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Good Saturday morning everyone!  I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start, so let’s get right down to business.  CATNIP was the only word to get me thinking this morning.  I always thought it was two words for some reason.  Since I couldn’t find another option, I decided to go with it and take my chances.  Moving cautiously into the cartoon, I jotted down my letters and began the solve.  While staring at the letters, WHALE came first and then the whole answer came instantly!  It’s always a delight when that happens, so it was time to search the cartoon for details.  The whale coming out of the water on the headboard was funny, but what caught my eye (and couldn’t make out) was the emblem on the crown of the queen.  I think it might be a lobster, but I’ll patiently wait and post a photo of it later this afternoon.  Have a spectacular Saturday, and I’ll sea you tomorrow.  😉




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  1. 🎶”Under the Sea, Under the Sea..Darling it’s better, Down where it’s wetter, Take it from me.”!🎶
    🐳 WHALE, WHALE, WHALE. 🐳 WATER we have here? WHALE Hello there, little one! WHALEcome to the world! MAMMAL and baby doing just fine! A CROWNing achievement! Proud Papa looking on, beaming with a ROYAL flush! It’s a boy…It’s REIGNing men! This child will be the KING’S PEACH! Was this ORCAstrated on PORPOISE, or was it a FLUKE? It’s all just so overWHALEMING! An actual SPIRACLE! Like a breath of fresh HEIR! I’m so happy for them…!
    Ok, NARWHAL get to the words: Let’s DIVE right in. I’m pretty SHORE we’ve SEA-n them all before, SONARthing new here. 1-2-3-4… it went SWIMMINGly! And the cartoon is FINtastic! I just love how it’s PRINCEted! I’ve a nOCEAN to cut it from my paper and keep it. It BLUE me away! The dialogue giving us Charles, the question offering Royal, Marine Mammals, and baby BUOY! (Read: British pronounciation)! So cute, it just KRILLS me! I can’t BALEEN how easy Jeff made this for us. Today’s eye candy? Going with the King’s SCEPTER. Just something a SPOUT it that REELed me in…
    So, SEAS the day, Everyone! Enjoy, WATERver you choose to do!

  2. Good morning, Mike. 🐳 WHALE of a job! I’ll SEA you later, too! (Thought I wouldn’t CATCH it)? 🐳🙋🏻

  3. The word “Welsh” was troublesome because they never use proper nouns or adjectives.

      • And the Welsh come from …. wait for it … Whales (Wales)! (Hey, if Earl gets poetic license, I’ll jump in, too.) I wonder whether that was intentional.

        Interesting, I’ve heard Welsh as a verb, but never really connected it with people, like calling Dutch or Scots (or Jack Benny) cheap.

        “If those Welshmen welsh out on paying for their Welch’s grape jelly, we’re gonna whale on ’em!”

  4. The FORMAL charges against the salesman for selling adulterated CATNIP did not include his LUNGE at the undercover officer when he WELSHED on the deal.

    Her FORMAL had been stored in the wardrobe with the CATNIP and when the princess put it on, her ginger tom LUNGED at her and the prince’s WELSH (sic) terrier went berserk.

    No problem with the clue words, except my uncertainty about welsh–but when I Looked at the cartoon and knew the answer I wrote out the circled letters to confirm the word.

    Angela– you know my proclivity for things British, so hopefully you will appreciate the second sentence–over-looking my literary license with Welch/welsh.
    More after I read other comments.

    • Hi Earl Two ROYALLY good sentences. And yes, I know your reputation as an Anglophile. I too, used the Britush pronounciation of BUOY, since here in America, we tend to say BOO-ee. Enjoy! 🐳🙋🏻

  5. Hello everyone, and especially anyone in the Great White North;

    🎵”It’s Canada Day, up Canada way,
    On the first day of July” 🎵


    And to those near the border (Earl?, Caroline?), please pass along our best wishes to anyone who might appreciate them. It’s extra special, being the 150th observation of the holiday.
    I especially appreciate it, because if our Best Friends in the World up there hadn’t admitted my wife’s family after WWII, I would never have met her.

    Et Bon Fête du Canada, mes amis! 🇨🇦

    • My great grandmother, father’s grandmother, came from Canada and some of my best friends live in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and I visit Montreal regularly, so I certainly second your good wishes to ALL Canadians on their special day

    • Hi Steve, I have relatives in London, Ont. (my mom was born there),Toronto, and Winnipeg, so I’m glad to know this and will be sure to congratulate them and pass the tune along. My mom, like your wife, made the move to the US. As for the puzzle, I first thought of Charlie, the Starkist tuna, but then I saw prince and the rest followed.

      • I was a little hesitant to post that off-topic, so many thanks for your info, Earl and Caroline. That was exactly what I was hoping for! 🙂

        Yup, “becoming my wife” was one of those disagreeable jobs that no American wanted, so an immigrant took it!

      • Steve, very funny but I’m sure not true at all. Regards to your wife on this big day in Canada!

    • 🎶”Everybody loves somebody sometime…Everybody falls in love somehow…”🎶 🐳🙋🏻.

