Jumble Answers for 10/20/2017








Good morning, Everyone!                Hello, GOURD-GEOUS!

🎃🎃 Pumpkins, squash, cucumbers too, are all considered gourds
A funny sounding, oft confusing, oddly looking word…
It’s usually in Autumn that we mostly hear it’s name
Although the summer melons are included in its fame.
I think that I can count the times in my lifetime I’ve said
The word itself, it’s one that never pops into my head…
But look at this, it’s shown today, this word to me bizarre
The pun is great, but Gourd still won’t work in my repertoire! 🎃🎃

At the 1969 Academy Awards, Barbra Streisand, on accepting her Best Actress award for Funny Girl, gazed lovingly at the gold statuette, and said, in her inimitable Brooklyn accented voice…”Hello, Gorgeous”. That’s what immediately came to mind when I read this mornings cartoon. I wonder if that SEED was PLANTed in Dave’s mind too. Nothing new CROPped up in today’s words, but the anagrams are excellent. (Even after I knew the last word was OXYGEN, Eggnog was still in my mind). SEASONal Affective Disorder I guess! So, our cartoon. A Pumpkin farm, a farmer, a blonde dressed in purple (!), and pumpkins galore. Living on the East Coast, I’ve done this three times already this year. Pumpkin and Apple picking. And it’s planned again for Sunday! We have Pumpkins inside and outside. We’ll cook them, carve them, bake with them, decorate with them…We make elaborate ORANGEments. We have fun with them. I buy tons of  Jack Be Little ones and hold an annual “Pumpkin Patch Hunt”. (Like an Easter Egg hunt, sans the hard BOILing). The kids have a really GOURD time, and it’s always a SMASHing success. I dress up as the Fairy GOURDmother, and the parents come for the BOOS. Anyway, the farmer’s very proud of his CROP, he’s acting all MUSHY about it. The woman is taking a picture. We obviously have a GOURD looking group of pumpkins here…They’re “GOURD-GEOUS”! Great pun, great puzzle, great piece of Pumpkin Pulchritude!
So, there you have it, Folks! Done! Eye candy? I’m not PUMPed up by anything in the cartoon this morning. Today it’ll be the dialogue. “I need to post this “picture”… I guess she’s into PULP FICTION!
Have a great day, Everyone! Get out there and pick some PUNkins! 🎃 🙋🏻


47 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/20/2017

  1. The lack of OXYGEN in the UPPER berths of the Pullman car lead to an EXODUS from the train and shouts of “GLORY Be To God” when passengers disembarked.

    Two X words in one Puzzle? Somewhat unusual isn’t it? Unscrambling came easily today as did the solution. Very timely cartoon and moan-inducing pun.

    Angela’s poem and monologue (if I can use that word for her post) were fabulous for a Friday fun day. As an aside, when I hear “gourds” I don’t think of pumpkins or squash or cucumbers but the small multi-colored gourds that are often used for decorative purposes or to make some shake-shake musical instruments.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Here in Upstate New York record high temps are expected and I intend to take advantage of every hour of warmth and sunshine—-I KNOW what’s coming……

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    • Good morning, Earl. How you make me laugh! “Glory be to God”? You slay me! Yes, two X words are unusual. Dave is getting Xtremely daring, no? SHAKE SHAKING things up! Gourds themselves are unusual to me. Not something I really think about. But they are what they are…whatever that is! And by the small multi-colored ones, do you mean the Jack Be Littles? (How’s that for an adorable name)? I’m sitting here looking at baskets full as we speak! They’re so cute! The Pumpkin Patch Hunt is real, I’ve done it for years now. You can’t imagine how fun it is!
      Many, many thanks for your shout out. (Monologue…! You can use any word you’d like)!
      It is a Fabulous Fun Friday, and the puzzle Fit perFectly!
      The weather I’m not touching…Too soon to start stressing…
      Have a great day, Kind Sir! Enjoy! 🎃🙋🏻


      • Oh Yes and I did NOT have to Google that name. In the “good old days” of black and white television, when you lucky to get two or three channels and a test pattern, he and his wrestling cohorts ruled the tube .Along with “Your Show of Shows” Milton Berle, Howdy Doody, Kukla Fran and Ollie. “Lights Out” and a lot of stuff I think I should forget about.

