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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday! The clue words were a breeze this morning with MINGLE taking just a few seconds more to unscramble. Two of the words contained a “Z” which is unusual as those anagrams solve quickly. With all of the clue words finished, it was off to the cartoon and Guest Jumbler day #2!

Todays cartoon features a panel by Bill Morrison who is the author/illustrator of the comic “Roswell, Little Green Man”. I’m not at all familiar with this comic or it’s creator so some background information can be found here: http://www.graphicnovels.info/?p=27

In this particular cartoon we see a sad looking alien being served some food by a waitress, but the only thing on his mind is his true love who he misses after crash landing on earth. The letter layout for the solution was cryptic and well jumbled but ALIEN was quick to be found. With the leftover letters, ALIENATED came to mind and finished this one off.

We’re off to a great start of Guest Jumbler week, and I can hardly wait for the next Jumble. Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 👽

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  1. Good morning, Mike. How much fun is this? We can all use the COMIC relief…
    Great post, Bud 👽🙋🏻

  2. 🎶 It’s not that easy being green…Having to spend each day the color of the leaves. When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold….Or something much more colorful like that🎶
    👽👽Picture this: An EMPTY field somewhere far away
    No shopping malls, no PLAZAs, there’s a lone wolf gone astray
    From out the sky a spaceship, emitting rays of light
    They MINGLE with the moon beams in the darkness of the night
    It’s mid-November which means Scorpio’s ZODIACs sign
    Which would explain the Scorpions who sit there drinking wine
    The spaceship lands, a door opens…to my wondering eyes should appear
    Three little green men, in a miniature sleigh, pulled by three reindeer
    The wolf is howling loudly, the green men look around
    The reindeers all start grunting, you can’t believe the sound
    The scorpions are dancing, there’s Dick Clark in a trance
    “So how’s the beat, what do you think, easy for a dance…”?
    The green men are approaching, this can’t be what it seems…
    I blink my eyes, I look around…”Phew, it’s just a dream…”
    The Holidays approaching, too many martinis?
    The Osso Bucco, baked clams…and chicken scaloppine?
    I need to stop this crazy eating, drinking late at night…
    I’m starting new t’row, but for now…Leave on that light…!! 👽👽

    Gee, two words with a Z. Great anagrams. Nothing OUT of THIS WORLD.
    Today’s Guest Jumbler: BILL MORRISON. Famous for the Simpsons, Disney, and Roswell the Little Green Man. A three foot tall Green Reporter from the planet Zoot, who’s flying saucer crash lands on earth. He makes two earthly friends. Julienne Fryes, (shown in the cartoon) a beautiful red-headed pilot/mechanic/scientist with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. Post-War, she’s working in a diner. JULIENNE FRIES? How cool is that name? Definitely a CUT above! And there’s Jasper Kudzu, a cowboy who rides a mutant Rabbit named Dagnabbit. (And I was worried about my nightmare)? Morrison, with his remarkable graphic talent, and his very vivid imagination, makes a perfect Guest Jumbler. And Dave hasn’t ALIENATED himself here, either. So, poor little Roswell misses his alien girlfriend…No matter how good Julienne looks? It’s Sci-Fi, Folks. COMIC Sci-Fi…Eye candy? Julienne’s 1940’s inspired Pompadour hairstyle…The glamor just CARRIED ME AWAY…
    So, there you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone!
    And remember…ROSWELL that ends well…👽🙋🏻

  3. Bill is a fellow Downriver Detroit guy. Julienne Fryes, is based on his amazing talented, redhead, wife, Kayre. Who is also from Downriver. Bill is the president of the National Cartoonists Society and will be the new editor of MAD magazine next year. He directed the TV show Futurama as well as started Bongo Comic with Matt Groening. He is an amazing guy and it’s an honor to have him contribute to the Jumble. Wait! There’s more. He has written and illustrated the new Beatle’s Yellow Submarine comic book due out next year for the 50th anniversary of the movie/album. There you go!

