Jumble Answers for 05/02/2017








Happy Tuesday morning everyone!  It was a very easy solve for me today with all of the clue words coming instantly.  If I had to choose the most challenging word of the group, SPIRAL would be my pick.  The cartoon answer was only 7 letters and was a snap to figure out as well.  Here’s a few fun facts about the Supremes:  The first single the group recorded was “I Want a Guy” and was released in April of 1961.  It was considered a dud and it wasn’t until August of 1964 that they had their first #1 hit being “Where Did Our Love Go”.  Interestingly enough, the song was written for The Marvelettes but they passed on it!  Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow!  🙂

22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/02/2017

  1. Good morning. A fifty percent failure for me today. I was stuck on the third and fourth word and looked them up. The cartoon answer was an instant solve. Hoping tomorrow brings better results. Until then stay well.

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  2. Good morning, everyone. Easy, breezy puzzle today. Solved in 🎶’record’🎶 time!
    It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Wishing us all a great day. 🌞🙋🏻


  3. Very easy puzzle today. Knew the cartoon answer right away and the words fell right into place. Thanks for the video, Mike. You always to the extra distance. Fabulous weather here. Hope all of you have a wonderful day.

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  4. Slight pause at SPIRAL, slightly longer at RUMOR, of course an instant SUPREME.

    Hey Mike, yesterday you would have us believe you don’t know the music we talk about, now
    today you’re solving the puzzle in a snap and providing trivia to boot — even about my ‘High Mileage’ (i.e. OLD) era!
    Methinks you know more than you let on. I’ll expect to see you hosting a VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ shortly.

    My wife looks and says she feels much better, so barring any setback, things should be back to normal soon. Thank you all for the kind wishes; they really do help. Cheers! 🙂

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      • Mike, if you see the bands today, like the oldies shows on public TV, *nobody* would recognize their faces today (except maybe Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, because that’s how they’ve looked for a,long time now). I fear the same would be true of myself, if I met a friend from those days.

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  5. Hi, all! It was a quick solve for me today with only RUMOR making me wake my brain up a little. Had better finish waking up because daughter & I are going out for lunch. Jerry does not like eating lunch out because of all my tempting left-overs in the fridge, so I’m lucky that she & I enjoy it together. Enjoy your day!


  6. Mike, thanks for saying you hope Jerry is feeling better, and he is! Primary care doc declared him well Fri, and Jerry says no more pain. Hooray!
    Last week I lost my email, searched for an hour. Josh, our celebrity boy wonder, came to grandma’s rescue, found it in 3 seconds. He also gave me bookmarks for Jumble & email, got me Google Chrome, and got me subscribed to Jumble email which I had attempted to do for months. I received your answers yesterday & today in my email. See you tomorrow.

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    • I’m happy to hear that Jerry is doing better! Congrats to Josh for taking care of your email problem. My mom will often call me and ask similar questions and I can usually figure them out over the phone. I’m glad you signed up for the email list as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll have over a thousand subscribers by the end of the year. 😊


  7. Steve, loved the one about the woman asking husband why they didn’t sit close in the car anymore to which he replied, “I ain’t moved.” It even made my husband smile. Reminds me of when I expect my husband to be a mind reader & know that I am wishing he would come sweep me off my feet when all I need to do is just go sit down beside him. He ain’t moved.
    I was sorry to hear yesterday that your wife is not feeling well. Jerry’s & my well wishes to her are strong & sincere based on the fact that we have been ill on & off for months. Ain’t no fun a’tall in feelin’ poorly.
    At the bottom of my stack of beautiful inspirational piano sheet music, I found 1975’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which I was sure did not have that verse about the boy killing a man that I saw when I Googled it after you said it was a long way from church choir music, but there it was! What was I thinking?!! I’m going with what you said; a dedicated parent.
    The other half of that story, Queen coming to Phx for outdoor concert. She, only 13, wanted to go, but I said no concert for you unless I am there with you. Didn’t work, backfired. She & older sister put me on a blanket while they ran up for a closer look. Got dark. When they returned, I mentioned smelling dog poop. They told me what it was & left again. Guy came crawling onto the blanket asking for paper. Girls returned, yelled at him that I had no paper & to get out of here! Then they became my overprotective parents, agreed that they wanted to get me out of there, so home we went. How sweet is that?!!


    • Lelia, great stuff! Always happy if I can make anyone smile; wife feeling much better; *priceless* stories about Queen and their sheet music!! Good thing you didn’t take that to your church choir, a la the time when Bart Simpson replaced the organist’s sheet music with “In-a-gagga-da-vida”. Cheers.

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      • Of course I meant “In-a-GADDA-da-vida”. I don”t think Lady Gaga is interested in performing that.
        Although (apropos the Queen discussion), I heard she chose her name from Queen’s “Radio Gaga”.
        Got the sheet music for THAT? 🙂


  8. Harry, glad you’re back today. With just a 2-word comment yesterday, I was worried you might not be feeling well. Now that Jerry & I are both finally well, here is a conclusion I have made. I have decided that if one becomes ill with the horrible virus you had in Feb and my husband & I had the last of March & much of April, that if one does NOT go to the doctor in a timely manner as you said you did not, that the recuperation time will be about 4 weeks. If, however, one DOES go to the doctor in a timely manner, as we did, that the recuperation time will be about 28 days.


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