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Good Morning, Everyone!         🎂  “C’monGive Me a BAKE 🎂

🎶Say “nighty-night” and kiss me…Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me…While I’m alone and blue as can be…CREME a little CREME of me…🎶

🎂 I’m not a fan of cooking shows, especially competitions
As time goes by there seems to be more and more editions
Today’s cartoon just might be something you’d see on TV
Apprentice chef getting his due from Chef Discourtesy.
Creme brûlée’s delicious, so MILKY with caramel
This rookie’s doesn’t look so good, as far as we can tell
He does look like a REBEL, kind of scruffy, clothes not new
You wonder if this has to do with points he may ACCRUE.
The general conCENSUS here is that this rookie failed
The chef is so displeased with it, he’d like the rookie jailed!
The funny thing here though is, we can see nothing was earned
But Creme Brûlée’s a dessert that calls for to be burned! 🎂

We’re seeing old favorites for our words today, Dave hasn’t SERVED up anything new with them. But the anaGRAMS are FRESH! And today’s solution? A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS! BEATING it over to our cartoon, we see a rookie chef failing to RISE to the occasion. Our guest Jumbler, WAYNO, who’s new to me, is giving us a TASTE of his cartoon Waynovision. Sorry to say, I’ve never SEEN it. But he’s earned some BROWNIE points here today, using Dave’s words to show us the JAM this rookie chef is in. He looks CRUSTfallen, doesn’t he? His brûlée turned out so badly, he just may be FIRED. Poor guy, he took a WHISK, but it just didn’t MEASURE up. I mean, look at it…we really can’t disaBRIE. His brûlée is a CRIME! And there’s no SUGAR COATING this…Its a “CRIMEBRULEE“! Wrap it up, we’ll take it! Ok, eye candy? Tough one today. Kind of falls FLAT. I guess I’ll go with the chef’s hat, the toque blanche. It stands up, I mean out….
So, there you have it, Folks! DONE! It’s Friday, the weekends ahead…Lets not procrastiBAKE…Let’s get out there and BAKE the world a better place! It’s the YEAST we can do…!
Have a great day, Everyone! I hope it’s SWEET! 🎂🙋🏻




34 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/17/2017

  1. Angela, Thank you, I love the early morning post. Old people get up before the chickens and before the paper arrives. CWs a bit harder than a Goldilocks puzzle. Got solution ahead of CWs, always feel good about that. Prefer desserts w/ a tactile feedback,

  2. You’re quite welcome, Harry. I did it just for you. But rethink the old people remark, I get up early every day…And your desserts? I’m not even TOUCHing that one…
    Have a great day, Hoosier Man! 🎂🙋🏻

  3. My two day record was broken—Accrue and Census gave me problems. Completely stumped on the solution.

  4. Morning – Census tripped me up again, but I was able to back in after getting the very funny answer. A unique dessert but, like Harry, not my favorite.

  5. Good morning, Caroline. I almost burned the house down my first few tries. It got better, but then I tasted Tiramisu, and the rest is PASTRY! Have a great day! 🎂🙋🏻

    • Just got your pastry pun. Really good one! I’m also a fan of Tiramisu. I don’t remember having it when I was young so I checked Wikipedia, which says most accounts claim it was invented in the 60’s.

      • LOL..Thank you, Caroline. I know for sure I didn’t know Tiramisu as a child. What I do remember is it being love at first BITE when we were finally introduced…And we’ve lived happily ever after…🎂🙋🏻

  6. The CENSUS of the remote Mexican village began to ACCRUE with the discovery of a large MILKY opal and the capture of an infamous REBEL leader.
    I agree with Moose. Clue words were not overly hard but CENSUS kept me guessing for some time and when I wrote out the circled letters, studied the cartoon, noticed the Quotation Marks and knew I was in for a PUN and tried to come up with a solution, got nowhere. I’d like to rationalize and say it’s because I am not a fan of French desserts, or cooking shows, but I won’t. Just lost patience and gave up–something I HATE to do and tip ;my hat—definitely not CHEF’s–to those who found today’s Jumble easy.
    TGIF—and I sincerely mean that.

    • Good morning, Earl. I think the general, conCENSUS today, will be that CENSUS is the stickler. Despite that, you’ve SERVED up another winner! I tried waiting, but it was BAKING me restless. I had to have that second cup without you…Have a great day! 🎂🙋🏻

  7. Good morning. I won’t sugar coat this. Today was a total wash out. I knew the third word but reversed the R and U. Then I couldn’t get Census, even though we did have it before. When I got to the cartoon I gave up after fifteen minutes. Could not get burned out of my head. Decided to take the high road and exit graciously. The great thing about this is that there is always tomorrow. Great work guys and girls on your blog. As always,until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul. No piece of CAKE huh? Yet you still managed to sneak a few good ones in here! Get something SWEET, and pour yourself another cup, you deserve it!
      Have a great day, my Friend. 🎂🙋🏻

  8. Like others, census was the stickler for me this morning. Had to spend several minutes on it. Did get the clever cartoon solution. I prefer panna cotta to creme brûlée but do’t prepare either myself. Eat them when I go out to dinner.Sun is shining here today afte a couple of days of rain. Happy Friday everyone.