    • Lived in Maine and was three miles from Canadian border; enjoyed many trips across the border. Steve, I would bet you picked a winner for a wife. I found Canadians to be very friendly. 🌞

      • Hi Sue – My grandfather was a Maine man, but ended up in the Deep South – of New England (Rhode Island).
        Actually my wife “identifies” as Dutch, but lived in Canada for several years on the way here via Rochester. And yes, she’s pretty nice. 😉🙂

  6. Today’s puzzle quickly fell into place. Good puzzle for a busy Saturday. Everyone enjoy the weekend. 🌞

  7. Mike, thanks again for pointing out details that I missed. Angela and Earl, while your posts are always great, today I think you were especially inspired.

  8. Good morning. Surprised that my opening line yesterday wasn’t picked up by anyone who watched old tv shows. It was an opening line on an hour long show. Today’s words and cartoon answer was simple. Thought the first word was whales and naturally the second was “of”. The left over letters made prince thus reversing the first and last word. Hope everyone stays healthy and has a great holiday.

    • You mean “Good evening friends Have to jump in on Otis Redding” ? I still need the spoiler!

  9. Thanks Angela for yesterday’s rendition of Otis singing that great song. Just heard iit. He had loads of energy and one of the best guitar players ever. He is missed along with other great singers that lost their lives in plane crashes.

    • Hi Paul, You’re very welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And strangely enough, yes, there’s been so many singers who have died like that. Enjoy! 🙋🏻

  10. Uclick had the wrong set of answer squares so I went to the Chicago Tribune since Prince of Whales did not fit the other’s spaces. Early on, because of the wrong spaces, it looked like “seal” of something.

  11. 🎵”Over the years you have been hunted
    By the men who threw harpoons
    And in the long run we will kill you
    Just to feed the pets we raise,
    Put the flowers in your vase
    And make the lipstick for your face.

    Maybe we’ll go
    Maybe we’ll disappear
    It’s not that we don’t know
    It’s just that we don’t want to care” 🎵

    And I don’t usually post entire songs, but what the heck, it’s a slow Saturday. As a native New Englander who visited many whaling museums in New Bedford, Gloucester and other places to see the scrimshaw, bones and artifacts, this strikes some chords:

    “Good bye, little Robin-Marie
    Don’t try following me
    Don’t cry, little Robin-Marie
    ‘Cause you know I’m coming home soon

    My ships’ leaving on a three-year tour
    The next tide will take us from shore
    Windlaced, gather in sail and spray
    On a search for the mighty sperm whale

    Fly your willow branches
    Wrap your body round my soul
    Lay down your reeds and drums on my soft sheets
    There are years behind us reaching
    To the place where hearts are beating
    And I know you’re the last true love I’ll ever meet
    And I know you’re the last true love I’ll ever meet

    Starbuck’s sharpening his harpoon
    The black man’s playing his tune
    An old salt’s sleeping his watch away
    He’ll be drunk again before noon

    Three years sailing on bended knee
    We found no whales in the sea
    Don’t cry, little Robin-Marie
    ‘Cause we’ll be in sight of land soon”

    – “Nantucket Sleighride” by Mountain, featuring the great Leslie West and Felix Pappilardi, bass player and producer of Cream’s albums.

  12. Hi, Mike et al! Loved your comments as usual, Mike. Got the answer as I read the cartoon sentence. I love that baby whale & proud parents. Paused on WELSH because I thought to not pay was to “welch” but did what you do & “went with it.” I self-jumbled FORMAL 3 times. Not too difficult, not too easy, just right!!
    Steve, 3 cheers for our Canadian neighbors, especially your wife!! Thanks for that info & history lesson.
    Mike, Happy Birthday “in a few days.” Hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes, Lelia! My actual birthday is on Monday so we are having bbq on the deck while the kids swim. I only have one birthday wish at this point, so I’ll let you know if it pans out. All my best for a wonderful weekend. Please tell Jerry that I said hello and that the humidity today is beyond oppressive!!!

  13. Happy July Birthday to you.
    Happy July Birthday to you.
    Happy July Birthday to all born in July including Mike & Lelia,
    Happy July Birthday to you!!!
    I barely made it with mine being the last day of the month. I wish a very happy month of July to all!
    Did I just wish myself a Happy Birthday? What fun!!

    • You did! 😂 But thanks for allowing the rest of us to join in!

      • Mike, as a matter of fact, my birthday is on a Monday this year; Monday, July 3l. Your bbq sounds yummy! Looking forward to hearing about your birthday wish!

  14. Hi, Mike! I want to give you special thanks. First, I had never heard the word “abecedarian” so thanks for teaching us that. Second, I had never heard of “Real ID.” When we’re told to bring a “picture ID” all we need is our Driver’s License that we got without showing those 3 things. Amazing the differences in state laws. Third, thank you for taking the time to describe your DMV trip to me because, as you already know, I love reading everything you write to me. No writing teacher in the world could have taught you to write as you do. Yep! You are a natural writer!!

    • Lelia, if you keep inflating my head with your kind words, I’ll start having trouble going through doorways. 😊
      Today is a spectacular day with temperatures in the high 80’s and little to no humidity. The kids have been swimming all day and I’ve been puttering around making dishes for my party tomorrow. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

  15. Mike, as long as you keep writing, I’ll keep saying nice things about it, so when your head really gets that big, be sure to post a pic! Ha ha!
    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  16. Mike, I know you could never get an inflated head from compliments because, just like my 2 real grandsons, you are a humble man.

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