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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!  For the second day in a row, we’ve had some really fun and challenging clue words.  We’ve seen STEREO so many times in the past that it should literally jump off the page, but sadly this wasn’t the case for me.  It took an extra minute of thinking about it before it finally became visible with a giant palm to face moment afterwards.  Moving on to the cartoon, I couldn’t help but read the company names on the utility vans first, followed by the dialogue and sentence.  It turns out we have a real Hatfield/McCoy situation brewing with tempers flaring and fingers waving as well as a long fence dividing the two sides.  Interestingly enough, the wind guy says “you’re going down” as if to mean that solar guys preferred energy source doesn’t work well when the sun sets while solar guy calls wind guy a “blow-hard” meaning his type only works when there’s wind.  Very clever, Mr. Knurek!  The very cryptic letter layout caused me to write out the clue letters to arrive at the answer.  With WER being the first three letters, POWER came to mind leaving STRUGGLE to be found with no struggle (*groan*) at all.  We’ve had two excellent puzzles so far this week and I’m rather excited to see where our dynamic duo takes us from here.  Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂

38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/07/2017

      • You’re welcome, Bud. It’s lingering, but it’s better. Went out to vote already, at the crack of dawn. That’s enough to make one dizzy! 😉🙋🏻

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      • I should have encouraged people to get out and vote! Slipped my mind so shame on me. I’m glad you got it over with early so you can relax a bit. Beautifully sunny calm day here but definitely cold. Guess it’s a solar day. ☺️

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      • Never too late to do a PSA, but I’m sure everyone’s aware. I went at 5:45 and was one and done! Yes, it’s sunny, cool and clear here. Invigorating!
        Definitely a SOLAR day…SOLAR as the WIND doesn’t start BLOWing! 💆🏻


      • Thanks, Big Guy. 😘 Good one. I did find the puzzle ELECTRIFYING!
        So OHM curious. WATTS your weather like up there? We’re only in the low 40’s, but thankfully there’s no WIND. 💨🙋🏻


  1. 🎶”The answer my Friend, is BLOWIN’ in the WIND, the answer is BLOWIN’ in the WIND”…🎶…..🎶”Here comes the SUN, doo doo doo doo, Here comes the SUN. And I say…It’s all right”…🎶

    💨☀️ Environmentalists, let’s take heed …
    We’re GOING with Energy for today’s read…
    “Bring me your WEARY, your tired, your poor
    “We’ll save you money, evermore.”
    The new battle cries, these companies crow
    We hear it a lot, it’s in STEREO.
    When I got Solar Panels, my friends they all huddled
    It started to rain, and they stood in the PUDDLEs,
    All staring up, and saying, “We knew…
    The first on the block was going to be you…”💨☀️

    “POWER to the People”! Radical politics during the ’60s? No, TURBINES and SOLAR PANELS for today! BLEW through today’s words, easy, BREEZY. I was so CHARGED up to get to the cartoon. RENEWABLE ENERGY! I’m a big FAN! Jeff’s giving us two rival ENERGY companies, and the two REPS in a DUST UP. One’s the BLOW hard, the other’s the LIGHT weight. They’re THROWing DIGS at each other, trying to see who comes out on TOP…Arguing over Power…It’s a POWER STRUGGLE! Great pun, Dave! You’re really OHM to something here! And Jeff? Your choices for the companies’ names? So on POINT! You’re a regular SKYentist with this one today! WATT, WATT! I’m GREEN with envy! So, eye candy. Today…it’s a wide open FIELD! I like the logos on the men’s shirts, the turbine and the sun. I like the guys SHADES. Nice touch with the bovine in the backGROUND, and that’s no bull! There’s solar panels, and turbines, there’s a fence. It’s OVERwhelming! But I’m going to NARROW it down. The BLOWING face on the GUST of WIND on the truck? TURNING that TURBINE? Now that BLEW me away! So, there you have it Folks, Done!
    Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s all do our best to Save ENERGY. Leave a room? Turn OFF the lights. How would you like it if someone turned you ON, and then left….?? 💨☀️🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. Agree that stereo was the hardest of the words. Everything else was automatic. The cartoon answer for me was another story. Blowing in the wind was written and sung byBob Dylan. Here comes the sun by George Harrison. I’m thinking it’s got something to do with them. Being stuck on the final answer however didn’t bum me out as it would normally do because of today’s busy schedule. Voting and doctors follow up plus grocery shopping. Like Dylan it’s time to get into the wind. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good morning, Paul. Didn’t BURN you out? Nice!
      And yes, Brooklyn Buddy. Get to the polls! We can’t afford another 4 years of this BLOW hard!
      We need new blood, we need enLIGHTenment, we need to CHANGE the course!
      Have a GRATE day my Friend! 💨🙋🏻


      • That’s great you have panels! I don’t but I have a green (solar and wind) electricity supplier. NY now allows for community solar, too, which works for some people.


