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Ghoul morning everyone, and Happy Halloween!  The wait is over and we finally have our Halloween themed Jumble puzzle for 2017.  The clue words were no trouble at all, with FRUGAL being the only anagram needing a second look.  

Moving along to the cartoon, Jeff gave us a spooktacular drawing of a mom and children dressed in Halloween costumes.  Mom really stole the show with her Bride of Frankenstein costume and bat earrings.  The two children were dressed for the occasion with the one on the left as the grim reaper and the one on the right as a zombie.  If you have any kids dressed in these costumes tonight, I hope you remember today’s cartoon and it gives you a big smile.  

It may be hard to see in the newspaper version, but in moms candy bowl was what looks like Jumble candy!  All we see is the “BLE” of the wrapper and it was a very well placed detail.  I wonder what flavor it is???

The solution to the puzzle required me to write out the clue letters, and what a frightfully fun pun it was once solved.  Very clever, David!  I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Good morning, Mike Happy Halloween! Love your post, some of it seems EERILY familiar! Wishing you a FRIGHTFULLY great day! 👻🙋🏻

  2. 👻👻 You’re thinking what your kids told you, the THIRD was really rough
    The no name bags of candy ‘have no FLAVOR and they’re tough’
    “No one is going to want this”, GROWLs the group in dire despair
    Your attempt at being FRUGAL? Second thought, a bad idea.
    You’re not sure what to do now, the night’s ruined you surmise…
    The panic’s starting to set in, And then…You blink your eyes,
    The darkness is around you, you’re lying in your bed…
    You waken from the reverie…It was all inside your head!
    Phew! So relieved you didn’t ruin the children’s Trick or Treat
    And this Folks was the original script for Nightmare on Elm Street…👻👻

    HALLOWEEN! Faith and Begorrah! Oh, wrong Holiday…HALLOWEEN! WRAITH and BeGOREah! The right words are soooo important! And today’s words are no exception. Easy, breezy, nothing new. The TREAT today is our cartoon. Jeff gives us the Bride of Frankenstein, “She’s alive’ she’s alive…” And now she’s a Mother too! … A lot of script rewrites today! Two little boys, obviously over indulged with candy, are seen with a pile of wrappers; their bag and pumpkin emptied. One’s dressed as The Grim Reaper, with the Skeleton mask and Scythe, the other looks to be a character from the Walking Dead. Do I denote a theme here? Hmm. The dialogue..”SCARE up any more room”…”I’m stuffed..”. “FRIGHT-FULL”! BOOm! SPOOKtacular Halloween Pun! And now, the eye CANDY! I think we have a pun right there, Candy? No? Hmm. Well, we have the Brides’ earring, a BAT. Could BAT be it? Nope, not so fast. Just like my poem, look at the candy in the bowl! I think it’s Jumble Candy! Have you seen THAT sold in any store? Uh, no..It’s the NIGHTMARE all over again! Deja BOO!!
    So, there you have it Folks! Done. Have a great day, Everyone! Happy Halloween!

    And remember…🎶You are so..BOOtiful to me, You are so BOOtiful to me, Can’t you see…🎶 👻🙋🏻

      • Same to you, Mike. Now all we need is for Earl to go with the Flavor/Frugal mix, and we’ll have a Halloween Hat Trick! Steve will be esSCAREtic!…👻🙋🏻

      • Halloween thoughts later Mike, but first:
        🎵Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you
        Happy birthday dear Mike’s dog,
        Hope you roll in some goo. 🎵

        Woof! and ¡FLEAS cumpleaños!, amigo, from one old SOB to another.

        • His eyes are getting foggy, and his hearings going dim
          But 15 in a dog’s age is a lot…So good for him!
          He follows right behind Mike, he’s loyal and still fit
          To honor HALLO-WEENIE day…It’s KIBBLE and some BITS! 🐶

            • Ah, but this is a milestone Birthday. He’s deserving of so much more…Perhaps treat him to some Rangoons tonight…! 🐶🙋🏻

              • It’d be a long night of potty trips if I went that far. I’m already in for it with the 🍔!

                Only one comic book character (Star Lord/Guardians of the Galaxy) visited last night. He of course received extra candy! 😁

              • LOL..Oh, right, I didn’t think of that! You’d have to sleep with the back door open!
                Extra candy and a High Five! 🙋🏻

              • The kid knows his audience! But why are they trick or treating the night before Halloween? That’s not a New England tradition I remember.

              • Each community chooses the day and times for that work best for them. We’ve always been the night before, and some places are the 28th and 29th!

