Jumble Answers for 8/6/2017

                                  HAPPY INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY! 









Good Morning, Everyone! Archaeologists!  “YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING”!

🎶”Love on the Rocks, Ain’t no surprise, Just pour me a drink and I’ll tell you some lies..Got nothin’ to lose..so you just sing the blues..All the time….Gave you my heart, Gave you my soul, You left me alone here with nothing to hold..Yesterday’s gone…Now all I want is a smile…”🎶 Love gone bad. Been there, done that. It happens all the time. But the worst has to be those office romances, am I right? Where do you RUNE, where do you hide? Whether you’re the doer, or the done to….BA-BOOM! Very next morning…”Oh, yea, Uh, Hi, how YOU doin”?…Not so much, right? Uncomfortable, bad for business…And could RUIN your career…And here we have our puzzle today! Love Among The Ruins“….

Our words: I must say, today we have a great COLLECTION. Were you ABRUPTly stopped by ENGULF? GOTTEN stuck in the SHADOWs with GLITCH? Expired by EXPIRE? Not all everyday words, but we do hear them interMIDDENtly. Our cartoon: We have a couple of Archaeologists PICKING at one another. Former lovers, we FIND that a lot of bitterness REMAINS between them. TEMPERs are flaring! Of CORPSE! EXTINCTively they’re bringing up the PAST! “Don’t BREAK my CHEOPS“…”You wanted yARCHAIC and eat it too”! “You were a FLAKE“! “I never got a TYPOLOGY from you…”! ..OK, Ok, maybe I’m taking it out of CONTEXT a BIT, but these ARTIFACTS! They’re “DIGGING UP THE PAST“! Can you imagine working with these two? Be like the TROJAN War..HELEN EARTH! Not the ideal IN SITU-ation! And definitely not PHARAOH, it just won’t work!  Great puzzle, Jumble Guys, and HUMERUS! We SHERD you loud and clear! So, now the eye candy. We have a broken piece of POTTERY, labeled Jumble! We have what looks like a ROCK Stars face on the CERAMIC on the GROUND. We have a woman’s head on the table. We have shovels, and trowels and brushes…We got a STRATA stuff! But I’m totally FOSSILnated  by the woman. Clad head to toe in purple, she’s immaculate! No dirt on her FEATURES, not a hair out of place…and earrings INTACT! She’s a SITE, no BONES about it! So, I’m STRAITIFIED to go with her!

So, Archaeologists…Maybe not the worst partners in life…Think about it. The older you get, the more interested they’ll be. Hmm, I can DIG that..
🎶”Easy like Sunday morning…”🎶 Enjoy! And go FIND something good to do…🏺⛏ 🙋🏻

32 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 8/6/2017

  1. Good morning, Everyone!
    Special shout out to MOOSE and MIKE McCORMICK with my song choice this morning! For Moose, the King of Diamonds! For Mike, This ‘ain’t no country!
    Have a great day! 🎶🙋🏻


      • Good morning, Moose. Good one! ⛏ You’re very welcome! Went right to that Neil Diamond 🎶 favorite this morning; thought of you! We slept out on the water last night, so I watched the Mass on my iPad this morning. It counts! I do enough Penance! LOL..And, 🎶”What a beautiful morning…”🎶 Good defense saved them last night. Good win. But Boston? Some serious momentum going on there…Getting reallllll interesting!
        Hope you have a great day! Ciao, Amico! 🙋🏻


      • What do you know. Yanks scored 4 runs on Jakes’ triple.Another run. Now 5—1. Hope you enjoyed your night on the water.Have a good evening.

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      • LOL..We crossed in the mail! I’m still out here. Taking advantage; trow they’re predicting Armageddon type rain! Ellsbury! Best $150 + spent in a long time! 😂 You have a good evening too!


      • Moose….! WHOOP! WHOOP! All rise!
        Gotta be that candle I lit y’day! St Anthony must be a Yankee fan! JUDGEMENT Day! God Bless America! ⚾️⚾️


      • LOL…Read my comments….!!!
        I almost fell off the damn boat!! It was only a candle, but I’ll do the Novena now! 9 days for my 99! Be still my heart! ❤️😉


  2. Angela, the answer came to me right away because I remembered you had said the same funny thing in one of your posts. If Dave got the idea from you, I think you must be pleased that your humor is today reaching so many. And I’m thankful to you for an easy Sunday morning, though I did back into glitch, shadow and engulf.

