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Good Morning, Everyone!               🚁 RESCUE ME! 🚁

🚁🚁 Some petrified wood is a FOSSIL, in certain parks it’s found
Organic becomes mineralized, inside where it is WOUND.
The stone that’s formed is studied, maybe by our cartoons’ man
But I’m sure the rescue ensuing wasn’t a part of his plan.
I wonder exactly what happened, he doesn’t look that great,
But luckily help has reached him, and recovery awaits.
The copter causes a VORTEX that Jeff chose not to show,
We’re only seeing it back in the air, as it gets ready to go.
He’ll be taken to a hospital, to a BOOTH in an ER
I hope the ride’s not too bumpy, and also not too far.
The puzzles words weren’t tough today, no real challenge was there,
But the topic sure is serious…Let’s hope our guy’s in the clear…🚁🚁

So, RESCUE. Serious subject matter today. Good words, great anagrams, and a dose of reality with our cartoon. We see a rescue operation in progress, and a man, hopefully not too WOUNDed. Spelled the same, pronounced differently, and having different meanings. I think what we have here, is a Heteronym. But it was challenging enough to figure out where I was going with FOSSIL, so there’ll be no SEARCHing for an English lesson today! Dialogue: “ASAP”. Question: “In the forest”…He’s rescued, but he’s not..”OUT OF THE WOODS“. The pun is great, the cartoon? A tad petrifying! Good job, Jumble Guys…You’ve TAKEn IT AWAY again! Eye candy? Today, it’s what I don’t see. The rescuee is bare armed? Shouldn’t he be wrapped up in that blanket? You got me…I have enough trouble trying to save myself on a daily basis! So, there you have it Folks! Done!
Have a great day, Everyone! …”Don’t try this at home….” 🚁🌲🙋🏻



19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/03/2017

  1. Good morning. My son looked at jumble for maybe ten seconds and had the answer. Had to tell him I usually never look at the cartoon until I have the words first. I tried but no light bulb went off so I went back to my method. I didn’t even have to use the back door as all the words came easy. Seeing all those “O” gave me the solution to its outcome. Angela,as usual a fine job. Would not even attempt to try and top you. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Thank you, Paul. FOSSIL almost did me in, but that second cup of coffee was the LIFE SAVER!
      LOL at the Alice reference…Believe me, I’ve been down that Rabbit hole many a time!
      Have a great day, my Friend! 🐰 🙋🏻

  2. There was such a violent VORTEX around the BOOTH selling the latest smart phone that one old FOSSIL suffered a stylus WOUND during the melee.

    Agree that today’s words and solutions were not (ebony or mahogany) hard but I had to look at the scrambled letters for VORTEX for a few seconds—didn’t come immediately, but the solution did, especially when I noticed all those “Os”. Agree with Angela about the cartoon–I checked it out in color on another site and it was pretty but given the fall foliage, it could have been spectacular.
    Interesting post Angela—I also hesitated about which “wound” to use and ended up with the more common pronunciation for now. When the day has “wound” down perhaps I’ll try again.

    Have a good weekend everyone and for those football fans out there, we Buffalo fans are licking our wounds from the Jets’ shellacking.

    • Earl, Your sentence made me laugh. When I saw FOSSIL this morning, I truly considered scraping the poem altogether. They weren’t the easiest words to meld! But when I realized I could use WOUND as WOUND (😉) as in winding, the rest fell into place. My first glance at the word though did produce the “injury” meaning in my head. I was pleased to use that interpretation later in the post. As for Football, what can I say? I’m a Giants fan…
      How’ s that for consolation! 😂 Have a great day! 🙋🏻

  3. Gentlemen, Good morning! I’m running late, but I’ll be back, ASAP! (Pun intended).
    Smoke ’em if you got ’em….🚁🙋🏻

  4. Did not solve the surprise answer ahead of the words this morning. Vortex was a bit VEXing, but the rest came easily.

  5. Hi all – No problem today with the words. Got the solution as soon as I got past the TREES to see the WOODS. I suppose the guy could have been WOUNDED putting on the FOSSIL watch he just WOUND.

    Earl, not to rub salt in the WOUND, but last week before the Raiders played the Bills, John Madden noted that people sometimes just forget about the teams in the four corners of the country, especially in those stretches in the past when they all weren’t very good – Buffalo, Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego.

    Angela – 🎵”Petrified wood process tall timber down to rock”🎵

    • 🎶Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow🎶 Anima…Means something totally different in Italian.
      I thought FOSSIL watch. I still wear mine. But it was easier once I COULD “see the forest for the trees…” 😉🙋🏻
      (OUCH to Earl…Be nice, MLB Giants Fan!) 😉

    • Those who analyze sport, before, during or after, tend to aggravate me. Often I’ll MUTE the tv to enjoy the game. Buffalo is not in one of the major media markets and is often overlooked. The locals who support the team and the owners can be proud of the fact that the Bills have stayed just east of Lake Erie and not fled south or west.

      • 🏈 NEW YORK in the HOUSE! 🏈
        Earl, For the record I meant OUCH to the comment, not OUCH to you! 😉🙋🏻

      • Indeed they can be proud, Earl. (You mean unlike that *other* team on Lake Erie that fled?)
        And I always admired the sportscaster who stayed true to Buffalo – is it Frank Deford I’m thinking of? I guess the only surefire solution is that of the Packers, whose fans own the team.

  6. I didn’t think of “woods” so I tried making two and three letter words. It wasn’t until I found “out” that I was able to get the answer. Wishing all a fun weekend.

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