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Good Morning, Everyone!                  💰 A GoldMEDDLE“💰

🎶 Don’t it always seem to go, That you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone…They’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot…🎶

💰💰The neighborhoods of yesteryear in time have gone away
Modernization’s what we have in place of it today
Where once had stood a stately home of elegance and grace
Today we’ll find four townhouses have risen in its place.
It didn’t start that SUDDENly, but INWARDly you knew…
Developers were now ASSIGNed to make these bids to you.
The money that was offered often caused one to INHALE
You’d never make such profit with an ordinary sale.
And neighbors became SPLINTered once the first one took the bait
They felt the greed had now determined everybody’s fate.
Development EMBODIED competition all anew
And one by one the stately homes were taken from your view…
The worst part of these multi homes, where one used to exist?
The infrastructure’s still the same…No, that they didn’t fix💰💰

Today’s words might not be new, but these housing developments sure are. You see them going up all over the country. How can our infrastructure HANDLE all this? Along the same VEIN, let’s SIFT right over to the PAN HANDLER. Our cartoon today shows us a developer, trying to entice an old prospector into selling his land. But the RECLUSE sees the developer for the obtuse guy he is. He’s a FOOLS GOLD, I mean a GOLDS FOOL…This sales pitch just ‘ain’t PANNING out! The man’s a RECLUSE…He doesn’t need the money, or any help…He just wants to…”MINEHIS OWN BUSINESS! Well, Straighten Up and PYRITE! This pun is GOLDen! SCRATCH another one off the list, Dave! Ok, eye candy. Hmm. There’s really nothing much to see today. It looks like we may have been given the SHAFT! So, there you have it, Folks! Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! Stay SLUICE, and don’t TARNISH your image! 💰🙋🏻

26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/12/2017

  1. This one took me an hour, with embody being the toughest clue word. I needed to find the other three answer words before I could come up with business. Have a great day.

    • Hi Caroline. Embody is definitely not an every day word. I blinked too. Nice to hear from you. Be well. 🙋🏻

  2. The spy had to EMBODY a SUDDEN INWARD strength when he was forced to INHALE the cigar smoke and refuse a SPLINT on his broken finger and not ASSIGN his task to another.
    Too many compound words and I was further confounded by the number of clue letters and the “—-” in the solution. Got all. the clue words but eventually gave up on the answer. Not my day and the sentence reflects my lack of something or other.. Oh well, can’t win them all.

    • Hey Earl. There’s nothing lacking in your sentence. Creative as always. You’re still a winner!
      Enjoy your day. 🙋🏻

  3. For some reason “assign” was the word that tripped me up this morning. Got the cartoon solution without difficulty so I’m off to a respectable start. Happy Sunday everyone.

  4. Hi, all! The cartoon answer was a quick solve for me because I had to go gold seeking with Jerry for many years after he got gold fever because of our finding a 2-ounce gold nugget. We panned, dredged, and used a sluice box like the one in the picture except in water like a creek, stream, or river. We have hundreds of small nuggets in our safe deposit box.

    If I calculated the total value of all the gold we found, it would be half or less than the cost of all the equipment Jerry purchased. We did it for fun, to be out in nature, and to enjoy all those evenings together around a campfire eating, singing, telling stories & jokes, roasting marshmallows, and putting the end of a stick in the fire & waving it around to make fire streaks in the air.

    Steve, I left you a late post yesterday while you shopped.

    • Saw your post Lelia, thanks. We can root for the Sharks and Leafs to meet in the Stanley Cup Final (very unlikely). Arizona lad Auston Matthews has been injured, but due back very soon. Marleau’s picking up the slack, scoring again, the last goal of Saturday’s game.

  5. Hi all – SPLINT took a bit of extra time. Fun to see an ‘ING’ word actually be an ‘IGN’ word (ASSIGN). Getting INWARD made INHALE more obvious, and EMBODY sounds familiar – seen recently?

    That city slicker could have anticipated the response from the curmudgeonly hermit (a man after my own heart) – you can tell he’s unrefined.

    🎵”I went back to Ohio But my city was gone
    There was no train station There was no downtown
    South Howard had disappeared All my favorite places
    My city had been pulled down Reduced to parking spaces
    Hey, oh, where did you go, Ohio?”🎵

    Despite that quote, have a great day!

    • LOL…Unrefined. Good one.
      Trust me, Ohio “got nuttin” on Staten Island. We can’t “PRETEND” 😉 anymore.
      Look what Sandy did to us. It’s on You Tube. They’re waiting until we all drift into the ocean. 🙋🏻

    • Hi, Steve! You said that the curmudgeonly hermit was a man after your own heart. Jerry agreed with me that without me around, he would BE that man. Got a story.

      Stopped at a garage sale in California when we went there to dredge for gold in the Stanislaus River because the sign included gold nuggets for sale & we were curious about prices. He told us a story.

      OLD MAN living in the mountains panning for gold would come to town to sell a few nuggets, shop for supplies, and head right back. Didn’t charge much for his gold. One trip, old man had a large nugget that he sold for $100. Garage sale GUY took it to town to a high-end jewelry store. Charged the jeweler $500.

      As GUY was leaving the jewelry store, he heard the jeweler excitedly tell a customer that he had just purchased a large gold nugget that the customer should take a look at. Customer asked how much total with it made into a necklace with a loop & chain. Jeweler replied $5,000. Customer said, “Done.”

      • Yet more coincidences, Lelia. A *long* time ago I got to go on several river rafting trips on the “Stan” because I had a friend who was an expert guide for one of the companies there (“Zephyr”), and who tried but failed to prevent the construction of New Melones Dam.

      • Hi, Steve! Rafting on the Stan! Good for you! I’ve never river rafted. Was it fun & exhilarating? I was fearful of whiplash. Is that an unlikely thing to happen? I was usually first on board for a fun activity but not that.

  6. A pun is the lowest form of humor…. except for all the rest….. until you eventually run out of other people’s jokes.

    • And yet some of us enjoy them immensely…Isn’t it grand that we all don’t think alike? 🙋🏻

    • I’m sorry, Gloria, I’m not following you. The solution calls for three Ns, and there are three in the circled letters I have printed in the write up. I’m not sure what you mean. 🙋🏻

  7. Good afternoon. Tried three times to get all the words but failed on two of them. Assign and embody eluded me. I actually had both words floating around in my head but couldn’t get it down on paper. Gave up on the cartoon answer too after awhile. Took off for bocce today because I haven’t been there since Wednesday. I was surprised to see that near the end there was a total of fourteen guys. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Paul. Might as well enjoy the Bocce while you can. Have a good night, my Friend. 💰🙋🏻

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