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    • 🎶Sweet Caroline🎶 ❤️ LOL. Literally! The minute I saw it, I was…”Deja vu”,or me! I thought it was just me, but we did have an Archealogy dig not that long ago. But Dave getting an idea from me, I don’t think so. I’m sure these puzzles are made up many months in advance. Would I like to entertain the idea?? Uh, ok, yes! 😂😂 (I know Jeff peeks in once in a while, I don’t know about Dave). I’m glad I made you laugh, and brought a little sunshine to your morning! I love early morning…so much potential! Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Have the best day! 🏺🙋🏻


    • Hi Betty. My first thought was FLUNGE. Maybe I was still thinking about Eric from yesterday! But then I blinked and was ENGULFED in reality! Great puzzle, right? Happy Sunday to you and yours! 🏺🙋🏻


  3. Good morning. Today’s puzzle was a challenge. Took forever to get. Of course I was watching a movie in between so maybe that’s why it took so long. Called my friend and we were both trying to solve the cartoon answer. The movie was now over so I would not be distracted. But she called me back first with the answer. I opted to let her give It to me. I’m sure if I stayed with it I would have gotten the final answer. Being the fine gentleman that I am, I have to let the lady beat me once in awhile. Even I have a hard time with that statement. Lol. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  4. Hi all – As far as the objects –
    I love that the jar is inscribed JVMBLE.
    Speaking of those Roman letters, could the rock star be the head of Michelangelo’s David? Hmmmm – Mike, Angelo – did they have Jumble blogs in the Renaissance?
    What interested me most was that washbasin-like thing against the wall. If it was turned around, I might understand its function.

    Lelia – Do you think the art critic we were discussing paid for his lunch with his own Monet?
    In any case, MANET good wishes to you both for tomorrow; I’m sure we’ll all be thinking of you – assuming they keep their appointment!

    Angela – neither Leila nor I can come up with a food-related pun for ‘Utrillo’. Care to try, or try it out with the Board (if you’re bored enough)?
    Have a great afternoon.

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    • I didn’t say you were “sneaky”, I said you snuck in. Semantics. No biggie, I just don’t want Paul to think I didn’t acknowledge his post. 🙋🏻


  5. And a fine Gentleman I’m sure you are! But you know with us women, it’s the little things that mean a lot…Opening the car door, taking out the garbage…LETTING us think we’re smarter than you…!!! 😂😂 It’s all good! And I’m sure you would have GOTTEN it too. (She doesn’t read this, does she)?? 😀 You did a good thing this morning. Women of America salute you! It’s a great day for Bocce! Kiss Jack for me!
    Have a great day! 🏺🙋🏻


  6. Hi, all! I’m not doing the Jumble today or for the next 6 days; just gonna be takin’ care of Jerry. Surgery tomorrow, Mon, at 7:30 a.m.
    STEVE, enjoyed your today’s post. Please see yesterday’s comments where I wrote the last one for you.
    ANGELA, thanks for your advice to eat more Italian, which is my ultimate favorite. My kitchen pantry has a shelf full of pasta but daughter makes her own.
    CAROLYN, my favorite juices are Welch’s grape, apple, and cranapple mixed with Sprite. Thanks for reminding me & I’ll ask you next week to tell me your favs.
    SUE, I still have your well wishes with me and yours & Steve’s reminders for me to take care of myself. Great advice!


  7. Good luck, Lelia. I’ll be praying for you both. Maybe take the puzzle with you t’row. Something to occupy your mind during the surgery. Just a thought. Be well. 🙏🏻 🙋🏻 And load up on the carbs…they never fail! 😉


    • LOL..🎶”Who’s the cat that won’t cop out, When there’s danger all about? Shaft, Right on!…John Shaft…”🎶. Hey Scott..Good one! Thanks for stopping by…🙋🏻


  8. Puzzle gave some wrong letters for the solution jumble. Only two Gs , only one T, and an O which is not even in the answer and an extra E and extra N. I guessed the right answer but the letters did not match. It gave 16 letters for 16 spaces, but three of the letters were wrong ones in place of the right ones! Hard to trust this again!


    • Virginia, I’m not following you. Hard to trust what again? The 16 letters offered here are the correct 16 letters needed to solve the puzzle today. I’m not sure where you got the letters you’re speaking of. O? There is no O in today’s solution.


      • It’s *possible* that she’s talking about the online version at the Star Tribune which I also noticed also only provded two G’s. Actually, I’ve never before even gotten that far with the Star’s version; just never could bring up any letters at all before I tried it again today.


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