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Good Morning, Everyone!            🏈 PASS That Football…..🏈

🏈🏈 FOOTBALL fans: We’re rabid, Winters VOYAGE takes us through
The cold hard months without baseball; in New York I wear blue…
We listen to the GOSSIP, who’s hurt and may not play
We scrutinize the Stat Reports before each big game day.
It’s our team VERSUS who this week, we get it all laid out
We want to see on paper first who seems to have the clout.
The odds can be EXCESSive as the experts may predict
They’ll have your team under 6 points..C’mon they can’t be licked!
It causes hopes to VANISH, before it even starts
The “Playbooks” think they’re always right, despite what’s in you heart…
It’s not a proven science, a lot of things go wrong…
Your QUARTERBACK you look up to…The man who says, “GO LONG”
But every year when Season starts, first thought that comes to me…?
Joe Namath in those Pantyhose…Man, that was so GROOVY! 🏈🏈

Our words have been TOSSED around before, but today, the SCRAMBLING is great. I RUSHed through them in a SNAP. Today’s cartoon: Jeff’s showing us two Quarterbacks, acting a little AGGRESSIVE towards one another, while they discuss PASSing the ball. Read between the LINEs,MEN, and women… PASSIVE AGGRESSION! What a pun! Pure BLITZ! The Jumble Guys TACKLED it perfectly! Eye Candy….I was going to go with the FOOTBALL that the player was HOLDING, but I PASSED. What could be better than picturing Broadway Joe!
So, there you have it Folks, done! Have a great day, Everyone! 🏈🙋🏻

Now I’m going to TURNOVER and get some sleep…
And to all the Yankee fans out there…I know, I know…💔

38 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/22/2017

  1. The argument over a GROOVY VOYAGE VERSUS the EXCESS of attending a national GOSSIP show caused the mother-in-law to VANISH into the night.

    Sunday’s six-letter words gave me little trouble this morning. I think VERSUS was the only word that caused me some pause. On the other hand the solution to the puzzle was much more difficult. So many letters and such long words, especially the second. Hate to admit it but I had to e-mail a football fanatic friend who suggested something to do with “passing” but when I pointed out there was no N he had no more advice. Back to the scramble board and more agonizing when the d…. answer finally came. A real challenge today Jumble guys, way to go.
    Angela, my sympathies to a fellow New Yorker who will not get to see a New York City team in the World Series. Your poem indicates a level of dedication to football that is way beyond mine and I tip my baseball cap to you Must have something to do with those helmets—or the bright colored jerseys or who knows? I won’t speculate any further.
    Have a good Sunday everybody.

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    • Good morning, Earl. I’m laughing wondering what made you choose a Mother-in-law for the vanishing individual…I won’t speculate any further either! Brilliant, imaginative sentence, as usual. Your friend did have the passing correct, tho. I think going with Aggression first would have sewn it up. It really is a great pun. Thanks for the tip of the cap. I do take my sports seriously!
      As for our Boys of Summer not making it all the way into the Fall, what can I say? They gave us a good run tho, right?
      I’m sitting here now, looking out my back door, at the red and yellow, and orange colored leaves (There’s even a few that look pink)! and thinking how lucky we are to know such beauty….And how much raking is in the near future..!! 😂 Let’s enjoy it while we can…Have a great day, Earl.🏈🍁🙋🏻


    • Hey Earl, the BBC headline read “Astros Pip Yankees to reach World Series.”
      Never heard that one before. The picture they ran also showed Verlander with the MVP trophy and “his fiancee, model Kate Upton.” And how’s *our* day going so far, compared to that! 😂


      • Steve—about those “pants” or pantyhose and whether they caused the fan fascination from Brooklyn, I shan’t speculate.
        Re the BBC Headline. I have never heard “pip” used by an Englishman in that way. They do say “He’s a real pip.” Meaning he’s a piece of work or he’s something to value, depending on the situation.
        Is it possible it’s a typo and should read “Astros Rip Yankees”
        Did you read this on a BBC website? I’ll e-mail a couple of friends in the UK and ask them what they make of it. If I get any information, I’ll let you know.

