Jumble Answers for 10/13/2017












Good Morning, Everyone!                Happy Friday the 13th!

PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA – No, not a second Jumble! The fear of today! I think I’d be scared just trying to pronounce the word!

🎶”Sail on down the line, about half a mile or so…Don’t really want to know where you’re going. Maybe once or twice, time after time I tried…To hold on to what we got, but now you’re going….”🎶

⛴  It’s great to be upon the SEA, just sailing down the bay
There’s days I think I wouldn’t want it any other way…
The sun, the sea, the smell of salt, there’s nothing to compare
Your skin feels warm, you love to feel the breeze whip through your hair.
You fall asleep, your dreams are sweet, in slumber do you wish…
You weren’t starting to awake to wafts of…”OH, not fish”!
They said we’d just relax today, just languish and sunbathe
But now they’re fishing and of course the smell it does invade…
I love the sun, I love the sea, but I’d just like to know…
Before time if they’re going to fish…Then I’d go sleep below! ⛴

Today we have a MEDLEY of words that are familiar and easy breezy. Except for  IMPALA…the scramble does look a little FAUNy, and it may have caused you to blink. SEAgueing on to the cartoon, Jeff gives us two “Ships passing in the night..” Or boats passing in the day…I just love saying the former expression! They’re on the SEA, and as they pass one another, the Captains yell, “Ahoy”…Hello in nautical terms. Notice that Dave has put the word “HELLO” in quotation mark for us? Saying “Hi”, while on the Sea…”HI” SEAS! Gun your engines…Full speed ahead! Done! We didn’t need much ANCHORagement here! Fear NAUT, this one was a gift! Good job, Jumble BUOYS! AYE candy? It’s not the most SEAnic cartoon, but let’s take a look…WATER we have to work with? There REELy isn’t much that KETCHes the AYE today. The rope? Hmm, deBAITable…Oh, WADEr minute, I got it. The Anchor on the Captains’ Yacht Cap. It’s that OAR NAUTing!
So, there you have it, Folks! It’s Friday the 13th, and nothing should be verBOATen..SEAS the day, and get out there and SAILebrate!!  ⛴🙋🏻


32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/13/2017

    • Good morning, Big Guy. Yes, it was. Perfect KETCH for us Baseball fans! ⛴
      I left you 2 replies on IOW…5-6 up from the bottom….🙋🏻


  1. With a STASH of vintage tapes in the trunk of his IMPALA, the musician drove in the SOUPY night air of the city while enjoying a MEDLEY of Johnny Mathis hits.

    I got three words easily and was stumped by the fourth. Took a breather and studied the cartoon and the circled letters I had, and solved the puzzle and backed into IMPALA when I knew I needed an I and an A. Not my usual way of solving the puzzle and unscrambling the words, but it worked.
    “Chances Are” Angela and a few of the older Jumblers will know who Johnny Mathis is and appreciate a chance to think of some of his songs and hum them until the “Twelfth of Never”
    Enjoyed your poem and your posse of puns and points about the cartoon, Angela. Have a Fabulous Friday and give” A Certain Smile” to those you love.