        • That really caught me off guard, Steve! I’m not sure howl you remembered, and it brought a big smile to my face. 😀😀😀
          I’d read it to Marty, but it would fall upon deaf ears (literally). Happy Halloween, my friend!

          • A dog born on Halloween to an owner who loves comics? His favorite must be “Tails From the Crypt”, or perhaps “The Mummy’s CURse”. Ok, I won’t HOUND you with this LINE of thought any longer lest it BREED discontent.

            • LOL…You’re really bucking for Membership in the HALLOWed Halls today, aren’t you? Kudos! 🐶🙋🏻

  3. Happy Halloween to all. No problem with first three words, but spent a minute on frugal. Solution was easy. Better day, sunny, cold, but less breezy.

  4. When the vicar was trying to be FRUGAL, he did not buy his dog’s favorite FLAVOR of “treat” and after the THIRD GROWL from the mastiff, he realized the “trick” had not worked.

    No problems today. Happy Hallowe’en everyone. More later, I’m at my hospital.

    • Hi Earl. Crazy day. I didn’t miss how you got both “Trick” and “Treat” in there. So on point.
      Hope you’re enjoying your Halloween. 👻🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. The werewolfs growl had me shaking in my boots for a third time. Living such a frugal life lead me to be out of flavor for the werewolf s planned gourmet meal. In unison with all on frugal being the toughest word. The cartoon answer was a snap. After only one day it’s back to using the calendar to obtain the blog. Have a great day and be well.

    • Good morning, Paul! Such an excellent sentence befitting of All Hallows’ Eve. I especially liked the “frugal life” line. Have a wonderful Halloween, my friend! 🕸🕷🕸

  6. Hi all, and Happy Halloween! FRUGAL took the longest, and I had to pause on THIRD.

    I love the bat earring and the skull treat bucket. The boy on the left has the best costume. He must be the Grim Reaper because, since he’s so young and his mother is present, he’s probably not paying homage to John Forsythe (of “Bachelor Father”).

    I wish that spiders didn’t alarm us, ‘cause after all, they’re mostly harmless, and eat the bugs that actually harm us.

    • Hey Steve: Random thoughts…
      You paused at third, like Greg Bird should have. We might still be in it…
      Forsythe here, Forsythe there (IOW)…”The Forsythe Saga”?
      “The house is burning, the house is burning..”….😂
      Great Board Material! ⭐️ Kudos!
      Happy Halloween,Grasshopper! 👻🙋🏻

      • Same to you Angela. Do the kids in your neighborhood trick or treat tonight?
        And I hope the storm aftermath isn’t bad enough to deter them.

        • I really don’t know. There aren’t that many small kids around here. I’m usually not here in the daytime on Halloween. I go back to my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, where I think Trick or Treating may have been born! 😂 We’d have to check with Paul! And at night, I’m at a party every year. I will tell you, though, I came from the bank a while ago, and there’s adults dressed up walking the streets! BOO yah!
          And, the streets are all cleared, they did a good job with the storms aftermath…👻🙋🏻

      • Regarding the kids trick or treating. On my block the bell never rings but if you go down 3,4,5 blocks like Quentin Road Avenue R the block is loaded with kids Coming back from bocce I saw easily 20 and more kids on one block alone. Cutting up and down the side streets they were all out. They were having a ball.

        • Hey Paul. Good evening. Growing up in Brooklyn Trick or Treating was wonderful, wasn’t it? We went out right after school, came home for dinner, and went right back out again. Alone!
          I was in Brooklyn today, in Gravesend. Not exactly like it used to be, but still “Brooklyn”.❤️
          Have a good night, my Friend. Prayers for the victims of today’s attack. 😢

  7. Hi, all! Mike, I was ecstatic to see a Halloween cartoon for you and glad it was a quick solve for me so I could read your post with so much detail.

    Mike, Happy Birthday to Marty!! (Steve beat me singing the Happy Birthday song.)

    Our daughter, Joyce, decided it would be fun to have a dark theme for her 40th birthday party, but it backfired when a lady with 3 young girls arrived who took one look at our door greeter, Jeremy, dressed as the Grim Reaper & all 3 began to cry.

    Two of my favorite Halloween purchases were a witch & a skeleton, which I have given to our daughter, Diane. The 4-foot tall witch stands inside the front door greeting you with an eerie “Hello, Dearie” & much more while the foot tall skeleton stands in his box with his head falling into his hands (but not off) as he sings “Goin’ Out of My Head Over You” & more and saying “I’ve Got a Headache.” Pretty funny!

    Steve, we did not get the Sharks/Leafs game in Phoenix, but congrats Sharks!

