Jumble Answers for 10/30/2017








Good Monday morning everyone, and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  It was a very easy Monday morning puzzle with no problems solving the clue words or the cartoon answer.  SOCIAL would be my pick for the most difficult anagram to decipher.  I’ll keep it short and simple today with hopes of a Halloween themed Jumble coming tomorrow that will give me a lot to write about.  Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

37 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/30/2017

  1. 🐶🐶 I say HONEY BUNNY to “The Littles” all the time
    They giggle and they love it…It’s something in the rhyme.
    I’m teaching them from very young the fun that’s in a word,
    With songs and rhyme and phonics all the sounds that can be heard.
    “This Rocket sounds like LOCKET, just like the one you wear…”
    “The train sounds like the plane; listen to the sounds you hear…”
    One nephew turned to me and said “How ’bout a Teddy Bear?
    It sounds just like what’s on my head, it sounds just like my hair…”
    I want them to be SOCIAL, to be kind… but all the while…
    The one who caught on right away? My future Logophile! 🐶🐶

    HOWL cute that Dave chose to TOSS us HONEY BUNNY! Not new words, but a new trend perhaps? Rhyme? It’s difFURrent, but I like it! Our cartoon. A couple playing FETCH with their dog. We see the ball rolling, and the dog right on its TAIL. He’s fast, a real comPETitor! The dialogue tells us that “nothing gets past him”. He’s “ON THE BALL”. Piece of KIBBLE! This wasn’t RUFF at all! Monday morning, and I guess the Jumble Guys figure it’s the LEASH they can do for us! Good job, Guys! Ok, let’s cut to the CHASE, the eye candy. Not a LOT of PETtential today. There’s the ball, looking a little DOG EARED. But, I’m choosing the coffee, “to go” with. The woman’s holding a steaming cup. (Should we mention here that Jeff’s been giving us a lot of steaming coffee cups lately? I conCUR whole heartedly! I never leave home without one, and I’m always PAWSing for a cup)! …So, there you have it, Folks! Done. MUTT, I have to RUN. I almost FURgot that I need to FETCH some new subWOOFers for my brothers’ car. And last time, when I got to the Mall late, the BARKing lot was PACKed. Trying to find a SPOT was a real MALL TEASE! And I have to get them today, beCLAWS he’ll be here tonight for a BARK-B-Q. I just hope the rain lets up, or it could end up a real SHIH TZU! And we’ll end up WHINEing and dining indoors! Have a great day, Everyone!

    🎶So long, FURwell…WOOF WIENERsehen…Goodbye…🎶 🐶🙋🏻


      • Thanks, Honey Bunny, I enjoyed it! You’ve told me all about your HalloWEENIE dog! I’m glad the puzzle unLEASHed some happy memories for you! 🐶🙋🏻


  2. The beekeeper’s wife gave jars of HONEY to her friends at every SOCIAL occasion but was amazed when her husband gave her a LOCKET studded with diamonds after dancing in the BUNNY- hop.

    No problems with clue words, solution or more importantly receiving an e-mail from the Jumble Master. Thanks for fixing whatever the issue was. Volunteering all day, so perhaps some relevant responses later if I don’t lose electricity in our wind storm.🍀 🎃 🍁

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  3. As Mike stated, nothing to give one PAWS to be found in today’s puzzle.

    400 mile road trip in a U Haul cargo van on tap for today. Can’t wait!

    What another classic WS game last night. Could not believe the length of it. Must have been rough for those of you in the East!

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  4. Good morning. Shoutout to all those who commented before me. In regards to the WS game, luckily I woke up in time to see the last inning. I drifted in and out from the 6th inning on. You could not make up that script. One wild game. Today’s puzzle was very simple with social taking a second look. When I got to the cartoon after 15 seconds a light bulb went off in my head and the answer came to me. A Monday morning solve. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good morning, Caroline. Thank you. Nieces and nephews, actually. But it’s that one little Nephew that I think may have the “Golden Tongue”! I’m working on it! 😉
      Your dog sounds like the World Series game last night! None of those balls were coming back!
      Hope you fared well with the storm. Still having very strong winds here…Enjoy your day! 🐶🙋🏻


      • Sorry about the nieces. That’s nice you have both.
        It’s still windy here but the rain stopped finally. Only about a thousand have lost power around here so far. Sunday set a rainfall record for the day, according to the weather service in Buffalo.