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      • Hey Earl. How’re you doing? May I ask: Talking old TV. Before when you mentioned Rochester to Moose, and it read like directions,and I gave you a turn at Jack Benny (BENDy) pun, did I reference it wrong? I even went back and looked it up! 😉🙋🏻


      • Good one Angela, but thanks for the explanation because I didn’t connect Jack Bendy with Jack Benny. Now it makes sense, paired up with Rochester. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

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      • Hey Steve…What happened to Earl? 😂
        Too many hours with the Board. I guess we “get” one another on a whole other level. 😉 Most people won’t sit with us in public! 😂
        IOW was rechristened. Ck it out. Left you a msg. Are you going to watch the game in real time? 🙋🏻


      • Earl, “LIGHTS OUT”!!! Thanks for jogging loose one of my earliest memories! I used to stand and peek around the corner of the room at the TV screen when the show began because that guy’s face lit by a cabndle from below was so scary. Must have been 4 or 5 years old.


    • Good morning, Moose. TRICKy? It’s the GOURDS. The word’s not that easy to SEEd!
      Baseball run down on IOW. Have a great day! 🎃🙋🏻


  2. I needed to back into exodus, which took me several jumbles on paper. Inspired posts, as always, Angela and Earl.
    Yesterday I started on my Halloween candy. Have a fun day, everyone.

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  3. Good morning. First off thanks for the info Steve regarding Elvis. Didn’t know that fact. It shows that he was a classy guy. Exodus and oxygen took me awhile to get. Since I have to go out for a few items with the car and get back in time for bocce,I gave up on the cartoon answer after fifteen minutes. I had an idea but couldn’t land the solution. My batting average this week was solid until now. Had to throw in the baseball term for you Angela. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good morning, Sports Fan! So you’re not batting 1,000…You know no one can bat 1,000 for the whole SEASON! And you needed to make an EXODUS of your own, so no worries. As for OXYGEN, you sound like you were rushing around…Catch your BREATH!
      Enjoy the beautiful weather. Enjoy your game!
      Veni, Vidi, Bocce! Have a great day! 🎃🙋🏻


    • Moose–I wish I could bottle today and uncork it during January, February and March. Temps in the 70’s brilliant sunshine, cool breeze from Lake Ontario, fabulous fall foliage almost at peak and this non-rush aspect of living in an environment with hardly ever hurricanes, nearly non-existent earthquakes, free from forest fires, minimum mudslides, and lots of flora and fauna (one drawback here—too many white-tail deer) –and lots and lots of fresh water.
      Don’t mean to sound like a Chamber of Commerce commercial but this area does have lots to offer.

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      • Hey Earl (Steve here). Two words. Blizzard. Sleet.
        🎵”Well it don’t snow here, stays pretty green”🎵 (Joni Mitchell, “River”)


      • I agree, foliage here is slow. Most of our trees are still green. We are free from Hurricanes, etc. Of course, we have to deal with the cold and snow, at least it doesn’t destroy homes or take lives. Lately we have had a few Black Bears looking for food. That’s not good.

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  4. Hi all – Instant solve, probably because I’ve seen the same idea applied to the Grand Canyon, it’s Gorge-geous.
    In the Chronicle, the woman’s shirt is purple, but the pumpkins are brown. I think they’re colorblind.

    Caroline and Angela – check the out this “Drabble” cartoon. The father and son started this back in August when they were shocked and dismayed to see Halloween candy at the supermarket, then did a U-turn with the shopping cart, saying “Let’s get some!” (The floral dept. at Safeway this morning had Santa Clauses and reindeer.)


    I have to go drop off some paperwork at my 🎵Taxman – Should five percent appear too small, be thankful I don’t take it all!”🎵

    Have a beautiful day. We had a little rain overnight, so the fires are finally nearing complete control and our air quality is back to “good”, with a warm up coming for the next few days.

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    • Hey Lelia – Hockey report – “Maple Leafs forward Patrick Marleau played his 1,500th NHL game, the 18th player to do so.” Toronto scored four times on their first five shots. Auston Matthews had a goal and an assist.


    • Steve:.The pumpkins in my paper aren’t real orange, either. Brownish tint. ORANGEn’t you glad it’s not just yours? The cartoons true! And Costco’s full of Christmas trees! The NY News channels still report on the conditions out West. This morning they mentioned how many billions it cost fighting the fires..Unreal.
      The Tax man! You’ve mentioned it twice! GOETH, already! Mr Wilson? Mr Heath? 🎃🙋🏻


    • Thanks, Steve, for the very cute cartoon. I’m not familiar with that one. I also liked hearing about Hitchcock’s frozen leg of lamb weapon.
      You’re right about the weather up here sometimes. This year strong winds knocked out our power a few times and once for three days in very cold weather.

