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Good Morning, Everyone!         👽 ALIENAND OUT OF SPACE 👽

🎶Two little men in a FLYING SAUCER flew down to Earth one day. Looked to left and right of it, Couldn’t stand the sight of it and said “Let’s fly away”…
They took a look at a Western movie, somebody heard them say, “If a horse can be a star, think how dumb the people are…We’d better fly away…”🎶

👽👽Whatever the attraction, it’s never come across
The allure of Science Fiction’s always had me at a loss
Some have called me NARROW minded, said my thinking’s all off TRACK
But Aliens and spaceships? My imagination lacks…
Whoever HATCHes up these things, begrudge them I do not
It’s just that most of these stories..? I fail to see the plot.
MODULEs to build a saucer that upon the Earth will land?
An alien and earthling with a frisbee in their hands?
To me it’s rather boring, there will never be appeal
I’m contented to keep living life just dealing with what’s real👽👽

Of all today’s words, Module may look a little ALIEN. The others have LANDED on our pages before. Today’s cartoon? Now this is a different story. I had a bit of a problem seeing EYE to EYE with this. I just don’t get it. Jeff’s showing us a LANDing field, and an alien couple with their spaceship. The male alien is speaking with a male human. The female alien is speaking with a little girl and her dog. The male alien mentions music. I’m thinking, what? NEPTUNEs? And the female alien is attracted to the little dog. I’m thinking what, after what happened to PLUTO? And the “men” are talking about throwing a frisbee around. A SAUCER. Ok, maybe that I get. FLYING SAUCER. Still not enough. I just feel that I’m missing something. I mean I get the pun, “DOWN TO EARTH“, but the sensible part? It’s too OUT THERE for me. Nothing here seems sensible, despite Dave’s question. I don’t know…Maybe if I had more time to PLANET. So, eye candy. See the dog? Between the apprehensive look on his face, and the tail that’s not wagging? Hmm. What’s UP with that? That dog SCENTses something…So, that’s it Folks! Done! Or undone…Today, I just ran OUT OF SPACE

Have a great day, Everyone! Live Long and Prosper…👽🙋🏻



21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/10/2017

  1. Well done, Angela. Another 4 AM job? Had to think about Module for a moment. Solution was easy, have a good day.

    • Thanks, Big Guy. 4:30 actually. Couldn’t really get into it. Not my forte. Left me feeling a little ALIENated…Enjoy your day, Moose. Stay warm. 👽🙋🏻

  2. The fiery TRACK the errant space MODULE left was due to a faulty HATCH and a NARROW crack in a fuel line.
    Module was the most difficult word for me and like others have done, I “backed” into it by solving the puzzle and then determining the letters I needed. Unusual method for me but it worked.
    Like Angela I have little interest in Sci-Fi and haven’t seen Star Wars or Star Trek. I’ll leave that genre to those who love it.
    Cold up here this AM and the wind is howling.

    • Good Morning, Earl. I haven’t seen any of them, either. So not a fan. But you could have fooled me with your sentence..One would never know! I spoke too soon earlier when I told Moose the winds weren’t bad here. They’re starting to rip. I think I should watch for the sanitation trucks…If I miss them, my pails will be ..”Gone With the Wind”….👽🙋🏻

  3. When I solve the puzzle w/o doing the CWs, I have no drive to try and get them. When I get what I am after why go through the CWs. Kinda of a male way of thinking eh?

  4. Easy one today, with only a slight pause on module. Surprise answer solved sans clue words again, today. Contrary to “Harry”, I take pleasure in seeing a task through to completion and solved all of the CWs.

  5. Good morning. Great job Angela, you had me laughing. Module took the very longest to get. Played around with the letters until it became Crystal Clear what the word was. (Love that line from “Few Good Men”). One of the few pictures I thought was better than the book. Maybe because I did a month there with our squadron. Anyway,when I got to the cartoon I kept thinking it had to do with the aliens holding the frisbee. The song “Flying Purple People Eater” came to mind and I was stuck in that time warp. But then the light bulb went off in my head and I came down out of the sky with the answer. Even though the answer left something to be desired. You guys put the smile back on my face. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Here’s one for you Paul (edited):

      🎵”Flying so high, trying to remember
      How many cigarettes did I bring along?
      Thought I saw angels, But I could have been wrong.
      Came down from the skies
      To cry you a song.”🎵 — Jethro Tull, “To Cry You a Song”

