Jumble Answers for 07/20/2017







Good morning, Everyone…Let’s  ✂️ CUT ✂️right to the chase….

🎶” Gimme a head with HAIR, Long beautiful HAIR, Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen…Flow it, show it..Long as God can grow it…My HAIR….”🎶
Today’s puzzle: HAIR. HAIR can GOVERN our lives…Whether you have it or KNOT, it somehow always seems to rear its HEAD. Those with it are CONDITIONERed to doing all we can to CARE for it. Those without sometimes feel they just don’t make the BRAID. COMB what may, the DYEversity is always something to MULLET over. AnyWAVE, let’s get to our puzzle. Eye candy first…My eyes can’t PULL AWAY from the little COMB in the barbers pocket, so tHAIR it is. Our cartoon: Today, Jeff gives us two BARBERS in their shop. PARTners. One sweeping up the HAIR TRIMMINGS on the floor, the other HOLDing lunch. It’s not one of the new CUTTING EDGE places, it’s an old STYLE shop, the ones with those adorable red, white and blue striped Barber poles outSIDE. Who knew years ago, that they’d be “HAIR today and gone tomorrow”. I’d LATHER we still had them. They were wonderful places that I remember going to with my Father. But, I’m not going to start RECEDING into the past. I’ll try to keep this SHORT. The dialogue between the barbers gets STRAIGHT to the point. We don’t even need today’s words to solve this one..One barber saying…”ALL you got…” The other saying..”Let’s go eat away from the HAIR”. The question? Eating their meals without all the…TRIMMINGS! CUT and DRY! Very WITTY, and AMUSEing! Another one of Jeff’s gifts. Easy, FRIZZY, it just GROWS on you! Our words? All REPEATs, maybe with a different TANGLE on INFAMY. Funniest thing about this puzzle though, is that the barbers are dressed in Gold and Green. Where are these SHADES when there’s women in the puzzle? Why are we always in Purple? There should be hell TOUPEE! Ok, ok, I diTRESS…It’s just that once in a whOIL, I’d like to see us look a little more COLORful. I’m ROOTing for us all.
So that WRAPS it UP for today. I guess the post is LONGER than I planned. Sorry, brevity doesn’t COMB NATURALly to me!…
Wishing us all a day a CUT above the rest! 💈✂️🙋🏻


29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/20/2017

  1. FDR was a WITTY man, but he did not try to AMUSE the nation when he gave his “day of INFAMY” speech after Pearl Harbor was bombed and he had to GOVERN through the Second World War.
    Clue words and solution all came easily without the need for a pen.
    Enjoyed all the puns but all I could think of was the musical HAIR and the memorable songs that seemed to usher in an Age of Aquarius and all that went with it–glad I a salve to have witnessed that era.🎼 🎹 📻 ✂️

    • Good morning, Earl. When I saw Infamy this morning, FDR was all that came to mind. His name has become synonymous with that word, right? Love the sentence, very good! Same HAIR! I opened with🎶”HAIR”🎶 Great soundtrack, isn’t it?
      Easy, fun puzzle again today! 🙋🏻

  2. Hi all – Well, we didn’t get the moon landing anniversary puzzle I was hoping for, but this was very enjoyable anyway. GOVERN gave me the most trouble.

    What is this “barbershop” of which you speak? 😉 A distant memory at best.

    Two barbers who share Jerry and my food sensibilities – who needs all those – what do you call them, ingredients? Just the dish and some pepper and we’re good!

    • You don’t really want to talk Barbershops, do you? 😂
      Just enjoy your “Dixie Chicken”…., and have a great day! 🙋🏻

    • Hi Moose. I like them both, especially Clip Joint. Didn’t even think of that…✂️🙋🏻

        • LOL..I did, Moose! I was rushing because I had a Mass for my parents at 9, and I was sTRESSed to get it finished. But I missed a few good ones today…I hope I’m back on my game SASSOON as I get some sleep! 💈🙋🏻

  3. Angela – Old song or saying – “Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits”

    • I just found this…
      Shave and a Haircut…2 Bits” , was the radio commercial for Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Hair Tonic back in the 1930s. The original tune was from the 1889 song, “At A Darktown Cakewalk”. Lucky Tiger used the tune, along with its slogan, “Shave and a Haircut…2 bits” in their radio commercials. It was catchy, and the Three Stooges often used the rhythm, along with other well-known sounds like the ClockTower chimes, and Burma Shave signs, in their routines. It became a part of Americana.

  4. Me and NBC! 💥 How’d I miss that one? I should have known it wasn’t up there for nothing! (Now if only you had given me Lennox Lewis)!! 😀🙋🏻 Tks, Jeff!

  5. Hi, Mike et al!! Instant cartoon answer & 3 words. After self-jumbling GOVERN several times, I wrote the answer down & backed right in to the finish line.
    Have a terrific Thursday!!

  6. Hi, Steve! Thanks for giving me so much “credit” for my “carte blanche” to you, all free, no interest fees. It was VERY clever of you to liken it to an Am Express card, and only you, our science major, in naming metals, would know of iridium. I now know that the symbol of the element iridium is “ir” and that it’s atomic number is 77 and that it is the second densest metal with “osmium” coming in first.
    You were right about Elvis. When I sing Peace in the Valley, it is only the voice of Elvis that I have in my head, trying to copy every little Elvis nuance.
    When I sing “Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy,” I remember that as my dad sang, “You feel as though you wanna dance when he gets through,” he tap danced. Thanks for the memories!!

    • Hi Lelia – Again, maybe you’re giving me a little *too* much credit. I had heard of iridium, but the iridium credit card is a real thing; I’ve seen offers for it. Don’t take the uranium card; although you might get a glowing credit report, it is subject to decay!

      There’s a PBS special that airs occasionally of older acts, one of which is Tex Beneke performing “Chattanooga” with the Glenn Miller Band. Seems he was on the original, and also on “In The Mood”, and toured with the band into the ’50s and ’60s.

      Now this is funny – I recommend that you *not* listen to Rod Stewart/Kim Carnes, so you go looking for it? I bet you experienced the same thing as a parent, but with the shoe on the other foot!
      And this may be a first – the first time I ever looked for something on Youtube that I know exists, but couldn’t find it. We’re so spoiled these days.

  7. Steve, thanks for your answers. If you got your nap, you got 3 naps for the price of one. I was thinking about skipping my nap to get some more work done but decided to be good like you & woke to find Jerry snoring in his recliner. Thanks for the reminder/good example.
    I spelled Chattanooga “Chattanoogie” because that is how my dad & Red Foley, 2 red necks, pronounced it in the song with a long “E” sound at the end. I’ll have to wait to hear Tex Beneke sing it on a PBS special. Thanks for the info.

    • Lelia – If you’re interested, this shows some really nice slide guitar playing with a bottleneck on the little finger. And it sounds really Southern, even though it’s California boy Lowell George leading his group Little Feat in “Rock and Roll Doctor”.
      (Well, He was from *southern* California.)

      And after that, Tex Beneke with Glenn Miller. Interesting about the pronunciation of Chatanooga – I guess it’s regional, like we say Missouree but the natives say Missour-ah.

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