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🌞 Have a great SUNday, Everyone 🌞




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  1. Hi All – The answer came right away but I had to back into hinder, admire and finally rotary, with the help of my pad on hinder. Newspaper says high today is 72 degrees!

  2. Good morning, Mike. Good morning, Everyone.
    🎶”It’s Friendship, Friendship, just a perfect blendship; When other Friendships are soon forgot… Ours will still be HOT…” DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DIG DIG DIG…”🎶
    How perfect a tune for today’s puzzle! Friends. I remember my Father telling me, growing up, that Family was wished on us, but Friends were ours to choose. How true. And if chosen wisely, those friendships could last a lifetime…So, what happened to our “Friends” here today? Had a FALLING out? Things turn a little CHILLY? Got a little HOT under the collar? Your GUST is as good as mine. But, I’m DRIFTing, let me TWISTER back on track..Our Words: Once again, easy BREEZY! Didn’t MIST a single one. Pretty sure they’ve all been COVERed before. Our cartoon: (Eye candy first: What’s up with the 72? Deja vu?…I’m going with the graphic artists’ tie…very COOL)! Now, what STRIKES me right away, is how true this can be. When things are going in our VAPOR, we’re all ok. But once there’s a CHANGE, it can easily CLOUD our judgement. And cause friends to TURN on one another. A little ALTERATION can unDEW years of friendship. So much can be FOGgotten…Oh, the HUMIDITY! Maybe it’s the PRESSURE of the job? Who SNOWS. I just hope that even though things get TROUGH, these two can LIGHTNING the mood; and SLEET that WEATHER they agree or KNOT, FREEZING one another out is not the solution…OH, yes, the solution…”Fair Weather Friends”?…CLEARly not worth it!
    Choose wisely..Look for STABILITY in those Friendships!
    Hoping we can CLIMATE (vry) mountain! Enjoy! 🌞🙋🏻

  3. Mike, what is the correct way to access “In Other Words”? It seems that several are having problems finding it and I do not see a place for it today. I think you have done an outstanding job in setting it up and trying to please everyone; just wanted you to know that some of us have a hard time knowing how to get to it. Earlier this morn, on my cell, I did see it, on my computer now and nowhere to be found. Thanks for putting up with us and I am not trying to complain, just want you to be aware that “In Other Words” seems to disappear at times. I don’t do Jumble on Sundays; just had a few minutes and decided to check it out today. Thanks for all that you do. 🙂

    • Hi Sue! I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up and it’s still there on my screen. It’s just like any other post and as the days go by, it goes further down on the site. 🤔

      • Just a thought here, Mike. If you access the site from an email notification in the morning where there are two buttons that say “Comment” or “see all comments”, you only see the current day’s post, so it wouldn”t be obvious where the other days were.

        You sound like you are going directy to https://jumbleanswer.com/
        where you see all the previous days’ posts when you scroll down.

        Ask Sue how she’s opening the posts in the morning.

  4. 72° – at least we’re back in the USA – unless it’s 161°F outside.
    Hey Angela, did you notice from the position ot the computer mouse that the artist is a “lefty”? (Do we know WEATHER or not Jeff is?)

      • Ha! Now we’ve gone from insects to vermin, have we? This place *really* needs your woman’s touch (and Angela’s).

        I highly recommend the “Pickles” cartoon to you today – good advice about chicken soup and the flu.

        And as long as I’ve mentioned the insect theme again, I remembered this from Donovan:

        🎵”Sitting in a chair of bamboo sipping grenadine
        Straining my eyes for a surfacing submarine
        Kingdoms of ants walk across my feet
        I’m a-shaking in my seat in Mexico

        Grasshoppers creaking in the velvet jungle night
        Microscopic circles in the fluid of my sight
        Watching a black-eyed native girl cut and trim the lamp
        Valentino vamp in Mexico” 🎵

        Oh, and this from Joni:
        🎵”Crickets call
        Courting their ladies in star-dappled green
        thickets tall, until the morning comes up, like a dream
        All muted and misty, so drowsy now,
        I’ll take what sleep I can.” 🎵


      • Steve, you could save the colored confetti still blowing into your yard from the Warrior parade for your next birthday party.
        Now to begin a very long to-do list. See you tomorrow.

      • Steve, sorry I posted that silly comment about the confetti before I saw your lovely, long answer. First, I LOVE the Pickles cartoon, read it every day & see myself in it quite often. Second, your first song brought back memories of sitting on the beach at night in Mexico beside our camper with a lot of friends. One day a couple bought a pineapple for everyone, hollowed them out at the top, and presented them to us that evening with some rum in them.

        • Lelia – Your story of the beach in Mexico was amazing because it almost exactly parallels one of mine; just substitute guitars (not filled with rum) for pineapples, and add whales.
          In my much younger and sufficiently adventurous days, on my one and only trip out of the country, we drove down Baja in the classic ’64 VW camper van. It was February, so the right time of year to stop at Scammon’s lagoon, where the California grey whales gather to give birth and rest up before returning north.
          I remember spending several days there swimming in the lagoon and then sitting on the beach at night playing music, and then later listening to the whale mothers and their calfs breathing just offshore. It was magical enough for me!


      • Steve, when I finished the comics, I saw the perfect one to go with today’s 5th clue word, “Pearls Before Swine.” Who thinks that most people are idiots, says so frequently, and would post it on Wikipedia? Answer: Rat! (No more vermin, I promise.)

    • Actually, no. Since I’m a southpaw, it didn’t even catch my eye! WEATHER or nor…cute..🙋🏻

  5. Hi, Mike et al! I immediately thought “Good weather friend” but knew the first word was not right. Self-jumbled the first two words, but by the 5th word I was hot! Oh, yes, knew in a flash it was “artory” ….wait!…that doesn’t look right…Oh yes, it’s ROTARY. After a quick WHEEZE I wrote out the letters, crossed off weather & friend and got “fair.” Done!

  6. Good SUNday to you, too, Mike! Hope you & your family are having fun in the sun! Thank you for saying that you think protective thoughts about the Ohlunds while watching LivePD filming in AZ. I think those same thoughts about the Wests & the Jones family, our kids & grandkids, in case they are out late.

    • Lelia, that was me this morning who wrote the Good SUNday. Mike took the morning off. I’m sure we’ll “see” him later. 🙋🏻

      • Angela, I noticed later that you wrote it so now I’ll say to you, too, “Good SUNday to you, Angela!”
        While brainstorming with my daughter about ways to get rid of that spider, we came up with giving it a nice shower & shampoo with lots of soap and a good rinse with very hot water, but we still prefer your solution by far. So unexpected & funny.

  7. Tks, same to you! As for the spider, it could never happen. I’d never be able to get close enough, believe me. 🙋🏻

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