    • Good morning, Betty. One of my sisters-in-law makes a panna cotta to die for. This is the one with the dining room chairs the other day. If I think of anything else nice to say about her….😂
      I played around with the animal exit lines, and I have about 60 more for you. I’ll post them a little later. Census…Let’s hope Dave waits another 10 years, right?
      Have a great day! 🎂🙋🏻

    • Hi Betty: Here’s the first bunch…I didn’t double check,so there may be some repeated ones…
      I hope you enjoy them. It was so much fun…🙋🏻

      Leavin’ the house, Mouse
      Take a shiner, Mynah
      Gonna book, Chinook
      Gotta rock, Peacock
      Outta here, Deer
      Take it on the road, Toad
      Shake it loose, Goose
      Gotta go, Crow
      See ya at nine, Porcupine
      Shake your tail, Quail
      Out the door, Lemur
      Leave a trail, Whale
      Take a walk, Hawk
      Take a hike, Pike
      Bye bye, Magpie
      On the street, Parakeet

  9. Hi all – ACCRUE took an extra bit, but we’ve seen ACC so often I tried it. Then just got lucky by sussing out SUS first thing. For the answer, I thought FLAMBÉ, BURNED, or BAKED, but had to write the letters. From there, the “should be arrested” comment gave me CRIME and the answer.

    Angela, the chef is “not in love” with the result because the student used metric measuring spoons instead of English, and used 10cc instead of 10 ounces, producing a “LOL Crème Brûlée”.

    Bright sunshiny day here, hope you have a good one!

  10. Hi, all! The dialog words, “should be arrested,” and the drawing of the little bowl of crème brulee gave me the answer immediately.

    I slaved over ACCRUE and CENSUS as over a hot stove.

    Our weather forecast was cloudy with no rain. However, it was sprinkling when we got up, so I ran out to feel a few drops. Looking at the drops on a wooden board, I saw what we call a 2-inch rain in Arizona. A 2-inch rain means that the drops are 2 inches apart.

  11. Steve, I had my comment to you ready to copy & paste, but when I did it the same way as always, it just disappeared. I have searched & searched but now I’ll just write it again.

    • Hi Lelia – 2-inch rain, LOL!
      Two hockey notes about your Coyotes. Unfortunately, they have been historically bad, becoming the first team to play their first 20 games of the season without a regulation win (not overtime or shootout). So what do they do? They get their first by going on the road to Montreal of all places and beating the Canadiens 5-4. Go figure.
      Also, the Sharks are coming to Arizona next Wednesday 11/22, so you should be able to see that game on Fox sports at 7PM Mountain time.

      • Hi, Steve! Thank you for your comments to me while I ran errands again all afternoon yesterday, getting home just in time to cook dinner. Most fun thing I did was buy an unusual, little pink geranium to plant outside our dining room window in a pot on a stand high enough to keep the rabbits from eating it.

        After finding out that you’re a fashion maven wearing your Levi’s & Converse shoes and also a gourmet cook using your Maggi Seasoning PRODUCT OF GERMANY, you asked, “What’s next?” I choose to answer, “What’s now.”

        What’s Now: Well, there’s physically fit (based on your complete-physical results), extremely musically talented, clever commenting, computer knowledgeable (an understatement but you wanted me to limit genius), a pinball machine ace, & more.

        Thank you for my hockey report. Go Coyotes! I had better start watching them again.
        Didn’t one of your humorous sports announcers call them the Dirty Dogs? LOL
        I’ll watch & root for the Sharks when I can and do as you said & hope that the Stanley Cup teams this year are the Sharks & Leafs.

    • LOL..Thank you, Betty. I had so much fun doing it. You’ll have a Cornucopia of exit material for your Thanksgiving Dinner! I have many more. I hesitated putting them on IOW, because the page gets purged. I’ll put them here now. It’s after 8 on the East Coast…Traffic has slowed…I hope you enjoy them… Have a great night…🙋🏻

      Need to run, Bison
      Got to wig, Pig
      Shake a rattle, Cattle
      Run amok, Duck
      Makin’ like a diesel, Weasel
      Gonna’ scat, Rat
      Outta’ here, Bear
      Need to escape, Ape
      So long to you, Emu
      Leavin’ at dawn, Fawn
      In a rush, Thrush
      Shakin’ it loose, Mongoose
      Give ya a holler, Koala
      I’ll be gone, Heron
      Gonna peel, Eel
      Make way, Blue Jay
      Leavin’ at dark, Lark
      Se ya soon, Racoon
      Meet ya at the park, Shark
      Got to rid, Squid
      I’ll be backa, Alpaca
      Got to scat, Wombat
      Out to get it, Ferret
      Gonna rock, Cock
      Back at ten, Hen
      Need to jam, Clam
      Going to meet her, Cheetah
      Takin’ an inch, Finch
      I’m through, Gnu
      Gonna roll, Mole
      Catch a train, Crane
      Let me loose, Moose
      Shake a tail, Nightingale
      Leavin’ town, Hound
      Got to git, Marmot
      Take a chopper, Grasshopper
      Out the house, Louse
      Out the door, Boar
      Gonna jam, Lamb
      Take a boat, Goat
      On the go, Buffalo
      Gonna leave her, Beaver
      Making dust, Locust
      Out to sea, Monkey
      It’s been nice, Lice
      Load the trunk, Skunk
      Back at ten, Penguin
      I ain’t buyin’, Lion

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