    • Jeff, Do youse guys ( for Angela) have an association and conventions and all that? Does his work appear in newspapers? Little Green Man is new to me. Chuckle chuckle on Julienne Fries, I’ll probably chuckle at that all day. Golf in Indiana has ended for us old duffers at least for this season.

  4. In the EMPTY shopping PLAZA, usually a place for many to MINGLE, the fortune teller packed up her cards and ZODIAC symbols and went home early, disappointing day.
    Clue words were easy, especially with two Zs. The solution took a little longer perhaps because I was focusing on the lovelorn aspect of the cartoon rather than the “alien” slant. The answer eventually came and I didn’t have to resort to peaking here.
    I knew nothing about the “Green Man” cartoon or the artist so I am grateful to have learnt more about both. Thanks to those who enlightened me. Dreary, dreary day up here. Have to wait for tomorrow to enjoy late full sunshine.

  5. Good morning. First off , Thank You for all the background to today’s jumble. Most interesting. So far a enjoyable week. Todays words were not that easy for me. I was stuck on the third and fourth words so I looked at the cartoon and immediately got the answer. Looking at the third word I come up with leming which checks out to be a small rodent but I come up with a “m and g” which is no good for alienated. Checking with word finder only comes up with mingle. Two letters that I need. The last word fell into place. I should not have had trouble with those words after seeing the outcome. Oh Angela, what’s wrong with GREEN. Kermit is right up there with Miss piggy. One of the greatest love stories of all time. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul. Rest assured, I have nothing against GREEN. I simply needed a song to express the feelings of the poor, forlorn Little Green Man. As for Kermit, I love the little amphibian! He’s always been one of my favorite frogs…(And I’ve dated a few..Don’t believe all that drivel about a kiss turning them into Princes…A myth! And I had the warts to prove it)! But I digress…I hate to break this to you, but Kermit and Piggy are no longer one of the greatest love stories…They broke up two years ago. Miss Piggy wanted to go in a different direction. She wanted something with a little more MEAT to it. I quote, “I wanted to soak in the A-List nightlife. He wanted to soak in a tub of tepid swamp water. I wanted Hollywood..He wanted Vines”…Sadly, it’s ended. They tried BACON up, but it just wasn’t MINT to be…I’m just hoping Kermit finds someone new..And Miss Piggy will be GREEN with envy…🐸🐷🙋🏻

      • Thanks for the good laugh. I live in the past. I had no idea they were not an item any more. Another love tale shot to heck. Still my favorite is Elmo. Love that squeaky voice. Even had a large tee shirt with his picture on it. Finally gave it to one of my grand daughters that loved him too. Must admit when you see him and hear him talk it puts a smile on your face.

        • Hey, Paul. Has nothing to do with the past. You probably don’t watch “SWINE Witness News”. You hear everything! You gotta love the Muppets. I still have an original Tickle Me Elmo. His laugh is contagious. All the Muppets are great. And I still watch their movies, there’s a lot of puns in them. Glad I gave you a laugh. Have a great day, my Friend! 🐷🐸🙋🏻

  6. No blind solve again, but the words were easy and the puzzle easily solvable with the letters.

  7. The cartoon answer came to mind immediately but had to back in to mingle. I’m not familiar with this comic strip. It isn’t in our newspaper. Have a good Tuesday everyone.

  8. Empty took me a little longer. I never saw aliens with so much charm before. I like the female’s curly antennas or is that hair?

  9. Hi all – EMPTY took me the longest, then had to write the letters to get the answer. Great pun! MINGLE – a word with ING that wasn’t ALIGNING with IGN or ING at the end. Curses, they’re on to my little tricks.

    “Julienne Fryes”? LOL, don’t tell me we have to get out the mandoline again!

    Angela, I’m glad you referenced Dick Clark, because the first thing I noticed (after the green skin) was how perfectly the waitress pegged the time to the Roswell late-40s early-50’s era, from the meal to the outfit, topped off literally by the hairdo, itself topped off literally by the little tiara.. Don’t know when I last
    saw that. All she needs is rollerskates.