  6. 🎶It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater, One-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple people eater, One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater…Sure looks strange to me…🎶 Yeah, Paul. Get that stuck in your head…it’ll definitely stop you in your TRACKs!
    I think Module will be the “PART” of the puzzle that slows everyone down today…
    Thank you, kind Sir. Glad I could make you laugh. Be assured, you do the same for me!
    Be well, my Friend. 👽🙋🏻

  7. Easy solve today. Like others I paused at module. Had already solved the cartoon answer and went back to it. Like John, I always go back and solve the clue words even if I’ve already figured out the cartoon. I like to see all the little boxes completed.

    • Good morning, Betty. I always do too. And then I initial it with an A…
      It’s my own paper…
      Old habits die hard..! Enjoy your day! 👽🙋🏻

  8. Hi, all! This was my first non-instant cartoon solve in some time. After commenting/bragging/enjoying quick solves, this Friday puzzle fried my brain & brought my Jumble solving ego DOWN-TO-EARTH after ten minutes on MODULE!

    With MODULE solved, the cartoon answer was easy but not instant. Like Jerry’s coffee, it had to brew for a few seconds.

    Steve, what kind of music will you choose for the aliens?

    • There’s your answer below, Lelia.
      I’m pretty much recovered from my cold, and I left you a quick note about B. B. songs on IOW.

  9. Hi all – Only NARROW caused a quick pause.

    Hey Paul (and Angela) You beat me to the song (Great minds….). But I wrote this before I read any of the comments and I don’t want to waste all that typing, so with apologies, here goes anyway:

    Jeff – DUDE! It’s a good thing you didn’t draw those Earthly-Excursion-MODULE aliens with a horn in the middle of their foreheads. Then the purple-clad blonde would have had to worry if the song the guys chose was “The One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple Eater” by Sheb Wooley (and not “Wooly Bully”).

    🎵”I said Mr. Purple People Eater, what’s your line?
    He said “Eatin’ purple people and it sure is fine
    But that’s not the reason that I came to land
    I want to get a job in a rock and roll band”🎵

    It would either have been that song or Buchanan and Goodman’s “The Flying Saucer”, but that didn’t have a good beat and you couldn’t dance to it.

    The music genre is also appropriate since Mr. Wooley was “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’” on the TV Western “Rawhide”.

    Good day, everyone.

  10. Hi, Steve! Thanks for your complimentary post about what we taught daughters.
    Here’s my ice skating story I promised.

    After Soph. yr. at ASU, got a summer job living in home of rich Jewish couple taking care of 3 little boys, cleaning, laundry, ironing, & cooking for kids & me.

    One Sunday, my day off, after church I asked to use their car to go ice skating. Paid to get in and told the man I had never ice skated, had no skates, & didn’t know what to do first. He chuckled and got me into some skates, went to the ice, & brought back an old man whom he said enjoyed helping first-timers. With him holding my hands, I was skating in no time, but finally asked to rest.

    A cocky guy skated up near the bleacher seats, held his hand out toward me, and yelled, “Let’s skate!” I replied nicely that I would need a lot of help. He yelled back that he had just seen me skating. I said that the old man had been holding me up. Without offering to help me onto the ice, he just skated away angrily.

    Then a guy looking only at his feet, tried to turn around on some really wet ice in front of me, fell, took his hanky out and wrung it out, came off the ice, and sat on the bleachers a distance from me. When I called to him with a friendly inane greeting about getting wet, I don’t remember his looking at me as he mumbled an answer and got back onto the ice.

    A pretty red-headed girl skated up, sat beside me, and asked me to please say yes if she could convince her shy brother-in-law to ask me to skate. I told her to point him out. Recognizing the one too shy to speak or look at me, I told her I’d say yes.

    He skated over, came off the ice, walked over to me, and while still looking mostly at his feet mumbled in a low Elvis Presley voice, “Wanna skate?” One year later, almost to the day, he became my husband, Jerry. Most of our dates were ice skating.

    Haven’t forgotten the song list I promised.

      • Hi, Steve! “Elvis is still in the building!” Thanks, I love that! You are welcome for the story I love to tell, and I finally answered your Burt B. comments to me on IOW. So glad your cold is almost gone.

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