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Good morning, Everyone!       🎻 The VIOLINST With Two BOWS?...🎻

🎶I promise that I won’t play SECOND FIDDLE…And no, I won’t be caught in the middle, no-no. Don’t worry about me ’cause girl I’m not gon’ miss you…Not even a little🎶

🎻🎻 It’s obvious a concert is where this phrase first took part…
And later became relative to matters of the heart.
Perhaps a woman SPOILED to the point that she has two
Men vying for her love, and yet she’s not sure who’s who…
One stays and tries to tell himself it’s he that she holds dear
BELIEF at first that maybe he’d be there instead of here…
And no amount of CANDY or flowers will bring change
The love triangle continues, he allowed if not arranged.
He stands and sees them CUDDLY while his heart is torn in two
Despite knowing departing is the thing he ought to do.
It’s gone on since the dawn of time, it’s really not a riddle…
One man will be her first choice, and the other SECOND FIDDLE 🎻🎻

At first glance, we see that today’s words have PLAYED here before. Perhaps the anagram of Cuddly is new. And speaking of glances, will you check out Miss Femme Fatale?! This First Violinist seems to have taken STRINGS to a whole new level. Both Clarinetist One and Two are looking at her so adoringly, it’s obvious she’s got them both WRAPPED around those talented little fingers! The flautist knows it too, because the look on her face leaves nothing to the imagination. There’s TENSION amongst this Symphony group, and it’s definitely TIGHTER than those aforementioned strings! This violinist has two BOWS, and she’s just STRINGING them both along! If I had to guess, I’d say Miss FF’s second fiddle is the one on the right…The come hither look she’s giving him is classic “Come into my web…”. The one on the left is obviously already caught! And the other players in the background…all watching the DRAMA PLAY out? The timpani player’s happy enough not DRUMming up any more trouble. The cymbalist though, isn’t exactly putting out any GOOD VIBRATIONS, by pointing out that the second violinist has yet to perform. And the backup violinist…? Sooooo not happy to be playing…”SECOND FIDDLE”! Great pun, Dave! And Jeff, if looks could kill? You’d need to call in the SECOND STRING here for sure! These may be your most expressive faces yet! Ok, Eye candy. And today, it definitely is EYE candy! It has to be Miss Femme Fatales’ eyes. She’s got temperatures a ROSIN! …

So, there you have it, Folks, Done!  Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…
Domestic VIOLINS can be avoided…Make beautiful MUSIC without a SECOND FIDDLE! 🎻🙋🏻

22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/25/2017

    • LOL…Good morning, Moose! Good one. We’re in HARMONY here. Easy, breezy, no STRINGS attached! A great day to you too, Sir. 🎻🙋🏻

    • The page is beautiful..A Winter Wonderland!
      Harry, At the bottom of the main post, where it shows the date and my name, it reads “comments”. Clicking there opens up the whole page. 🎻🙋🏻

  1. CUDDLY Baby Bear assured Goldilocks that her CANDY would not SPOIL when stored beneath his bed and her BELIEF in his sincerity was justified.
    Like Moose, instant solve today, compared with yesterday’s more difficult solution.
    Don’t worry Angela, you are playing “second fiddle” to no one when it comes to playing first punster.
    Have a super Small-Business Saturday everyone and patronise your local entrepreneurs.

    • 🎶Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you…If you’re young at heart…🎶
      Nice take, Earl! Good morning! And thank you. (But note: It’s a man getting PLAYED in my scenario…😂)!
      I have workman here right now…And as soon as they’re done, I’m planning to do just that. I love Small Business Saturday. You find those “one of a kind gifts”, and help out your neighbors at the same time. Enjoy you day, Sir! 🎻🎁🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Angela great job especially at the crack of dawn. In speaking about the CYMBALLIST, maybe the good vibe wasn’t there because he hadn’t hooked up with The Beach Boys yet. Almost everything was an instant read except the word spoil. I had a brain freeze and after knowing the letters I needed, from there it was a no-brainer. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you, my Friend.
      When I wrote it, I was wondering who’d pick up on the Beach Boys first! Good catch!
      Where you able to navigate back to the page last night? I waited for your reply but I never heard back from you..🎻🙋🏻

  3. Easy time of it today. Figured out the cartoon answer first so clue words came easily. Much better time of it than yesterday’s fiasco. Hope all of you have a happy Saturday.

  4. Today’s puzzle brings back memories of my days playing in several orchestras, grade school through college. Romance was always blooming somewhere in the ranks. I think my crush was on the principal violist!

    Today’s puzzle was a blind solve and mostly instant CWs, except for belief for some reason.

    Turkey leftovers on tap for today, then a party for Apple Cup, our in-state football rivalry between UW and WSU. Even though I live in Cougar Country, our family’s tuition money for both sons went to the West Side – GO DAWGS!

    • Hey John. I think it’s the nature of the beast. Those First Violinists just got it like that. Divas, no matter what the age! They wield power with that bow!
      Turkey and Football. Hmm. Where have I heard that before??😂
      Enjoy and good luck! 🎻🙋🏻

      • That is your second strike, “Harry”. Your first was many months ago and was loaded with double entendre, directed at my wife and I chose to ignore it. You sir, need to grow up. At least I use a real name instead of an offensive pseudonym. If this takes me off of this blog, so be it.

  5. Hi all – The second word was the only thing to SPOIL my instant solve.

    Paul, I was going for a pun on the actor Efrem CYMBALLIST, Jr., only to have Google tell me that his father, Efrem Zimbalist Sr. was one of the world’s greatest violinists, playing with the London and Boston Symphony Orchestras. Can’t make this stuff up!

    John, we have a dog in your hunt also. If Washington wins the Apple Cup, Stanford wins the Pac-12 North and gets to play for the championship. Go Huskies!

    Angela, as to your “come into my web” reference, the son Efrem Zimbalist Jr. “also voiced Doctor Octopus in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series and the 2000 PC, Dreamcast and Playstation Spider-Man action-adventure video game.”

    And, 🎵”I don’t really see, why can’t they go on as three?”🎵

    Have a fun day everyone. Rains return here tonight.

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