    Have a great day!

    Mad Magazine, Futurama, Beatles? Check, check, check!! Amazing.

    • Thanks, Steve. TBT, I only went to Dick Clark because I wanted the …”Has a good beat, and you can dance to it…”! That line cracks me up. I couldn’t get the rhyme right, so I put poor Dick in a trance…The waitress, Miss Julienne Fryes herself, was left to waitress because after all the men returned from WWII, she couldn’t get any other job. Art imitating life…The comic books are great. I used to buy them for my nieces and nephews in the late 90’s. I should find out if they saved any…💰💰! And, yes, I thought about the mandolin too! 😂😂 🙋🏻

  10. Hi, all. No problem with the words after remembering that “lemming” has 2 m’s and changed it to MINGLE.

    Had to use the letters for the answer because my brain looking at the picture saw only that he missed his girlfriend so I wanted the answer to be “friendless” even though it has too many of the wrong letters. Real answer was much better.

    Jeff always does a good job of picking guest artists who are at the top of their game, as is he.

    See ya’ tomorrow.

  11. Mike, thanks for saying that my stories are a hoot. I thought my yesterday’s one about being caught in a police dragnet might remind you of your new favorite show, LivePD, but now that I think of it, they might have been Highway Patrol cars rather than police cars on the freeway. I’m not sure.

    Last week after watching LivePD, you asked me where Pinal county is. When I told you, I didn’t admit that I had to Google it. It has been a long time since I taught students about our 15 counties.

    • No worries, Lelia. I know the names of the counties in my state, but if you ask me where they are on a map, I’d have no clue either. Whenever I see or hear about Arizona, you and Jerry come to mind immediately.

      It never warmed up here today and stayed in the high 30’s and low 40’s. Moose reminded me that November is a very cloudy month so I’m thankful for any rays of sunshine that we happen to get.

      I’ve been planning our Thanksgiving celebration and have almost all of my required ingredients. I will no doubt have to go back to the store for a few last minute items, but it’s only a quick drive up the road. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to try a side dish in my crock pot this year. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find the perfect recipe with no luck as of yet. I’m open to any suggestions that you might have or anyone else.

      My trick to Thanksgiving is to prepare most dishes the night before and bake them off the next morning. I then place them in my warming drawer until dinner service which holds them at precisely 120 degrees and it works like magic every time! I fry my turkey at the last hour and it is the moistest and juiciest way to prepare it. Many people use brines nowadays, but any turkey comes out fantastic in the fryer. It also free’s up our oven for dinner rolls and pies. My second choice of turkey preparation is to put it in an oven bag and roast it in the oven. The finished bird is just about as moist as frying it (and probably healthier but it’s Thanksgiving after all). If you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please pass them along!

      Have a wonderful Tuesday and talk soon. 🙂🙂🙂

  12. Hi, Steve! I will not let this day go by without saying “hi” to you and telling you that I enjoyed reading your post today to all of us. Now I must say “bye” and get 3 jobs done around here before bedtime.

    I slept until almost noon today, answered Mike’s comment to me, and then hit the road running errands. Got home just in time to cook a delicious dinner. See ya’!

    I just read Mike’s reply to me so tomorrow I’ll be calling people asking what their favorite Thanksgiving side dish is. What’s yours? I think your steamed brussel sprouts sound good. I saw a recipe to put them in Greek oil-and-vinegar dressing and roast/bake them in the oven. I liked them like that the first time but ate way too many. Steamed & buttered, always good.

    • Thanks Lelia. Nowadays I would agree; simple microwaved steamed Brussles Sprouts. I recently discovered Maggi sauce from Germany, a kind of soy sauce that I really like on them. Growing up, we didn’t really have fancy side dishes, just the classic mashed potatoes, good old Massachusetts cranberry sauce from the bogs, peas, etc. The turkey was so good it didn’t need a whole lot else. 🎵”I am a simple man, So I sing a simple song”🎵(Graham Nash).
      Took my wife to the dentist. All is ok.

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