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Good Morning, Everyone!       URBAN SPRAWL!

🎶”Excuse Me, While I Touch The Sky…”🎶




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      • Good Morning, Angela. Seems like your’re always in a rush. Smell the Roses,and have a bowl of Ice Cream.

        • Good morning. I don’t think it’s rushing, I just try to squeeze too many things in. And sleeping 2 hours isn’t helping! I should have taken your lead and went to Mass last night…So this morning, Church, making the gravy, doing the blog, breakfast with my nephew, pulling weeds…it’s been a longgggg morning! And no ice cream today…I’m saving myself for the cannolis!
          1PM game time…See ‘ya on deck…👎🏻⚾️🙋🏻

  1. You walk around the city streets
    The hot hard pavement at your feet
    Jack hammers pound, the cranes all loom
    Landscapes all change, the urban boom…
    Buildings go up, they scrape the sky
    Contractors urge us…”Buy, buy, buy…”
    Construction sounds reverberate
    Will this be it, is this my fate…?
    When will it end…My skylines gone..
    Yet “progress” still goes on and on…

    I don’t think any of our words were new, but the scrambles today reached all new HEIGHTS! The cartoon shows a construction site, where a 90 story CONDO TOWER is going up. The owner makes a point of saying he “Got the land for a steal”, and that the “penthouse sales…will pay” The construction worker mentions “Tall”. The guy bought LOW, but he’s SELLing HIGH. The Stock Market cry! Urban development…and development, and development…, and we block out the sun…Eye candy? The construction worker all the way on top? He just looks cute…but where’s his hard hat? In fact, where’s the hard hats on the others also? HEAD cases, all of them…Where’s OSHA when you need them..?
    Have a great day, Everyone! Take time out to smell the roses…While they’re still here..🙋🏻

  2. With four words, I thought this might be a long solve but then I saw buy and sell & it was easy from there. Angela, your poem made me think of the line – “But will you keep building higher ’til there’s no room up there?”

    • Good morning, 🎶Sweet Caroline🎶, how are you? How’s the Tech Trek going? I’m not familiar with the line, I’m going to look it up. How true, tho, right? When I first moved here there were so many old beautiful homes. And little by little, they’re all disappearing. Razing them to put up 3-4 attached town houses. Beautiful architecture, but we lose the gardens, and the trees, and the sunlight. And we don’t have the infrastructure for it…..My old neighborhood in Brooklyn..the skyline is gone. It’s sad…Forget Manhattan…Anyway, sorry…My tirades! Enough of my “Boom Doom”! Please keep in touch, we miss you..
      Hope you have a great day! 🙋🏻

      • Just got back. The song is “Where Do the Children Play” by Cat Stevens. I didn’t give the name because I thought sometimes people like to guess. I think it’s a great song – but sad – with a similar sentiment to yours. Still researching computers. Mine has good days and bad days.

        • Hi 🎶SC🎶 Thank you. And I was teasing Steve about posting music before…he included this in his. When you mentioned it to me this morning, I thought you were referencing a poem! Not my best morning, by a long shot! Keep us posted about the computer! Have a great day! ❤️🙋🏻

        • Hi Caroline. I *completely* missed your reference this morning, even though I quoted part of the same song! Thanks for ‘splainin’ things to me! 👍🙋🏻‍♂️

    • PS: I’m glad you enjoyed the puzzle..I go off on a tangent, and I forget what Mike’s “paying” me for..😂😂 Enjoy!

    • LOL…Listen, Chef, it’s done already! Hot and sweet sausage, beef, braciole, and 38 beef/veal/pork meatballs….We have BIG pots…We don’t play down here! 😂 Just rolling all the meatballs can get exhausting! I like them even, I take pride in my work…My Mother 💔❤️ used to say…”What takes you so long? They’re meatballs, not sculptures”!
      ROTFL…..Buon Appetito! 🍝 🙋🏻

        • That’s it, uniformity! Smart woman! They cook better, and they look better! Presentation counts! 😂 Thanks, and you enjoy also! Get the glove…Game time! 🙋🏻

  3. Yonder, gave me pause too. I figured high had to be in the answer so the rest fell into place easily. Looks like a beautiful day here in San Francisco. Hope it is nice in your little corner of the world too.

    • Hi Betty. It was a pretty easy puzzle despite the four word answer! Enjoy the weather..Thank God the heat wave’s over for you guys. Glad you stopped in, we don’t see you enough…Have a great day! 🌞🙋🏻

  4. Hi, all! Earl will do much better because his sentences have polish & class but this popped into my head while eating breakfast:

    Seeing a place to eat over YONDER, the HUNGRY cyclist began to PEDDLE faster and INHALE deeper as his bike began to WOBBLE in the SLUDGE.

    Have a great day. Won’t see you tomorrow, Jerry’s surgery arrival time at the hosp. is 5:30 a.m. All of you have already given us well wishes, which we have tucked away in our hearts. Thank you.