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      • Oh, Caroline, no need to apologize. I only mentioned it because I wouldn’t want it to look like my nephews were wearing lockets! 😉 (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…With a nod to Seinfeld)! 😉
        My brother just told me that there’s trees down around the area…and I know some parts got heavy flooding. Everyone out here gets very nervous around this date. Sandy wiped away entire areas of Staten Island. Some people haven’t recovered still. The anniversary brings a lot of sad memories.
        There seems to be no “normal” storms anymore..Everything’s epic…Stay safe. 🙋🏻


    • Lived in an apartment complex with a 9 hole golf course winding through it. Some guy moved in and had a big red beautiful friendly dog w/ longish hair. The guy taught the dog to retrieve any golf ball he saw. He got evicted!

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  5. Hi all – Instant solve on everything, only because I had just read SOCIAL in a different comic strip. “Honey Bunny”? Awwwwww! What’s the word for tomorrow, “Sweetums”?

    🎵”They call it Stormy Monday
    But Tuesday’s just as bad.”🎵

    I hope not! Good wishes to all affected by the storm. Although it appears it won’t be of biblical proportions, it seems certain that THE ACTS of nature this weekend will cause large NUMBERS of people LAMENTATIONS over a big cleanup JOB.

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      • Don’t tell me *He’s* missing in the storm! 😉 Should be easy to spot, walking on the water! But I will point out that those were all Old Testament books. As an old New Englander, did I CHRONICLE the fact that I felt equal to KINGS when the JUDGES told me that MICAH passed its smog test on the Sabbath? 🙋🏻‍♂️


      • Harry, We’re not going there! My bad for bringing it up!
        And that dog you mentioned? Maybe he was just used to playing from the RUFF! 🙋🏻


    • 🎵”They call it Stormy Monday
      But Tuesday’s just as bad.”🎵
      Wednesday gets us over the hump,
      Thursday makes us sad.
      Then Friday is the greatest of all
      with the weekend being a blur
      I think I’ll pour out all my booze
      And finally take the cure!


  6. To those in upstate NY, I just read from the Weather Channel:
    “Scientifically, bombogenesis is defined as a drop of 24 millibars in 24 hours. In fact, the central pressure set an October record in Albany, New York, illustrative of the unusually strong nature of this inland storm for the time of year.”


  7. Hi, all! Puzzle & words immediately. In honor of the fabulous time I had yesterday at our party for Jerry with 11 people (family, friends, & neighbors) to laugh, talk, & visit with, Jerry agrees with me that he could have said, “My very SOCIAL HONEY BUNNY is wearing a pretty LOCKET.” I also wore a flower from Hawaii in my hair. What fun!

    Steve, I asked Jerry, who rubbed his finger across a shark tooth to find out whether or not it was sharp & sliced his finger deep, if he ever used that “guy” technique in his electrical work to test whether or not a wire was “hot” and he said no, but we both smiled at the way you asked that question.
    I enjoyed how many Bible book names you worked into your clever comments today.

    Gracious, I hope we have a Halloween cartoon tomorrow since Mike is really wanting one & so looking forward to it.


    • Hi Lelia! I guess if Jerry *had* tried that, he might not be here to tell about it. I’ve often heard gas techncians from PG&E tell me that they would never want to switch to the electrical division because you can smell gas leaking, but the electricity works silently.


      • HI, Steve! You got me so excited about the game tonight that I called Cox Cable to ask if I could add a package to watch the Sharks/Leafs game tonight, and the guy said that because it was being played in San Jose I should get it on my local Fox sports channel without adding anything even though it is not listed in our TV guide booklet, newspaper, or in the guide on our TV screen. I’ll tune in tonight and then let you know tomorrow whether or not I got to see it.

        My favorite part of the World Series games is watching the Astros pitchers. Charlie Morton does such acrobatic, ballet-like moves that I expect his long legs to wrap around each other & tie him in a knot! LOL He didn’t pitch last night. So many home runs!

        While being an electrician in the maintenance dept. of my school after Ohlund Electric died, Jerry was assigned to work with the “gas crew” for a while, and they were glad to have him aboard.


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