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Good Morning, Everyone!        💨 WATER WE TALKING ABOUT? 💨

🎶How many roads must a man walk down…Before you call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove SAIL before she sleeps in the sand?…
The answer, my friend, is BLOWIN‘ in the wind…The answer is BLOWIN‘ in the wind…🎶

💨💨 The FELLOW in our cartoon, may look like he’s CAVORTing
With his female counterpart, when actually they’re reporting
Assigned to monitor the wind from this farm in the sea
Named the London Array it generates electricity…
ENACTed in 2001, it’s the largest in the world
It’s new to me, but just the same I’m giving it a twirl.
In Europe they’ve been running, a pun not my intent
It seems a very good idea, to Energy invent…
We’re just developing one here, it’s up since 2016
As part of what needs to be done to make our country green…
To anyone who’s interested, the data’s all out there
So read up on it if you’d like to be made more aware.
I’m left with the word VIRUS, and I’ve tried with all my might..
It just don’t fit this theme today…I’m giving up the fight! 💨💨

  • I’m sure there’s a slew of puns that could be made about this puzzle today, but I just don’t have the ENERGY. The WIND is still knocked out of me from yesterday’s food marathon. So I’ll give it a WHIRL, but it may not TURN out that great. Today’s words are all old favorites, so I’m just POWERing over to the cartoon. Jeff gives us a couple aboard a ship, monitoring the WIND Turbines. They both seem impressed with the results they have. I mean once you have the data, it’s not like you’re BLOWing smoke, right? It’s a different type of ENERGY we’re seeing here, it’s ALTERNATIVE. And here’s where David Hoyt proves once again that he could TURN anything into a great pun! The ENERGY is “ALL-TURN-ATIVE”! Well, BLOW me down! How COOL is this? The man makes it look like a BREEZE, right? Kudos, Dave! Ok, eye candy. Not much besides the turbines. I’ll have to settle for the woman’s little turbine pin. And for those of you who know me…I hate to settle. (I also can’t RESIST certain things sometimes)…We’re in the middle of the North Sea, 12 miles off the coast of Kent, in the United Kingdom…And the woman? The blonde woman?…Head to toe in purple! Yep, HeadtoToe…I ask you…Is there no other ALTERNATIVE??
    So, there you have it Folks! Done!    Have a great day, Everyone!
  • And all kidding aside…RENEWABLE ENERGY? I’m a big FAN! 💨🙋🏻


40 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/24/2017

  1. After the medical FELLOW was able to ENACT a mandate to protect patients from an especially virulent VIRUS, his assistant wanted to CAVORT down the hallway.
    No problems with the clue words but had to write out the circled letters and do a lot of staring and thinking before the solution finally came. Wind-generated energy is a big deal in the Tug Hill area of New York State and in Canada in parts of Lake Ontario. Not familiar with the sea-based variety, so I’ve learnt something again today.
    Great post Angela—I’ll read it again after I return from some volunteer duties this AM.>

    • Good morning, Earl. Thank you. Cavort down the hallway??? What kind of a place are you running there? 😂 Creative as always, Earl. Talk to you later. 💨🙋🏻

    • Earl, you shouda been here yesterday for the THYME word in the answer. I thought you might like this, from the late Chronicle critic Ralph Gleason’s liner notes for the “Parsley Sage” album:
      “The New Youth of the Rock Generation has done something in American popular song that has begged to be done for generations. It has taken the creation of the lyrics and the music out of the hands of the hacks and given it over to the poets. This seems to me to be the true meaning of the remarkable achievement of Simon and Garfunkel.”

    • Good morning, Moose. At least you made it to the turkey! I put in for assistance right after the lasagna! Cavort’s not a word often seen, you get a pass…! 💨🙋🏻

  2. I came up with LIT-VANE-ULTRA. Wind turbines are vanes, and if they are efficient they are lightweight; further this setup seems to be the utmost in wind farms, hence ultra.

