENT HAYWIRE”! Great pun, Dave. And Jeff? The graphic, with the word “crazy”….FUNCTIONED perfectly! The BALER. Maybe not such a bad subject after all…Now I’m thinking about the guy who invented it…He must have RAKED it in, right? I bet he made a BUNDLE! Ok, enough wasting time. Tout WHEAT! On to the eye candy! Hmm. Not much to FIELD here again today. Pretty PLAIN. Like looking for a needle in a HAYSTACK, really. I was hoping there was a woman in the cartoon….You know, a Purple HAYS? That would have been the LAST STRAW… but fun! But no, no candy….

So, there you have it Folks, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! I hate to BALE, but I’ve got to make HAY! 🌾🙋🏻


20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/29/2017

  1. The THICK cowhide jacket kept the rancher WARMLY comfortable but a heifer BEHAVEd badly and left him with a nasty leg wound.
    For some reason, WARMLY slowed me down and I had the answer to the cartoon before it finally came to light.
    For an urbanite, you did extremely well, Angela. And I think this blog has had enough stuff about picking up bales of hay and the resultant hacking. In my experience, no wires, baling twine–easier on the fingers and cheaper.
    Have a great day everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl. Thank you. I was laughing, because when I first boarded my horse, a lot of “Cowboys” had a bit of a CHIP on their shoulders. And I remember one of the first conversations I had, after I mixed up “straw and hay”. One of them told me, in not the nicest tone, “Straw is for bedding, and hay is for feeding…”! And I said…”I’m born in Brooklyn. For what I’m paying here, I’m calling it any d— thing I want…”! Broke my horse, and broke the ice. 😂🐎
      Have a great day, Earl. 🌾🙋🏻


      • In the movies and TV they have, forever, used bales of straw and referred to it as hay. Funny for us farm boys. Also, straw is used on a hayride. Hay will itch you to death. Straw was used, stuffed between a couple sheet like pieces of cloth, to sleep on like a mattress.

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        • Ok. See now this is lesson I could live with. As long as you keep your NOSE 😂 out of things, we’ll have a good day. Anyway, it didn’t matter what I called it after that. They all got a whole lot more NEIGHborly after I started feeding them. Amazing how well the aroma of Italian food goes over in a riding stable. And amazing how clean my stall was always kept after that….There’s itches,😉 and there’s itches…
          Have a good day, Harry. 🌾🙋🏻


  2. Good morning and especially you early birds. As you can see my paper came today but I’ll still check to see how much time is left on the subscription. It’s in the back of my mind that it ends soon. This was the first time all year that the guy missed. Both ends of the puzzle was a slam dunk with thick being the last word to get. Once I wrote the letters down for the cartoon the answer came to me. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. HAY, Paul! Good Morning. Glad you had an easy time with it. Check out the subscription. A day without the NY Daily News? Like a day without sunshine!
    Be well, my Friend! 🌾🙋🏻


    • HAY Betty. Great puzzle. Took BALEly any time at all! Glad you enjoyed it!
      Have a great day! 🌾🙋🏻


  4. Hi, all! Solved the cartoon sentence immediately. When I was young, my mom used the expression WENT HAYWIRE to describe most any kind of malfunction or snafu. Seeing the loose wire sticking out on the bale of hay confirmed my answer.

    Got all 4 clue-words with no self-jumbling.

    I have already told you my story about neighbors from miles around appearing one morning coming up over every hill in their combines to harvest all of my uncle’s wheat when he was sick. Can’t think of any other farm stories.

    Hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday with your plans & activities going well rather than haywire.

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  5. Hi all – Just a quick pause at WARMLY. I see that my WOUND yesterday wasn’t caused by a LETHAL LATHE, but rather a BALER gone HAYWIRE.
    HAYWIRE was the subject of one of the most-remembered “Far Side” cartoons, and one of the most mystifying when many newspapers re-sized it, cutting the name off the top of the building.


    Angela, hustle over to Safeway, where they have “Purple haize” purple asparagus for sale – and I have the picture to prove it.
    Have a great day everyone.

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    • HAY, Steve. Asparagus? SPEAR me! We had it 3 different ways for Thanksgiving! Italian, American, and the “new” way somebody “picked up on Facebook”! Don’t ask…!😂😂 I stuck 🎶Purple Haze🎶 in there for you. With a nod to Jimi…

      After that strip had appeared in the paper, people wrote into the Voice of the People asking what all the hype was about, because we had the full panel. It was a lot of free publicity for the “Far Side”.
      Have a great day, Bud. 🌾🙋🏻
      PS: We don’t have any Safeway’s on Staten Island.


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