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      • Thank you, Earl, for not speculating!!
        Are you familiar with the the commercial he made back in the ’70’s?
        He laughed all the way to the bank! 🏈 🙋🏻


      • Yes Earl, I read it on the BBC News app, and the headlines are usually the same on bbc.com


  2. Good morning. Versus was my very last word to get. It took a lot of scrambling to get it. With all those letters for two words I double checked with yours and accidently saw the first word to the puzzle. Once I saw that,the solution was easy. I know that without the peek I would never have gotten the whole answer. It was both a challenge and fun day. Guess since the Yankees lost I have to root for the Dodgers because of being a national league fan. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Paul. It’s ok to peek! What counts is that you enjoyed the puzzle.
      Tough loss for the Yanks. On to the Series! Enjoy! 🏈🙋🏻
      I replied to you last night. I guess Goliath did win!


      • Angela. To me David is the little guy Altuve, Goliath was Judge. Obviously you had me laughing on the comeback from the error. Wouldn’t life be great if you could fix life’s mistakes that quick. Food for thought.


      • Ah, I see. Altuve is a little Devil. I’ve developed very strong feelings towards the man. (Family blog, I’m trying to be nice here)!
        And, yes, it would, Paul. One little keystroke, and POOF! Done! We should all be so lucky!
        Have a great day, my Friend. Let’s keep laughing! 😂🙋🏻


    • Hi Paul. I’d like to see the Dodgers win to give Vin and Tommy one last championship, but if it’s the Astros, I hope Altuve makes Series MVP.



    And I’m hoping I don’t get an EXCESSive amount of posts about it!!!! 😂
    Great day, Everyone! 🏈🙋🏻


  4. Hi all – No problems with the words, but I also saw PASSING but realized there was no ‘N’.
    After 10 minutes, I couldn’t solve it and gave up. Great answer, and fun to get a challenge.

    Considering the word GIPSOS, if the player’s jersey had said Number 1, the aggression would have become less passive if the next rejoinder had been “Go pass in your hat!”

    Enjoy the weather and the day, everyone.

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    • LOL…Can you hear the GROANS??? And Mike and I were the ones who stayed here until 2:30 in the morning?
      Altuve, MVP! ..Indeed!


  5. I was stuck on “pass” for several minutes but finally came up with the right ending and aggressive then followed. Great day here – wishing all the same.

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  6. HI, Steve! JUMBLE/Math question: What is the formula for finding out how many different ways one can Jumble 5 different letters? Answer: 5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1
    Therefore, one can Jumble 5 different letters 120 different ways.

    What is the formula for finding out how many different ways one can Jumble 6 different letters? Answer 6 X 5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1
    Therefore, one can Jumble 6 different letters 720 different ways.

    Math problem:
    Using the above formula, on a Sunday morning with six 6-letter words in the Jumble, how many different combinations could you encounter before getting the job done?

    Answer/solve/check: 6 different letters times 720 different ways equals 4,320 different combinations.

    Today with double letters in most of the words, I think that number would be less, but I don’t know how to figure double letters. However, with a possibility of anywhere in the neighborhood of four thousand combinations plus a 17 word answer, all I can say is HAPPY SUNDAY JUMBLING.


    • Yes, Jim, it’s been EXtablished already! Typo
      The correction was made, a disclaimer is printed above…Mea culpa, mea culpa!!! 🏈🙋🏻


  7. No problem with the clue words but really struggled with the cartoon answer. Kept coming back to take a look at the letters and it took me until 2:00 p.m. But it finally clicked. I’m just happy I didn’t have to look it up. Sorry about the Yankees. Being from San Francisco, I’m not at all a Dodger fan. Happy Sunday everyone.

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