    • Hi Lelia. Your sentence is delightful! Good luck to you both tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers your way. Be well, and have a great day! 🙏🏻🙋🏻

    • Nice job Lelia. I was playing with YONDER, DRONEY and DRYONE, but couldn’t get it to work.

      About Jerry – For nausea, you might ask your doctors about Zofran (generic is Ondansetron). It works wonders for my wife. Remind me when things calm down to tell you about some treatments to prevent retinal detatchment that I had. Good luck to you both for tomorrow.

  5. “scuse me while I kiss the sky” — or was it “kiss this guy?”

    🎵”I went back to Ohio
    But my city was gone
    There was no train station
    There was no downtown
    South Howard had disappeared
    All my favorite places
    My city had been pulled down
    Reduced to parking spaces
    Hey, oh, where did you go, Ohio?
    The farms of Ohio
    Had been replaced by shopping malls
    And Muzak filled the air
    From Seneca to Cuyahoga falls
    Hey, oh, where did you go, Ohio?”🎵

    🎵”I know we’ve come a long way,
    We’re changin’ day to day,
    But tell me,
    Where do the children play?”🎵

    🎵”They took all the trees
    And put them in a tree museum
    And they charged all the people
    A dollar and a half just to see ’em
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    Till it’s gone
    They paved paradise
    Put up a parking lot”🎵

    Outside Chicago, the “tree museum” was called the “Morton Arboretum”. Couldn’t believe it, after living in Berkeley for a year. Knew I was outta there at the first chance.

    Around these here parts, that building boom is called “Manhattanization”, and the term has been around since at least the 70’s. Frank Lloyd Wright once said “Only a city as beautiful as San Francisco could survive what you people are doing to it.”

    • You tryin’ to jump in my grave? Not healthy! 😂 😉 That’s a lot of pasting! You lived in Berkeley? Hmm. Yea, you told me about the building boom before. When we talked about the Garden and your coffee guy that disappears in the warm weather! Wright was “right”. Imagine if he saw NY? 🙋🏻

  6. Leila~~ after reading your sentence I almost decided to scrap mine and forget about all these six letter words for today. Don’t denigrate yourself–that’s a wonderful sentence and you should be proud.
    Angela– I too am running late, not because I am doing anything half as constructive as the litany of things you mentioned but simply because a series of “other” things had to be done and before I knew it, afternoon was breaking and you are in the midst of a baseball game.
    Yonder gave me no problem—a word I often heard used for years, sludge on the other hand did make me pause. The solution was fairy straightforward once I stared at the letters and the cartoon and sorted out “buy.”
    Gorgeous day here,,,, almost like August so I am going to revel in summer weather.
    Oh, I almost forgot:

    Even though he was HUNGRY, the young lad had to leave home early in the morning to PEDDLE his tray of oranges to the workers at the mine on yonder hill and the challenges he faced were:
    not to INHALE the toxic smoke, not to fall in the greasy SLUDGE and not to WOBBLE his head, lest the fruit fall to the ground.

    • …And there you are! You know I look for you in the morning.
      Just to let you know, I couldn’t get Norah Jones out of my mind last night after you mentioned her.I pulled out the CD, and got lost in 🎶Carry On🎶. The gospel, the blues, the Orleans Jazz, the little touch of country. She blends it all into that one song, and the result is a lump in your throat. I said I hoped it didn’t make you sad? It was like doing penance…And then I made the mistake of looking for the video. That clinched it..💔 And I fell asleep thinking…🎶And after all is said and done, Who said it best..where you the one..?🎶
      Talk about that old repression…I’m still waiting to exhale…
      Your sentence, as always…Aces.
      Hope you enjoy the day! 🙋🏻

  7. Hi, all! Supposed to be busy, but all of you are so sweet to me.

    ANGELA, thank you for generously complimenting my sentence & for your prayers.

    STEVE, thank you for your compliment, med suggestion, & wishing us good luck. The words in your song that really get to me are: Where do the children play? and They paved paradise & put up a parking lot! I think the movie Green Card addresses children needing trees to play in. Thanks for the song for all of us.

    EARL, enjoyed your sentence, as usual, thanks for your compliment, and I liked your “on yonder hill.” I was wondering if you’d think of a Shakespearean use for yonder and yours was close enough. My “over yonder” is very southern which is what I am.

    • “Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
      Underneath the western skies
      On my Cayuse, let me wander OVER YONDER
      Till I see the mountains rise”

  8. Steve, I thought you’d know the Stevens song. Another great depressing song is Paradise by John Prine, which is about strip mining.

  9. Good evening. Had fun with the words today. Peddle was the forth word I got then yonder and lastly sludge. With the last word I still didn’t think it was right until I checked. As for the cartoon answer. I gave up. Had high and low but also use ,which left me with nothing with the left over letters. Decided it was easier to look for the answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Paul, Good evening! Key word is “fun”, you had fun with the puzzle. That’s what counts. Glad you stopped in. Hope you had a great day. See you t’row. 🙋🏻

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