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  5. Hi, all! What a fun way to start an October day, in a GOURD-GEOUS Jumble pumpkin patch!! First 3 words easy, cartoon answer quick, but had to back into OXYGEN.

    Enjoyed reading all of your solves and now don’t feel so guilty about having gone through some Halloween candy myself.

    Earl, love your shake-shake instruments. The percussion instrument of which you spoke is called a maraca, found all over Arizona, beautifully painted, in most gift & souvenir shops, and frequently sold in pairs. I usually play the piano, but now you’re making me want to break out a pair of maracas & my bongo drum.


    • Leila–I called them “shake-shakes” not realizing I was using an African term until Angela pointed out that she called them Jack be Littles. Sometimes words and phrases that I am used to just come out at the strangest times Glad everyone knew what I was talking about!


      • 🎵”Shake, shake, shake, Senora,
        Shake your body line
        Shake, shake, shake, Senora,
        Shake it all the time

        My girl’s name is Senora
        I tell you friends, I adore her
        And when she dances, oh brother!
        She’s a hurricane in all kinds of weatherl🎵
        “Jump in the Line”, Harry Belafonte

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  6. Paul, another reason I’m in the music mood, besides Earl’s maracas, is your telling me to listen to Carl Perkins sing Blue Suede Shoes. I didn’t get back to the comments yesterday, so just found yours, and truthfully expecting not to enjoy it as much since I’m crazy ‘bout Elvis, I though his original rendition was great!!

    So, I started my day in a Jumble pumpkin patch while singing Blue Suede Shoes with 2 very lively singers, Carl & Elvis!! Thanks & enjoy your day!!


    • Your welcome Lelia. I try to be objective when it comes to music. I think I’ve said this before but another song that’s sung better by another singer is Respect. Now I know Aretha Franklin Is the Queen of soul but she plays second fiddle to Otis Redding on that tune. Nobody and I mean nobody does it better than him. Plus sitting on the dock of the bay. There are people that put him as the best guitar player too. I have his LP in concert and he rocks. Take care.


  7. Hi, Steve!! Thank you for my ice hockey report! Our boys are still doing great! Are the Leafs & Sharks in the same division? Last night I got to see the Sharks play while I ate dinner, but then Jerry changed it to football, and there were your Oakland Raiders! I loved the last quarter, especially the last 4 minutes, when they finally got a touchdown on the 4th try, made their field goal, & won the game!!

    Now you’ve gone & done it again, sharing a song/comment that delightfully touches my heart. Wish I’d found it last night to sleep on, but I have it now forever.

    Thanks again for the Elvis reference to the “fill fruit jar” of Jambalaya. I always enjoy Elvis, and yesterday, so did Paul.


    • Hi Lelia – Would you believe I have to admit that I missed the end of the Raider’s game. Oh ME of little faith! Caught it on the replays and stories online etc.
      No, the Leafs and Sharks are about as far apart as you can get, we in the Pacific division of the Western Conference, they in the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference. But that does mean they could meet in the Stanley Cup Finals (in my dreams).


  8. Steve—You are right about those dratted months when the S word dominates the weather report and that’s why I wanted to bottle today. Thanks for reminding me to wrap my arms around what I’ve got now.

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    • Earl: 😂😂
      VINTAGE Old TV…

      Ralph: “All right Alice, don’t give me the money and if you don’t, I
      am walking out that door! And once I walk out that door it is for
      good! I will never come back in here again! I will never set foot in
      this building once I walk out that door! You’re going to be awful
      lonesome around here all by yourself, Alice! Just remember; you can’t
      put your arms around a memory!”

      Alice: (Deadpan). “I can’t even put my arms around you….”


  9. Angela–Re your Jsck Bendy reference–totally missed the pun, thanks for explaining it –I can be obtuse at times. Steve–thanks for the link to the 1961 Zenith–they were enormous screens compared to the first ones I recall.

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    • Earl. No worries. Not every pun works. And as I told Steve, I’m so used to being so broad with my group of “Merry Men” that I sometimes take things for granted. I first thought that you may not have known it at all, since you had told us that there were years you had been out of the country and weren’t familiar with a lot of TV references. But when you hit Steve with those others, I knew something was off!!😉 It was just that your destination to Moose sounded somewhat directional, so my mind automatically went to ..” And take a turn at..” Which turned to “at the bend,,,” Too broad, maybe!! It’s all good! 🙋🏻


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