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    • Good morning, Earl. When it comes to solving these puzzles, I suppose the old “Whatever FLOATS your BOAT” comes into play! 😉 And “🎶Chances Are..”🎶 VERY good that I know the music of Johnny Mathis! 🎶I’ll love you till the poets run out of rhyme, until the Twelfth of Never, and that’s a long, long time….”🎶
      Now you KNOW those are some of my favorite lyrics!
      So, today we’re doing “P”? Your sentence is a perfectly, poignant, portrayal of prose…😉
      Thank you, once again, kind Sir. And you know you make me smile every morning! 🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. The sales person had stashed the medley of soup in the back of his impala. I had a devil of a time with the last two words. Went through two cups of coffee and countless times of going back and forth to the paper. But my persistence paid off. Even with the cartoon answer having a quotation mark I couldn’t fail that easy one. Another gold star for a correct solve. Yesterday’s National and Cub game was a nail biter. Anything that could happen,did. I’d say instant replay is necessary. It’s amazing how many things we miss at normal speed. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Hey Paul. You know every time I see quotes now, I’m thinking of you. I’m glad you persevered! Like the Cubs, huh? What was that last night? My head was spinning!
      How they didn’t throw it away on the walks alone, I’ll never know. Eight in the second half…It was definitely a game of numbers! Just tying to keep track of how many walks and how many pitchers Madden brought in had me dizzy! Imagine filling out a scorecard for this game? It was the wildest postseason game I can remember. Feet off the bag, reverse calls, hundreds and hundreds of pitches…catchers interference and hit by a ball….You name it, this game had it all! And could it go on any longer?? Whole lotta Baseball, that’s for sure!
      I like your sentence, and I think you’re having a fun time doing them! And, here’s the Gold Star for the solve: ⭐️ Enjoy your day. 🙋🏻


      • That was a crazy one last night! The reversed call at first was something else; what, exactly, I won’t say on this genteel blog!

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      • Hey John. You know it. I still have a million thoughts going through my head. And the weirdest part? The Nats didn’t lose the game because of the reversal, but the whole game shifted after that, right? Let’s face it, Madden lost nothing asking for the challenge. Eight inning.. And post game, hearing him tell it, he used the word “rule” like what 10 times? Rules. You mean technology. Whole new “ballgame”. You got Contreras, with maybe the strongest catchers arm in baseball, right? And he hands down has got the pick off throw to first down to an art. But still…Funny thing, here I was sitting watching all the wildness, and thinking that before this night, in the woman’s part of my brain, the name Louboutin meant shoes. Shoes with the coveted red sole. And now, Lobaton is etched forever in the baseball part of my brain as part of a cluster- – – k. (All due respect to the genteel blog). All our lives growing up, he would have been safe. Now, technology changes everything. The man, the game, the season. I was just thanking God I wasn’t a Nats fan last night…And my Father’s words were ringing in my head….”Yes, Angela, there IS crying in baseball….”
        Anyway, sorry. A lot of random thoughts. You know brevity was never my strong suit…
        Have a great day! ⚾️🙋🏻
        Sent from my iPad


    • Understandable…You’re still a little shell shocked from the game. We’re all suffering the PTSD today…Deep breaths….😉🙋🏻


  3. Another time this week I got solution before clue words. Please please HP do not get the big head. It only makes the embarrassment that comes with failure that much worse!!!!

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    • Harry, I see you got your name back up. Good. Sorry, I meant hours ago to look up what you had to do, but I’ve been running around. Just in case, keep it in mind, because it happens every once in a while to a lot of us. 🙋🏻


  4. HI, all! I promised Mike I’d try his new technique today for solving the cartoon, so I examined the picture carefully from top to bottom, noticing a lot of high waves and the nautical greetings, which gave me the answer so I could back into IMPALA.

    The waves are there to give us the answer, but in real life they should keep their flimsy little boats ashore when the water is that choppy. We didn’t even take our cabin cruiser out in choppy water, much less our canoe or small boat like those.

    Fab Friday, great weekend!!


  5. Hi, Mike! I have 2 math word problems for you & son.

    1. If each pallet contains 40 bags that weigh 50 lbs each, how many pallets were used to transport 4 tons? Answer: 2 pallets. Solve/Check: 2 pallets times 40 bags each, equals 80 bags. 80 bags times 50 lbs each, equals 4 thousand pounds/4 tons.

    2. How many trips did it take to transport the 50 lb bags into storage? Answer: 80
    trips Solve/Check: 2 pallets times 40 bags each, equals 80 bags. 80 bags equals 80 trips.

    3. After transporting 80 bags, each weighing 50 pounds, into storage, how many days did it take for the backache to subside of our dear, hard working Mike who keeps his family toasty warm in the winter. (A compliment, not a question.)


