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Good Morning, Everyone!         🚑 THE RIGHT OF WAYand ….RIGHT AWAY! 🚑

🎶Everytime I see you lookin’ my WAY, Baby, Baby, CAN’T YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT?…In the car..DRIVIN’ down the HIGHWAY…Baby, Baby, CAN’T YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT?…🎶

🚑 🏩 The other day while driving, an Ambulance went passed
I always think of who’s inside and a silent prayer I cast
We pulled aside to give access, as the sirens’ VOLUME rose
I closed the window to ABSORB the sound; it unnerves me I suppose.
The IDIOCY of some drivers who kept going just the same
Was met with a CHORUS of shouting as closer it became,
Some people think they’re privileged, the rules just don’t apply
Living in Ivory PAGODAs, while the rest of us comply…
Today it’s seems to be TRENDY, do what may, just come and go
I think these people, should silently pray, that’s it’s no one that they know…🚑🏩

Even though each of today’s words have PASSED BY us before, I think a few of them may have caused a STOP here and there. LOVEMU? I love mu, too! ABSORB, PAGODA and IDIOCY appear to be new anagrams, and all very well done! DRIVEN to distraction? You’re not alone! Our cartoon. Today once again, Jeff has given us a subject that lends itself to SERIOUSness. How frustrating is it to see some people refusing to YIELD the right of WAY to an AMBULANCE? Living in NYC, trust me, we see them. And trust me, we yell out the windows in unison…”Pull over you idiot”…( I think it’s written in the DRIVERS manual we receive…I’ll check…) Anyway, our cartoon shows an AMBULANCE en ROUTE to the hospital, and drivers on both sides pulling over to give it a “clear path”. Also in the dialogue, the female EMT saying …”he can recuperate”. Giving us the…”ROAD TO RECOVERY“! ALL CLEAR, the Guys have done it again! Great pun, like a SHOT in the ARM! Ok, eye candy. Uh, Anybody? No, not today…KEEP IT MOVING FOLKS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE! So, there you have it, Done!
Have a great day, Everyone. 🙋🏻
And to all the EMTs, and Paramedics out there, I hate when you’re called “Ambulance Drivers”. With WAY less pay, and WAY less space to work in, you do the work of an ER…While driving at 70 MPH! I tip my hat to you, in respect…..🚑 💓


28 thoughts on “Jumble Answer for 11/05/2017

  1. Good morning Angela all,
    An easy Sunday for me but I did have to back into Absorb (typo). Very nice tribute, Angela, to the lifesaving work these people do.

    • Good morning, Caroline. Thank you. Underpaid and under appreciated, unfortunately. They’re a special breed. ABSORB looked ABSURD! 😉
      Have a great day! 🙋🏻

  2. During an Asian tour, the CHORUS could not perform in one PAGODA because of the TRENDY IDIOCY of hanging political banners that tended to ABSORB the VOLUME of their songs.

    No e-mail today and went to three sites to find the puzzle—two would not let me complete the words,let along solve the puzzle, so I’ve deleted those sites. Frustrating Sunday Morning.
    Once I found the puzzle, “idiocy” gave me pause as did the solution—which I believe was due to my impatience with websites. Enough of my kvetching.
    My father, two brothers, several nephews four uncles have all been Volunteer Firemen and so I have first-hand experience of the dedication of EMTs, Firemen and their wives and families. They deserve all the praise and support we can give.

    • Good morning, Earl. Someone told me early this morning that the web site they usually use had a 4 word puzzle printed today. IDK. But the one I gave you a week or so ago, the post star, has never been wrong. IMO, it’s the best. And oddly, I got the main email, (which keep in mind, I create, and sometimes don’t get)! but I didn’t get the first 2 posts that Moose made to me. I just don’t know. Major kudos to your family members. I have volunteer fireman in my family also, so I too know first hand the dedication. I truly believe all EMT related personnel are the unsung heroes of society.
      Once again, your sentence “takes me away”, literally. The imagery is amazing!
      I hope the kvetching subsides and you cheer up…we’ll be in the dark tonight before 5!
      Be well, my Friend! 😉🙋🏻

  3. I do not get the Sunday Jumble in my Sunday Newspaper so I do the puzzle online.

    For the last 2 weeks neither the online version using my phone or my desktop does not work.

    I have even tried different browers…msn, google, and firefox…but none of them work…3 weeks ago the online version worked.

    Any suggestions?


    • Hi Russell. It seems others are having problems today also.
      I don’t know about helping you long term, but here’s today’s puzzle. Maybe bookmark this, and use it each Sunday? It’s never failed me. Scroll down three slots, and you’ll see the Jumble. Tap on the Download PDF button, and it’ll enlarge for you. Good luck, Sir. Let me know how it turns out.
      Be well. 🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Has been a nutty start to a dreary day. First off I set the alarm clock knowing the old adage, spring forward,fall back and yet I moved the clock forward. I set the alarm for church but always wake up before it goes off. Not today. So I rush shave and brush my teeth and out the door. Now I walk a full block and wonder why it’s so dark so I look at my phone and can’t believe it’s only 5:36.I go back to the house and sit in the recliner and wake up 7:55 and rush to get there 5 minutes late. I’m always a twenty to thirty minutes early. Now I’m doing Jumble and so far only got three words so I look at the cartoon and get it instantly. Now to check to see if I’m correct I take my glasses off so as not to see the words and to see the answer I cover them up and put my glasses back on. Now that I have that right and posted. I’ll leave you guys and try to finish. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul! You have me in stitches! You definitely can paint a picture! I give you credit for still going! I would have admitted defeat waking up late the second time! And fitting, today’s Gospel…”Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, but whoever humbles himself will be exalted”.
      One hour forward, one back…You’ve got me confused, now, and exhausted! It’s like you’ve put in a full day’s work already! ROTFL…
      I sent you a post this morning at 5:52 about Denny. No wonder you didn’t answer me, you fell back to sleep! You can’t make this stuff up! You’ve made my day. I’m grinning ear to ear!
      Have a great day, my Friend! Brooklyn is in the House! 😉🙋🏻

