Jumble Answers for 7/29/2017







Good morning, Everyone! Who’s NECKS??

Two VAMPIRES walk into a bar. First one says, “I’ll have a pint of BLOOD”. Second one says, “I’ll have a pint of PLASMA”. Bartender says..”Ok, so that’ll be one BLOOD, and one BLOOD LIGHT”! BA-BOOM! I’m not POSITIVE, but it looks like this might be it for the COLOR commentary today. I’ll LEVEL with you, even though I LITERally laughed out loud when I saw the solve this morning, BLOOD doesn’t exactly lend itself to comedy. And VAMPIRES? NEGATIVE, never saw the atTRACTion. But I’ll BITE…A little PRESSURE, but let’s just see how it FLOWS. Our words today: Easy, breezy, like we always hope our BLOOD work goes. I’ll STICK my NECK out here, and say we’ve seen them before, maybe not REAGENTcely. ( Oh, yea, that’s a stretch! I told you I’d get STUCK on this)! BIOPSY? Is Dave NEEDLING us with this one? Very FITting. SANDAL?  DONATE me, I got nothing! The cartoon. The MAIN two clues:.DRACULA, COUNTing out some money, paying for the PLASMA, and a female VAMPIRE asking RED or WHITE. BLOOD CELLS.. Red/white? Paying for? ..Making a sale? …BLOOD “SELLS”! Very GHOUL, guys, you’ve done it again! So, what’s catching my eye? The male VAMPIRE buying a PINT? SERUM? He’s not DRAWN like Jeff’s usual men. Something a little more distinctive about him. The hair, the jaw? I’m thinking Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a FINE SPECIMEN of a man. (I’d BAT my eyes at him)! But, he’s not on the VAMPIRE Diaries, he’s on the Walking DEAD. I’ve never seen either show, they’re not my TYPE of ENTERtainment, but something about that face is FANGtastic!
So, Folks, that’s it, I took a STAB at it. Wasn’t easy. And, today I really have a lot on my PLATE..LET’S hope it’ll be enough. Otherwise, we’ll have to go in a HOLE other VEIN…
Happy Day, Everyone! Be POSITIVE, take a POKE at something new…💉🙋🏻


16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 7/29/2017

  1. The LEVEL- headed dermatologist ordered a BIOPSY after removing a mole the COLOR of SANDALwood from the barista’s shoulder.
    Only biopsy gave me pause and I also found the solution and the whole puzzle ghoulish and a little macabre. Maybe more appropriate for Hallowe’en?
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone–the weather up here is nearly perfect. Wish the rest of the east coast had the same but I know some of you are suffering.
    Angela you are doing a brilliant job filling in for Mark and giving us pun-filled posts. 🚴 💉 ☕️

    • Good morning, Earl. Thank you so much. (I hate saying this, because I’m totally ANTI correcting anyone’s typing, but I know you typed MIKE and the suggestive type spelt Mark). That said, I kind of agree, Earl. All due respect, Dave and Jeff, but this for me was like giving BLOOD! I cringed. But once I concentrated on the Dracula aspect, and not the blood one, it took on another VEIN! And I OPENed up! LOL..’Gotta hand it to those Jumble boys, tho, they keep it fresh! Your sentence, once again, is POSITIVEly a creative delight! And I’m loving the coffee angle with the mole! Only you! You really do make my morning! Again, thank you, kind Sir. Weather here, dark and overcast, but no rain yet. And I join you in wishing the best to those getting hit so hard. Enjoy your day! 🙋🏻

      • Thanks for drawing my attention to what the spell- corrector did with MIke. I try to proof my posts but this morning I rushed. I want to make sure if and when Mike reads these posts he gets the credit he deserves. You both give all of us a lot to be grateful for– a blog where civility and courtesy prevail. How great is that? 👑 🏆 If there were any other award emojis I’d post those too.

        • Thanks Earl. You’re too sweet. Yes, I know, I spell check a few times, and still there can be the one that got away. “There is no sweeter sound to any person’s ear than the sound of their own name”…Dale Carnegie. Hope you’re enjoying your day. 🙋🏻

  2. Easy puzzle for a busy Saturday; I did spell biopsy wrong and first answer was”spell”. Did not sound correct and saw my mistake. Have an awesome weekend!🌞

    • Good morning, Sue. It was easy, albeit a little odd! Glad to hear from you, enjoy your day! 🙋🏻

  3. See what you did with your lichens growing on tombstones yesterday? Put them in a Halloween mood.

    Of course blood plasma has no cells red or white, but it’s a great hint that I missed.
    Or maybe that’s what they do with the leftovers. Couldn’t be much worse than eating at Chipotle’s these days.

    Drac winked and CRYPTically told the guy, “Here’s your STAKE for tonight, and if you play ALUCARDs right, you might hook up with an A+ girl of the right type, like the couple at the wine bar.

    • Steve!! I used your words many times yesterday to remember to take care of myself & ask for help if needed. Jerry & I eliminated some jobs on my to-do list, and I took a long nap. When daughter called & offered to drive us to the hospital, rather than declining help as usual, I graciously accepted her offer. The best they could do for Jerry’s surgery time on Monday is 2 p.m. so the poor guy has to fast in the daytime. Thanks a million for being there for our family.
      Loved your post today, as usual. So much information as well as very funny stuff!!

      • Hi Lelia! So glad you have your family to help. That’s what they’re for, right? I’ve had surgery at 6 AM, and I don’t know which is worse, having to get up so early, or having to wait for it if it’s later. All I know is that the best thing is the relief when it’s over. Good luck again!

    • Can’t pin this one on me, you know they’re printed up weeks in advance. Never ate at Chipolte’s, and after reading this, now I’m sure I never will! Your food references are definitely extreme. ALUCARD-funny! 🙋🏻

  4. Hi, all! I guessed “blood draws” & “blood banks” & “blood clots” before I did the words to get “blood sells.” Can’t believe BIOPSY gave me the most trouble, as I have had 4 biopsies in the last 6 months, all 4 squamous carcinoma. Glad I got rid of those!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hey Lelia. I think BIOPSY isn’t a word we’d expect to see in a Jumble puzzle. Kind of threw everyone off. Enjoy your weekend also. 🙋🏻

  5. One of Mad Magazine’s recurring slogans was “Humor in a Jugular Vein.”

    • Did you know that it was originally a word play on “Jocular”?
      Put the rest on IOW, ok? 🙋🏻

  6. I was looking for “blood count” for count dracula. maybe that’s been used before or if not, maybe in the future. wink wink!

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