🇺🇸 Jumble Answers for 10/27/2017 🇺🇸









Good Morning, Everyone!           🇺🇸  AISLE Make You A Deal...🇺🇸

🎶” BYE-BYE baby, baby, goodbye… BYEBYE baby, don’t make me cry… Bye, baby, bye…”🎶

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Today a twist I offer, from what’s my usual fare
Because there’s no way POLITICS I’m going to speak here…
I have a soap box ready, but on it I won’t be
This is a place for words and fun and not my MUTINY.
My views are strong believe me, most things I cannot hide
But Jumble Is Bipartisan, and so I must ABIDE
So, PRUNE back sentiments I’ll do, today no theme there’ll be
The politics shall not arise…for both of our SAFETY! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Today’s words all look familiar, except for MUTINY. Is it new and UPRISING? Maybe. Ok, Let’s go ACROSS the AISLE to our cartoon. POLITICS. Hmm. I said I wouldn’t touch this…and I should stay true to my word, right? I mean, it IS Politics. But let’s face it Folks, there’s an ELEPHANT in the room! And as a rule, I don’t make Political jokes, because I’ve seen too many of them get elected. So, I’ll just concentrate on solving this. Jeff shows us representatives of both parties, saying that they’ve “Together written a great bill”. Anyone wondering who we have here? Nancy Pelosi? Steve Scalise? No one in particular, maybe Jeff just being LIBERAL with his drawing…? Should we take a VOTE? Ok, I’m getting carried away, let me be a little more CONSERVATIVE here… The announcement the two parties are making seems to have shocked the reporters. They’re like…”Huh? What? Is this for real..”? It’s all Greek to them, the MEDEA. Republicans and Democrats together? Saying…”BYE“…PARTISAN! Drop the Mic, this pun is a TRIUMPH! Kudos, Dave! Nice. Once again you’ve ELECTED to give us something to PUNder! And Jeff? You’d get my VOTE any day. So, eye candy. The incredulous look on the reporters face? The LEFT mic that’s really dropping? The fact that all the women are wearing purple? No. It’s the tiny little flags on the LEFT lapels of the three at the dais. The woman at the RIGHT? No flag…Hmm…So there you have it, Folks, DoneKEY, this was fun! Final thought: You know what keeps going through my mind? If Clinton had won the ELECTION…? The puns would have been HILLARYUS! 
Have a great day, Everyone!  🎶AISLE be seeing you…🎶 🇺🇸🙋🏻



26 thoughts on “🇺🇸 Jumble Answers for 10/27/2017 🇺🇸

  1. The newly-elected legislators staged a MUTINY against party hacks because they could not ABIDE the attempt to PRUNE their staff budgets and ignore SAFETY standards for mine workers.

    Words were easy and I was able to solve the puzzle without pen or pencil–probably because I was a
    “News-junkie” until I realized that obsession was doing nothing for my mental or physical state. Still try to keep track of MAJOR issues and ignore the rest.

    Haven’t read any other comments and will save that for later. I’m sure Angela has done her usual incredible reportage and poetic brilliance. TGIF everyone.

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    • Good morning, Earl. Thank you. I see we both used Prune in the same way. Good reference to yday’s puzzle, too.
      Have a great day! 🇺🇸🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Waited for the blog to appear but it never did. Had to sneak in through the calendar. Hate politics so after getting the words fairly easy I decided to end it right there after a second look at the cartoon. The first time I voted for a president it was for tricky Dick and look how that lasted. The guy goes and gets impeached. He didn’t do anything that others probably did but he was stupid enough to get caught. I remember in class at college the teacher was surprised that none of us were shocked by what he did. Just that he was dumb enough to get caught. I’ll leave it at that. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. Fun puzzle again today. I don’t remember seeing mutiny before so that took paper and pencil. Cartoon was clever, solved it without difficulty. I vote to send David & Jeff to congress. They have the right idea. Happy Friday everyone .

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  4. Hi all – I had to pause at MUTINY and write out the letters for SAFETY and the answer.
    Angela, I think only someone with your appreciation of shoes could have successfully tip-toed through today’s minefield. Good job.

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  5. Don’t mean to appear pedantic but R. Nixon was not impeached. He resigned before that could happen–the only President so far to do that. Two Presidents have been impeached but neither was convicted by the Senate and removed from office–Andrew Johnson. and Wiiliam Clinton. Thanks for letting me review my Presidential trivia🤓 🇺🇸


      • Thanks Steve. Appreciate the compliment and the original post. Thinking back on the 1970s dos not make me eager for the “good old days!”