    • Good morning, Jim. I’ll give you this… It’s creative! LIT-VANE-ULTRA! Why not? If it were up to me, I’d give it a go, but I’m not sure it’s what Dave Hoyt had in mind…The man’s all about the pun!
      I don’t know much about the subject myself; as you can tell by my poem, I was clutching at straws!
      But how ’bout we do this? We’ll call yours the ALTERNATIVE solution for today..!
      Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you here again. Have a great day…! 💨🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Have not read anything yet and had to get the blog via the back door. Just want to say that yesterday I was right when I said Jeff gave us a break on an easy Jumble to give us more time to prepare for thanksgiving. Because for me today I’m having a heck of a time completing. Now it can’t be the chemical reaction (tryptophan) (which is a myth) in turkey because I didn’t have any. “Don’t feel sorry for me” I chose to relax and avoid all that traffic and stay home. I did have four places to go but opted out. I digress, back to the original point. For me, Jeff gave us a good one today. Still have one word to get and the cartoon to solve. Right now I’m not giving up so I’ll get back to all. Just wanted to get my nickels worth Later folks.

    • Paul, You keep me laughing! Growing up in Brooklyn, it was “your two cents worth…” You’re at a nickel? 🙋🏻
      PS: Jeff does the graphics, and the wording that goes along with it.
      It’s Dave who gives us the words and the solutions…🙋🏻

  4. Cavort took me the longest to solve but could not come up with the cartoon answer. Boo Hiss!! I kept thinking it was Natural Event or something like that but of course I didn’t have the proper letters for event so no go. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration yesterday and hope all of you did as well. Till tomorrow…

    • LOL..BOO HISS! Glad you enjoyed your day, y’day. I had a great day also…2 more to go! LOL..
      Have a great day, Betty! 💨🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Almost admitted defeat when it took me 15 minutes to get CAVORT. After that, it took some further staring to find any 3-letter word until ALL gave me the answer.
    Angela, nice “Popeye” reference. Must have come from all the Olive Oyl you must have used yesterday (55-gallon drums?)

    Have fun today everyone.
    🎵”Under the bridges, over the foam,
    Wind on the water, carry me home”🎵

    🎵“When Black Friday comes
    I’ll collect everything I’m owed
    And before my friends find out I’ll be on the road
    When Black Friday falls you know it’s got to be
    Don’t let it fall on me”🎵

    • Steely Dan was way before its time, right? 😉
      Anyway, we had to stop buying the olive oil, it got too expensive! We just grow our own now!….
      And, OLIVE it at that! 😂
      So, BLOW me down…I still…YAM, what I YAM! 😂🙋🏻

  6. Good afternoon. Guess who? Hate to be a quitter but when it comes to quotations,I’m behind the eight ball. My sense of humor fails me with these answers. However, as to the words l got them in this order. First 3,4,2 and what seemed like an eternity #1. But l admit defeat when it came to the cartoon. I played around with the letters for over two hours at least and gave up. But hey,tomorrow’s another day but you know something, it doesn’t make me feel any better. Now looking at the answer I still don’t like it. In my head I had direct or alternating for the possible answer since I was in the electrical field for years. Bugs me I had the right idea but couldn’t apply it to paper. Angela and Earl good job. Until tomorrow stay healthy.

    • Hi Paul – That’s ok – since you said ‘was’, I guess these are no longer CURRENT EVENTS for you.
      Good luck tomorrow!

    • Thank you, Paul. I can see where your thought was going. I have a bunch of electricians in the family, and “Alternating”‘s a commonly heard word. But the pun is a really good one. Take it a piece at a time. ALL..all of them, TURN, they’re all turning…leaves us “ATIVES”…because these turbines are all alternative energy sources. You just dislike those quotation marks! 😂 (Every time I tried typing Atives, it kept coming up Altuve! Altuve? I hate the little devil)! 😂
      Don’t be so hard on yourself…It’ll BLOW over…Great effort, my Friend! 🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all! Happy day after! We get to do it again tomorrow at daughter’s house, all homemade this time.

    Hardest word for me today was ENACT.