      • I read it before I posted. Didn’t think I had to comment. I got. Mother word and am thinking whether or not to give up. Can’t make up my mind. Think I’ll keep the drama going as to will he peek or will he give up. Peace out baby. Haha

        • Paul. Mother word? ROTFL…I pray this is a typo. You got an M and a W? Forget what time it is…What day is this? You made me go back and look at the letters! My side is splitting, really. And these are new jeans, I’m sending you the bill! 😂 Do me a favor… Don’t peek…It’s so much more fun this way…Peace out, Brooklyn! 😂🙋🏻

    • PAUL, I just answered your yesterday’s comment to me but put it with yesterday’s comments. Your today’s time-changing story is a riot. Mine is not as wonderful. I decided one Sunday to get to my third-grade classroom at church an hour early to do some cleaning & curriculum planning, but the children began arriving immediately. I had forgotten to change my clock. In Arizona we don’t do that anymore. When we did, we had to wait until almost 9 p.m. to have a 4th of July fireworks show, waiting for it to get dark.

  5. Paused at chorus and pagoda but had already figured out the cartoon answer so backed into them. Like Angela, I too say a silent prayer for the person inside whenever an ambulance with lights and sirens passes me by. We have simply wonderful EMTs & Paramedics here in our city. Paul, it sounds like you’re way ahead of all of us. Happy Sunday everyone.

    • Good morning, Betty! Paul has me dying! I’m literally laughing out loud!
      The Sisterhood. I’ve always said a prayer, and I’ve always joined in the CHORUS of yelling at the scofflaws! One right after the other! A double-edged sword! What can I say, it’s in the manual! And nobody’s perfect! 😉
      I think everywhere in the country we’re blessed with these silent heroes. We’re lucky to have them.
      Have a great day! 🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – Had no trouble with the words, but had to write out the letters. Then stared at them for a minute, and the answer appeared. Nice and sunny and cool here after yesterday’s rain. Have a good morning, or afternoon, or Paul, whatever it is you’re experiencing now 😂.

    Angela, about your NYC driver comment – someone reported to one of our newspaper columnists that he had just been honked at by a driverless car, but at least it hadn’t learned how to use gestures yet.

    Lelia – You’ll have to speak up; you’re an hour farther away from me now.

    • Hey Steve. Can you imagine? Driverless cars on NYC streets? God save us all.
      It is now 1:28 PM EST. Please write it down…😉🙋🏻

      • I know the time, but it still might be dark 😂 Sure seems like it sometimes anyway!

        • Oh, That wasn’t for you. I was just talking out loud to myself, and Siri did the typing…!!!😂😂😂


      This sentence using clue word letters popped into my head today, but I’m warning you that even though it is a very nice sentence, it is VERY far-fetched.

      Sitting on the barstool BBARSO at our kitchen island eating lunch & listening to music, I heard a chorus COHURS sing lovely music LOVEMU, a Dog Patch DOGPAA band perform a western song I like, and last was the operatic voice of DOYICI singing the song entitled TYRNDE.

  7. Angela you had me in stitches. Thanks for a good laugh. I didn’t proof read when I sent it out. Should have been “another”. I called my friend and she was missing same two words as me. She gave me the fifth word but it didn’t look right so I checked her spelling and she had it wrong. I’ll be honest. I never saw idiocy before that I can remember. I did however get pagoda finally. Think I should get a “C” plus as I just missed one word. Thank God there was no time limit. Until tomorrow stay strong.

    • Well, we’re almost even then Paul, because as long as the seam doesn’t split on these jeans, were ok! 😂 You’re a very funny man, seriously!
      Oh, Another. Ok, that makes sense, I was like..There’s an M, albeit not in use, but a W? WT..? You’ve never seen IDIOCY? But you do live in Brooklyn, right? Well, have you read our Drivers Manual? ..”Yell out the window, “Pull over, you Idiot”…And then in the small print…”Feel free to deal with the IDIOCY in this manner”…See if you still have yours…I think it was page 11…
      Today, despite all the odds, you’ve earned an A+. The entertainment value alone was off the charts! 😉🙋🏻

  8. Hi, all! Solved the cartoon answer quickly because of the word “recuperation” in the dialog.

    Our grandson, Jeremy, who is in the Army, had no idea what he would study when he joined but it didn’t take him long to choose medical. He became a Combat Medic and then an EMT. Now he is finishing up becoming a Paramedic.

    His wife, who is an RN, is studying to be a Nurse Practitioner.

    I love hearing their stories of taking care of our sick & wounded ones. I am so proud of them.

  9. What do you know? Haven’t been able to post or reply all day. Finally able to. I doubt that I will tomorrow. Mystery.

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