  6. Today I solved the words and my husband came up with the answer, which was kind of in the spirit of the cartoon. Angela, you managed to mix in some great ones today. I agree with you and Betty that David and Jeff would make fine candidates.

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    • Hi Caroline – You made me laugh – that was *exactly* in the spirit of the cartoon! In celebration of your peaceful collaboration, please allow me to send you and your husband a Joni Mitchell lyric:

      🎵”You and me, we’re like America and Russia
      We’re always keeping score
      We’re always balancing the power
      And that can get to be a cold, cold war
      We’re going to have to hold ourselves a peace talk
      In some neutral cafe
      You lay down your sneaking round the town, honey
      And I’ll lay down the highway.”🎵


      • Thanks for the clever lyrics, Steve. I like Joni Mitchell but had never heard that song until now.


    • Hi Caroline. How’re you? Thank you very much. I was treading carefully! It was a very timely puzzle, right! Too bad we can’t have life imitating art. And yes, with the coal miners y’day, and this today, David and Jeff would have my vote! And a tip of the hat to your husband! 😉
      Good to “see” you. Be well. 🇺🇸🙋🏻


      • I’m fine and hope the same is true for you and everyone. It was certainly a timely puzzle. I agree bipartisanship can be a good thing but sometimes I think it’s best not to compromise.

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      • Hi Caroline. I’m glad you’re well, and thank you. The double-edged sword. So much dissension and disagreement. Let’s just hope it improves. Take care. 🇺🇸🙋🏻


  7. Hi, all! I am rewriting my first sentence for my post today because I wrote, “I had to back into the cartoon answer today after deciding that the last word was MUTINY.” Then I remembered that doing all 4 clue-words first & solving the cartoon answer with the circled letters is the usual/traditional/recommended way to do the Jumble, not doing the cartoon answer first as many of us do, including me, on a regular basis. When you use the letters, you are not “backing into” the answer. Made myself laugh!

    When I wrote a sentence yesterday using the clue words, at first I had one can of beans & some celery left, but when I changed it to “cans of beans,” I left the singular verb. Now I’m thinking it should be “were” rather than “was.”

    Beetle Bailey tells smart guy, “Sarge wants Zero and I to dig some trenches.” Smart guy says, “Zero and ME!! Beetle hands him the shovel saying, “OK, if you insist,” and walks away with a huge, satisfied smile on his face.

    Steve, hope you saw my rewrite to Mike of the fishing story yesterday and read “Jerry saying” under “Major events.” Too funny!

    Caroline, in Arkansas, my home state, I was called Lelia Ann because having 2 first names such as Sally May or Jimmy John is common there. My aunt was Mary Eleanor. In Arizona, none of my teachers would use both names so my friends used just one also.


    • Hi Lelia – Love the shovel joke – sometimes it’s better to just keep silent, indeed.

      Yes I did see your story and you had me really laughing at the image of you and your friends leaping up onto chairs to avoid an overturned trash can full of sharks. That sounds like a LOT less fun than a barrel of monkeys. It reminds me of the movie a couple of years ago, “Snakes on a Plane” – ths was “Sharks on a Deck” if not Sharknado or Jaws.
      And I must say, I am in COMPLETE agreement with your description of a 30-inch shark as “not tiny.” The only way “tiny” would apply there would be like in the case of the piano player on the old Lawrence Welk Show, “Big Tiny” Little, so-called because he looked like he weighed about 350 pounds.

      Since we’re on this fishy subject, I’ll go back in the past for a hockey report. Early in their existence, The San Jose Sharks had an enforcer/goon named Link Gates who had a nickname that will never be topped for appropriateness- they used to call him “Missing”.


      • Hi, Steve! I loved it that you loved Beetle’s shovel prank because you have shared so many funny comics with me.

        To tell the truth, there was a lot of leaping onto seats that day when the trash can overturned because we pulled sharks in faster than the guys could do their thing which began with cutting the head off first and throwing it into the water to avoid those teeth. That is until Jerry held a head, wondered just how sharp the teeth were, and found out the hard way! What a guy!

        Thanks for the memories of Snakes on a Plane and the wonderful Welk show.
        Thanks for the story of your Sharks’ enforcer called the Missing Link. Too funny!
        See ya’ tomorrow!


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