    • Yes Lelia, that did seem unlikely. The broadcasts are controlled by the local teams and they’re a source of revenue. That’s why there are packages like NHL Center Ice for sale for out-of-market games. The exception is for national games on NBC, NBCSN or NHL Network, where you might see any two teams.
      It sounds like your cable person just heard the word “hockey” and stopped listening to your actual question, and you have the same caliber of cable people as your surgical schedulers and dental assistants.

      In any case you didn’t miss too much. The celebration was nice, but just a video recap of his career and the standing ovation, no speeches or anything. Auston Matthews scored, Marleau played well, and the Sharks won.

      Needless to say, I love the “Goin’ Out of my Head” skeleton!

      • Hi, Steve! Thanks for the update about last night’s ice hockey game. Checking my computer for the final score, I was delighted to find the Sharks 3-2 WIN! That gives us hope that the Sharks might win the Stanley Cup after all!

        Well wishes to your wife at the dentist.

        Thanks for liking my singing skeleton. If I find the list of all the songs he sings, I’ll tell it to you but I left it in the box with the skeleton and that daughter isn’t having her usual Halloween party tonight.

      • Steve, loved your unbelievably clever “FLEAS Cumpleanos” to Mike’s dog Marty, a radically funny pun of the Spanish “Feliz Cumpleanos.”

        Also, thank you for the second Marleau article with the complimentary stories about him. What a guy!

        • To tell you the truth, I think I mischievously smiled to myself more when I realized I could give him good wishes literally as an equal old son of a bitch. Whatta dog!

      • Steve, of course you smiled more at your sob comment because that was your “guy” comment, which you remember that I like, too, but I especially loved the clever & funny pun.

  8. Only frugal was a little troublesome. Thanks for pointing out all the details,Mike, and Happy Birthday to your dog, who was honored with two jumble poems. Halloween was not our dog’s favorite holiday. All the doorbell ringing and foot traffic drove him crazy.

    • Hi, Caroline, This the same dog that wouldn’t bring the balls back?
      Poor puppy, he sounds so melanCOLLIE! …Hope you have a great Halloween! 👻🙋🏻

      • Yes, but he was generally a very sweet and happy dog, but macho, too. He just wasn’t into fetching and he tried to defend his home. He had a love/hate relationship with the mailman.

        • Hey Caroline. You know I was just “pulling his TAIL”. He sounds PAWSitively adorable! 👻🙋🏻

          • Always. I still miss my favorite cat who died suddenly in Dec. 2000.
            You know, lately I’ve gotten comfort from a very unexpected source – Vin Scully when he retired. He said “Don’t be sad that it’s over — be glad that it happened.” That seems to give me perspective when I need it.

            • Surprising that you’d say unexpected source. When you’ve been around that long, and you have a good heart, I think you acquire many “words of wisdom” . And this is a good one. Rings very true. We all need words of comfort from time to time. It’s the part of our soul that remembers, and craves that familiarity. I sometimes wonder… would we be better off without the memories? Because some of them hurt so much? And then…you have Vin Scully…💔❤️

              • I’m just talking about my cats here (eleven of them) – I wouldn’t say it was ever easy, but eventually I realized that there was such a thing as “appropriate grief”, that there was nothing wrong with letting myself feel it, and it would fade and the memories would remain cherished.
                I think that’s all the seriousness I want for right now, though.

      • Good way to think about things, Steve. A local columnist once wrote something like – when you die, all the dogs from your past will come running up to you (not sure what happens in the case of cats).

        • They will still allow you to feed them! I know my guy Harry would walk right up and give me a big affectionate nose-rub just like he did every morning. He pretty much loved everybody. When my wife’s father picked him up, he said he felt like he was made out of concrete. (“Not tiny”!)

    • You’re most welcome, Caroline! Sorry so late in the reply but I’ve been gearing up for a quick getaway for the weekend. My dogs have always barked at the doorbell and it really drives me insane. Ever since they were pups, they have always barked and I was never able to break them of it. They’re much too old to try any corrective measures now so I’ll just have to live with it. Thanks again for the well wishes on his birthday. It meant a great deal. 😊😊😊

  9. One more for Marty, after his special double cheeseburger
    Halloween night:

    🎵”I believe in fires at midnight —
    when the dogs have all been fed.
    A golden toddy on the mantle —
    a broken gun beneath the bed.
    Me, I’ll sit and write this love song
    as I all too seldom do —
    build a little fire this midnight.
    It’s good to be back home with you.”🎵
    —Jethro Tull, Fires at Midnight 🐶👍🍔🍔

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