    I had no trouble with my first answer to the cartoon, REV ALLU TIANT, or my second answer, AIR VENT TUALL. The only one that gave me trouble was ALL TURN ATIVE.

    Enjoy your day!

    • You’re not alone today, Lelia. A lot of ALTERNATIVE solutions BLOWing around! 💨🙋🏻
      Happy day after to you too! 💨🙋🏻

  8. Hi, Steve! I waited to listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival for the first time when I wouldn’t be rushed. I liked the whole group, 3 guitarists & a drummer (sometimes other instruments, too), liked their songs, and liked the way they pronounced certain words like my dad. Enjoyed Proud Mary a lot even without the Tina Turner energy that I have always imitated because I hadn’t heard them yet.

    You were right that Susie Q is worth a listen for the nice guitar playing. I loved the guitar solos and the whole song.

    I never knew before that Proud Mary is a song about a guy leaving a white-collar job in the city to roll on the river. I love it.

    Thank you for bringing music back into my life, just like Maria did in the Sound of Music. I used to sing all day long.

    Thank you for sharing the info from your eye doctor and reminding me to get my eyes checked. While teaching, I did it annually but now it has been a long time.

    • Hi Lelia – Glad you survived yesterday, rest up for tomorrow. See IOW. I’m going to try to get out in the sunshine this PM before clouds return.

  9. Hi Steve,Touché. Had me grinning from ear to ear. Lelia Ann,glad that you and I had the same word for the most difficult. At least we were in SINK with something.

    • Hi, Paul! Yes, we were in SINK and DOWN THE DRAIN together with the first clue word ENACT.

      Were you an electrician? That’s what Jerry was, and that’s why I kept bugging him this morning with questions about electricity, wind-farms, energy, current, power, etc.

      I think you were smart to stay home yesterday because a few Thanksgiving’s ago, with our family grown & scattered, Jerry & I ate out at a buffet where the meat-slicing girl coughed all over us after being ordered to work sick because it was a busy day, and Jerry & I got sick and stayed that way for a week.

      Yesterday, with kids living nearby again, we ate at home with our kids bringing all the food from Chompie’s, a really nice Italian deli.

  10. I’m just checking in to say hi and to say a belated HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thank you for playing Jumble. Jeff and I enjoy creating Jumble so much and we’re very thankful for everything you do. Thank you for this blog and thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. You are helping to make us better puzzle makers, and we feel very fortunate to have you on the Jumble team.

    Jeff and I were interviewed at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair last weekend. Here’s a link in case you want to check it out:

    Again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support for what we do. We appreciate it so much.

    — David L. Hoyt

    • Thank you, Dave. We wish the same to you and yours. And be assured, the pleasure is all ours. Be well. 🙋🏻

    • Hello, David, and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment. It’s always a pleasure hearing from Jeff as he drops in from time to time and offers his creative insight. I’m so excited that we finally get to hear from you! Thank you for the link to your interview and I’ll be sure to check it out.

      I started this blog several years ago after searching online for help with a puzzle that had me stumped. There was no resource available so I decided to create my own! There’s nothing better than interacting with other Jumble fans and discussing the puzzle we enjoy so much.

      Thank you for all of your hard work and interesting puzzles. As long as you keep creating them, we’ll continue to talk about them!

      — Mike

  11. Great interview with Jeff and David. They are doing some exciting work helping kids learn!
    Cavort was the hardest CW for me. I found turn right away, then all.
    My dad used to say, “Hello, young fella.” Not something you hear much today.

    • I’d be surprised if *you* heard that at all! 😂
      Although come to think of it, the cartoon “George of the Jungle” did have two female characters named “Fella and Ursula”.

      • Not familiar with that cartoon but it sounds like fun.
        I agree with Lelia about the new background. Such a pretty blue.

  12. Mike!! I love the beautiful winter wonderland you have created for all of us, from the pretty Christmas tree to the falling snow when we scroll. The colors are lovely. It brings back memories of when I lived where there were 4 seasons with a very snowy winter. Thank you!

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