      • Hey Caroline. Yes, we’ve spoken about this many times before.
        You know I’m for anything that’ll help save this home of ours. I truly believe that in life we’re given a certain amount of everything. Use it up, that’s it, you’re done. Might sound naive, but that’s just my opinion. Hopefully, conservation will soon become part of everyones community. Take care. 🙋🏻

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      • LOL…Thank you, Caroline. Im glad you found them. I find I’ve become very fond of mine!
        Be well. 😘🙋🏻


  3. I seem to be in good company as I struggled with stereo even though I’ve seen it before. It seems to trip me up every time. Had to take some time with the cartoon answer as well but was able to solve it without peeking. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  4. Hi, all! Mike, your detailed description of the POWER STRUGGLE was excellent! I, too, am a member of the STEREO club today, having to self-jumble that common, familiar, easy word 10 times.

    Thought my electrician, Jerry, would get the word POWER quickly, but he didn’t.

    The Scrabble Grams puzzle lists the vowels before the consonants, so I separated our 13 letters, which put the two g’s together giving me STRUGGLE. Done!


  5. Mike, thank you for your comments to me this morning. I always love hearing from you personally as well as reading your post.

    We considered solar when we built this huge house, but our double paned windows, 12 inch thick outside walls (mostly cement), and massive insulation keep our electric bill unbelievably small.

    I made a copy of the beautiful Poppy Poster your son created and you proudly posted but can’t remember where I filed it so thought I’d ask. I was looking under Memorial Day, but my filing skills are weak. I remember your telling me about the sweet smile on his face as he wore his crown in the parade and how lucky you were that the parade paused right where you were standing, enabling you to take a lot of pictures. Sweet memories!

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    • There’s so much going on in real life right now (really good stuff!) that I’ve been rather quiet the past few weeks, Lelia. I always enjoy your posts and hope to post more myself as winter rolls in.

      You’re so sweet for making a copy of my son’s poster. Today his school is having a Veteran’s Day assembly and he will lead the pledge of allegiance because he is a Boy Scout. It’s going to be another memory filled day!!! Talk soon. 🙂


  6. Hi all – I came to a dead stop at the third word; not 🎵”Moving in Stereo”🎵 at all for a couple of minutes. Third word has definitely not been the charm for me lately.
    Wow, what a plentiful plethora of puns today; a delightful overdose, from the company names to the workers’ put-downs to the two panel trucks and three solar panels in the cartoon panel. All we need is for the guy on the right to sneer “You’re so VANE”, and it’s game over — as it is for me now.

    Wishing you all a 🎵”Bright, bright sunshiny day”🎵.

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      • Thanks Lelia. I’ve been concerned about your comfort lately as I see your temperatures dipping way down into the mid 80’s. Hope you’re staying warm!


    • ROTFL! 🎶 And I bet you think this song is about you…🎶 In STEREO! Excellent! !
      🎶Clearly now! 🎶 You LIT up the page! Kudos, Grasshopper! 😉🙋🏻


  7. WEARY after a day of moving, Art dropped one of his STEREO speakers in the PUDDLE while GOING to his new apartment in Soho.
    No e-mail again. Waited and waited and gave up. Calendar boy today.
    Stereo also gave me weird vibrations but the solution was no challenge. I’ll pass on any other comments and go looking for the lyrics to. “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

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    • Hey, Earl I thought that might be it when I didn’t see you. That or standing in for someone again at the hospital. I’m sorry your day’s not going well. But you’d never know it from your sentence. And Art came to Soho! I know it So So well! Oh wait, is it NY? Or London’s West End? That I don’t know at all! 😉
      For you, Calendar Boy. Maybe it can cheer you up..
      🎶I love, I love, I love my calender girl
      Yeah, sweet calender girl
      I love, I love, I love my calender girl
      Each and every day of the year…
      Yeah,yeah, ….My heart’s in a whirl…I love, I love, I love my lilltle Calendar Girl..🎶🗓
      Hope the day gets BRIGHTER! Be well, kind Sir. 🙋🏻


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