  6. Hi, Steve, my music man! Turn about is fair play. Today I would like to request a sentence from you containing the word MEDLEY, but don’t include SOUPY or IMPALA. I just want to hear a mélange of songs you think would make a good MEDLEY. Thanks.


    • Well, I already wrote one with all the words, so let me put that first Couldn’t resist, with apologies to Earl:

      The fog was so thick, it reminded the boat captain of the MEDELY of SOUPY Sales songs like “Pachalafaka” he had in his STASH of 8-tracks back on shore in his ‘64 Chevy IMPALA.

      I’m coming up empty on a song list, so instead, let me suggest this in the meantime. Google Youtube for
      “Steven Tyler Abbey Road side 2 MEDELY Kennedy Center honors Paul McCartney.” I think you’ll like it.


    • Ok Lelia, how about this sideways interpretation of my assignment?
      “Brand New Key” by Melanie
      “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and “Ebb Tide” by the Righteous Brothers featuring Bill Medley, and
      anything by the Melody Makers played on a Gibson Melody Maker guitar and reported by the British music newspaper Melody Maker.


      • Hi again, Steve! Great minds! Upon seeing the word MEDLEY, you and I thought only of music so now you don’t need to write that sentence for me because you gave me the site with the great Paul McCartney medley by Steven Tyler which I listened to just now and a new post containing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and “Ebb Tide.” Thanks!

        Glad to hear that all went well with your yearly eye checkup. I am late for mine, but you are making me think I had better get ‘er done!


    • PS – Love your math word problems, especially after I mistook 4 tons for 40 tons! Like the old song by New Hampshire Mike Ford – “You load 40 tons of pellets and what do you get?” A bad back!


      • Steve, I love the song “16 Tons” and have sung it hundreds of times, so after I finished laughing at your reference to Mike Ford singing it while loading his pellets, I Googled it and listened to Tennessee Ernie Ford and Johnny Cash sing it. The version I remember & sing is Tennessee Ernie’s with his extra special ending.


      • Ok, I have a story. At one time before we met, my wife and Tennessee Ernie Ford lived in the same Bay Area neighborhood. She didn’t know that. One time she and a friend were at the market. Her friend says, “Look, do you know who that is”? My wife, *almost* too loudly, replied, “He looks like a fat Tennessee Ernie Ford.”


      • Steve, love your story! That’s one that makes me want to reply “You’re kidding!!” or “Oh, no!” I usually don’t share that I have big feet but a large foot would have come in handy that day! You & wife get first prize for funniest story this week! See ya’.


  7. Hi all – At first I thought it might be HI SIDE thinking “High Side” might be a nautical term like starboard, but like Lelia I noticed the large waves and SEAS appeared. As to my first thought of the last word, I’m glad that the captain, during his drive to the marina in his ‘64 Chevy with the longhorns mounted on the front didn’t IMPALE an IMPALA.

    I’m late today because I had my yearly eye checkup and all is ok, but check this out: I’m waiting in the exam room, and they have that kind of soft, calming Oriental music playing overhead like you would hear in a New Age video or a meditation room. Then I realize that what sounds like a one string mandolin is plunking out the Beatles “I Will” from The White Album! One more for the list!

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    • Hey Steve. If you look closely at the puzzle, you’ll see that the water isn’t choppy. Choppy water would definitely be causing boats of that size to be bouncing and bobbing, and they’re sailing quite steady. And that Captain would never be able to stand like that if strong waves were present. What’s showing behind the boats is merely the wake. The phrase “High Seas” has nothing to do with waves or choppy waters, it simply means the open ocean. The Illusion of waves in the background is just Jeff’s depiction of deeper water.
      Impale an Impala…? 😳😉

      And the Beatles…They’re truly…”🎶Here, There and Everywhere…”🎶, huh? 😉🙋🏻
      Glad all is well with the 👀!


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